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It's Ted's turn on monitor duty, and there's going to be an interview for a new Leaguer today, so the job of making sure everything's in order for that falls to him by default. The fast food wrappers get moved from the meeting table to the incinerator - totally not cheating on his heart-healthy diet, honest! - and he prepares the teleporters for incoming arrivals.

Thirty minutes to go.
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Roy had got a call from Oliver saying that he need to have a word, after the whole deal with The Skinner the two of them had actually gotten close. Pulling up to the Queen house he wondered what this 'talk' was all about.

Not even bothering to knock before he entered, he walked into the modest  house that the older hero shared with Mia and Connor, following his noes he made his way into the kitchen where Ollie stood at the stove putting together a pot of his infamous chilli.

"How long till it's ready?" He asked sitting at the round table, helmet and biker jacket already left in the hall.
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After following Ollie's directions, the pair found themselves pulling up outside a detached non de-script house with a pristine white flagpole just on the edge of the wooden porch, the typical Star Spangled Banner lightly catching the breeze.

What alarmed Roy and probably Green Arrow too, was the pair of marked police cars and the Humvee he had to park behind. Hopefully they were not too late and Major Langstrom was still alive and unlike Lucy Aston able to talk.

"This doesn't look too good." He commented to the blond-haired archer sitting beside him in Roy's customary rental car, a red convertible, before the pair alighted from it.
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"I don't care where you have to go, I want an antidote found for him now!"

Donna's arrived at Miami General, fresh from her and Roy's encounter with Cheshire.

The doctors are trying to do multiple tasks at once, from keeping Cheshire stable from the number of bullet wounds that she's gathered, to finding an antidote for the poison that's slowly nibbling at her husband.

For someone with an extraordinary amount of self-control, it's taking every single ounce of it to keep Donna from snapping Cheshire's pretty little neck.

The assassin was stable. Good.

Donna turns from the bed where Cheshire's lying to her husband.

"You really should lie down," she places a hand on his forehead, "You're burning up."
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Rebecca Jarvis, Onomatopoeia, sits on a crate in a dockside warehouse, looking at her team-mates through tired eyes. This is her second Squad mission, and this one seems even more insane than the first. According to the briefing they all received, Cuban terrorists had smuggled a nuke into Miami somehow, and would be detonating said device within short order. Nobody had an exact time frame, nobody knew what they were waiting for, but the bomb is supposedly being guarded by fanatics with all manner of firearms. Enough to make the Suicide Squad necessary.

She looks at Count Vertigo as he clasps his cape around his neck. Rebecca sighs. She'd given up habitually using her mask, her doctor having advised that it was all part of the recovery to go without a costume. So although she has a bodysuit and a trenchcoat, no hood adorns her head.

Plastique and Bronze Tiger are talking near the warehouse doors. She's not spoken to them a great deal. She's not spoken to many of them a great deal. Cheshire seems to be more or less a psychopath, Vertigo seems arrogant as all hell, and Multiplex is just weird. Bane is strangely erudite, but... Her problem is more with their general attitude towards their crimes. None of them seem at all eager to rehabilitate. This Task Force X thing seems more just a means to get out on the street and kill more people, or steal more things.

She puts up her hand, and grabs Vertigo's attention. "Aren't we supposed to be listening in on their frequency to see when they're moving the bomb?"
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Dr. Crane picks his umbrella up from the hatstand. It's raining heavily outside. With a frown, he fastens his coat at the neck, and making sure he has enough cash in his wallet, heads for the door. "I'm going to presume you're not wanting anything for lunch, Edward."

His colleague has his nose in a client file, reading up on something relating to one of their cases. It must be something intriguing, as he's not been yammering on like he normally feels inclined to. "If I get the time, I'll pick you up some sandwich or other. Make sure Alice doesn't leave her cupboard until the filing is done."

Heading down the stairs towards the street, Jonathan breathes in and gets a faint whiff of the smell of rain hitting the asphalt. that makes him smile, and he nearly walks into the men at the foot of the stairs. Arsenal and Nightwing. In costume.


His first instinct is to spray them with fear toxin and run back up the stairs, but instead he remembers who he is now, and merely stumbles back a few steps. "Can I help you gentlemen? We do have a policy of no masks in the office..." Seeing their somewhat humourless faces, he shrugs. "But no doubt we'll be forced to make an exception."
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The skinner has had less time over this victim. He knows that after the first one, the most well-known and deserving one, the capes and the cops would be on full alert. But that doesn't mean he doesn't take enjoyment from peeling the skin from this one, and oh yes, she is deserving. She may not have been the leader, but she was a follower just the same. Is. Is a follower. She's not dead. Not yet.

