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This neighborhood in the East End was riddled with decrepit infrastructure, from crumbling roads to questionable sewer lines this part of Gotham rarely received the kind of attention to it's decaying bones that the more 'acceptable' areas of the city did from civic coffers. Grants from the Wayne foundation had served as a vital lifeline for years now, but even the generous donations from that philanthropic arm made only a few dents in the general state of disrepair. Recent event hadn't improved the situation.

In the last year, the city had been sieged by the extra terrestrial forces of Apokalips. During the conflict, considerable damage had been done to several neighborhoods and this one had been no exception. The city had survived other disasters, some frighteningly enough had been worse. Stoic in it's fortitude Gotham was once again slowly plodding it's way back to health again, but progress had been practically glacial so far.

Even so, a city road crew had been working daily on the street below. The crater like pothole, clogged sewer drains, and faulty street lights were all being attended to. Despite the noise, no one was complaining, least of all the newest tenants.

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Metal groaned and creaked as Connor pulled the beams loose from their mooring. In one hand he held the remaining structure in place as he dropped the rusted pieces to the concrete floor. They landed in a resounding clang that was muffled by the sounds outside.

"So, you're telling me you bribed city government?"

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"Oh ok blackmail. That's sooo much better."

Carefully applied heat vision helped to move things along. Connor moved on to the next set of beams.

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He pinches off a thick but corroded metal beam between thumb and forefinger. A swipe of heat vision cleans off the rough burrs left behind.

Reaching for the replacement,
"Yeah I got it. The rest of this is pretty simple actually. Now that I'm looking at the actual thing, the plans we went over make allot more sense."

"Hey let's grab burritos later. I'm getting hungry."


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