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Henshaw was missing. Where? Malefic had no idea whatsoever. It had occurred sometime after he had aided the humans in capturing Despero as an act of goodwill to Earth. When malefic returned..Henshaw was gone, apparently with nothing so much as a message to his highest ranking servants. By all rights Malefic was now the sole power of the Neo-Rann leadership, but there could be complications. Gleen of the Sinestro Corps had apparently also been captured on Earth and was now heading to Oa for imprisonment. Not too long after rumors of Henshaw's disappearance, Low and Slushh of the Sinestro Corps, had departed. According to his intelligence, they were set to rendezvous with their compatriot Flayt, he commanded a sizable force of Corpsmen. Malefic had no delusions as to why they had contacted Flayt. They meant to take over.

Malefic admittingly did not know what he wished to do. Should he fight for control of the alliance? Or let the Sinestro Corps take it? He knew it would not be long until the heroes of Earth grew tired of waiting to liberate Rann from its conquerors. With both Despero and Henshaw gone, the odds favored them much more than they had before.Still, there was potentially a lot of chaos he could wring with these resources. Who said he had to maintain some kind of empire? Rather, why not use it to hurt those he hated? Yes, that sounded very appealing.

He headed for the communications room. As he did, his features shifted and molded, taking on an amalgamation of flesh and metal. Artificial clothes materialized from his skin, shifting into a cape. The room featured several holographic images of various leaders of the Neo-Rann alliance. However, who they saw was not Ma'alefa'ak. It was the rictus grin of the Cyborg Superman.

"Sorry to have kept you waiting. We have much to talk about."


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