"Hmm." He stops as he's about to pull the skin off of her foot as if it were a tight sock. That music. He so enjoys this music. My Sharona, by The Knack. He taps his foot as he hums the tune. As soon as he takes a victim, he plays nothing but Imagine, leaving it playing from the moment of captivity up until the time the skinning starts.... It's an enjoyable piece, and puts the victim's mind at ease, at first. Of course, after non-stop play for days, or weeks, it becomes maddening.  And then My Sharona kicks in, and the fun begins. The tearing of flesh. Once he's done, it's back to good old John Lennon.

The skinning is rarely completed in one fell swoop. It takes time to skin someone and keep them alive. Many drugs are required, and much patience. Luckily, he's had a long long time to perfect his trade. A long time to practice on people that the government deemed deserving. Now it's his turn to choose who the victims are, and for the past few days it has been the beautiful Lucy Ashton. Fortunate that she lives in Star City too. The next target is in Opal City, and he's never been there. Still, sacrifices have to be made, new adventures have to be sought.

They will all pay. They may not think they care, but they will. They forgot about him. They will take notice and they will suffer through the loss of those who share their blood. "Ma sharona... ma, ma, ma ma ma oo." Off comes the skin around the foot, and into the bucket it goes. His victim would scream if her mouth wasn't stitched shut.


Three hours later and a hobo enters the old building site. He doesn't recognise the pink thing suspended from the ceiling at first, and has no idea where Imagine is being pumped in from, but when he realises that it has eyes and it's trying to break free from it's bonds, he screams, drops his bottle of cheap cider, and runs for the police.
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Roy had been dismissed from the crime sceen by Green Arrow and told to go home. So after hurrying over the rooftops of Star City to his gray and red motorbike he made his way through the winding streets to the place he called home.

Silently cursing the roar of his bike as he pulled into the secret garage, he really did not want to wake either Donna or Lian. Changing into something a lot more comfortable he made his way to the main part of the house, but it seemed karma wasn't on his side when he started to climb the stairs each step wanted to announce to Donna that he was finally home.
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Algebra Two was solely invented to torture high school students, Mia thinks as she pours over a hefty review packet for yet another exam.

She looks out her bedroom window and sighs. Damn Ollie, not letting her go on patrol with him tonight. As far as she was concerned, helping out people on the streets as Speedy, was far more important then finding the value of 'x'.

A light gleams outside of her window. Standing up to get a better look, Mia makes her way towards it...


They'd been after these guys for about three months now. Drug dealers. It had become one of the worst drug trafficking rings that Star City had seen in about five years.

Mia and Ollie had managed to track them down to a warehouse near the outskirts of town. They were alone, as Connor had been called away on League business and Roy couldn't be reached.

It was going well. They'd successfully fought off all of the men that been guarding the building and were making the call to the Star City PD.

When out of the corner a man that they must've missed pops out. He aims pulls out a gun and points it at Mia's head.

"Let everyone go, or your little buddy gets it Green Arrow."

The next few seconds are a blur to Mia.

A gunshot is heard, and Mia feels the force of her being shoved to the ground.

Her world goes black.
When she wakes, she's on a stretcher in the back of a Star City PD ambulance.

"What happened?" she asks

An EMT turns and looks at her.

"We got here just in time," he says, "You were out cold, but we managed to get the men that you and Green Arrow had caught."

Mia looks around, just noticing that Ollie isn't in the car with her.

"Where is the Green Arrow?" she asks, "Is he talking to the police?"

He gives her a sympathetic look.

"I'm sorry Speedy," he says, "We tried everything that we could...but we just were too late."

It takes her a second to grasp what he said to her and the tears start to come to her eyes.

No it can't be...
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It's that time again.

The Titans East meeting, to go over new business, and old business, and maybe even some budget questions if she can get Nightwing to stay long enough.

First one here, as usual. So Jesse takes a moment to run to the kitchen and grab a soda. And some fruit. And some of those cookies, too.

Back a few seconds later with a handful of snacks, she plops back in the chair and waits for the others to show up.
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The City by the Bay is no better off than New York or Philadelphia. Brainiac's plan with this city isn't quite so clean-cut as the prior two... Metallo and his army of replicants appear in San Francisco split into two groups, one on the Golden Gate Bridge, and the other on the shore of Alcatraz.

The replicants on the Bridge start by turning cars over, smashing the doors in so the passengers can't escape. And then the cars are lifted by the cybernetic constructs, and one-by-one, are launched over the edge and into the water.

The replicants on Alcatraz swarm up the side of the prison like rats over a corpse, a Jason Todd replicant leading, as Metallo is on the Bridge. Guards and prisoners both join the fray, as the replicants attack indiscriminately.


Mar. 18th, 2008 04:32 am
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"The one with the ghost or the Diablo agents that locked us in a music room?"

It was an annoying thought that screamed over everything else in his mind at unfortunate moments. When he gets back to the car and goes to start the engine, it comes out at him again like a beast in hiding. It plays over and over until it's thundering in his head. He's nearly ready to claw his eyes when it finally breaks.

He chews his bottom lip as he crosses the damp and lamp-lit city, hand tightening anxiously on the wheel. He's doing his duty. He's the right man for it, he's always been. He's the stronger one, and when this is all done, they'll see that. Why sweat bullets now? The woman was an idiot and the kid was too tied up in her own emotional mess, not like she really knew him anyhow, the screw up had done that up real good. Made his own mess.

He was going to fix it all right, like it should be. All that misery over the years would mean something because he was a man that had climbed, clawed to the top. Literally? He chuckles to himself. He'd say that, he'd get his chance.

There's a dress, a picture, stuck in his mind. It's a fading image, he adjusts the mirror and the glow of the lights behind him blinds it from view. He's got this.

He smiles at himself in the mirror.
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Time is irrelevant here.

Image after image of a life of pain, of slavery, of abandonment, destruction and humiliation play out before her. First, abandoned as a girl by a dead mistress and father who's revolutionary zeal failed in the face of his family's political ambitions.

Next by the wife her father abandoned with his mistress's child, left to be exploited by her unthinking brute of a son...Her half brother...her first kill.

After that, she was sold for her beauty to be just another plaything. More death followed until she was delivered to a man as flawed as herself, the elderly Blackhawk known as Chop Chop and then over to an assassin who fancied her "cooking," skills for his poison empire.

She has seen her life her with more clarity then it has ever been presented. She has witnessed the death she has put in motion. She has confronted those who used her to their ends. She has felt her flesh turn to ash with the nuclear explosion in Quraq. She has seen her own child become a more embittered and destructive version of herself. She has watched the wealth and security she acquired melt in her hands like slime and threaten to drown her. Still, Jade Nyguen - Cheshire - survives. She grows and learns and finally, after years, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

But there is one last figure between her, salvation, and oblivion and he has the audacity to smirk upon seeing her...


Feb. 9th, 2008 09:28 pm
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Post "Tides of March"

Quarterly taxes done. Books for Roy's class bought. More paperwork...and that client with the Chamber of Commerce...Great Hera!

She walks into the house and collapses on the couch trying to figure out something regarding dinner before Roy gets back.
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League business.
Titan Business
Outsiders Business.

Somewhere, "Arrow" business got shuffled to the bottom of the deck.

He's got the TV on and the Simpsons are blaring. It's not his favorite episode - that would be the one with Krusty getting framed by Sideshow Bob or the Treehouse of Horror collection. Still KSTR breaks this one out for the week before December 25 due to its Christmas content.

Yes, Lisa. You can celebrate Christmas as a Buddhist. And Mr. Hawke will be joining you.

And Connor's taking the same route, fixing up some of the lights that slipped off the tree, making sure there's some apple cider...Oh, and a vegetarian version of the chili.

It wouldn't be Clan Arrow without it.
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The alarm goes off. Before opening her eyes she mentally checks for another presence.
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Bette's been getting this costume ready in secret for what feels like for forever and ever. Her partner in crime, Lily, has yet to show up but she'll be here. She's good at showing up on time for things.

The plan? Trick or Treat around both the Titans East and Titans West bases - and maybe a little further a field than that to make sure they get /everyone/. Even if only to see the looks on everyone's faces.

This might well be up there with the whole Riddler idea.


In her room, she looks herself over in the mirror, adjusting the skirt and her boots one last time.

I hope the wig I found for Lily works.
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Daddy has been busy will all the busting of bad guys and school stuff, but now it's "their," time! Christmas is awesome, but that's for all the Titans. Halloween and Daddy's birthday? Nope. All them. Even Mom stays out of the kitchen when they lay into the pumpkins with Daddy's knives - and this year they have a real porch to put them out on which means THREE pumpkins instead of the one they normally do.
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Flamebird is back on the East Coast.

Some more space between her and Vic is probably a good thing. A very good thing, to be honest. She'd gotten out of there fast enough that she's feeling a little guilty about it but she also didn't want to stay and... Yeah.

Sitting on the rooftop, she watches everything down below, using the distance to keep her away from the turmoil that is spinning up inside of her at the moment. It was nice when all of this was no big thing. Of course, she's changed since then and she feels unfinished in her changing.

Carefully, she makes her way down from the rooftop, slipping onto her motorcycle, getting ready to make her way back to the headquarters when she hears a sound behind her....


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