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It's a sunny day on the Bay and Titans's tower gleams in the light as it watches over the city across the water.
Resembling Frank Loyd Wright's 'Falling Water' masterpiece, the Tower is also a state of the art fortress of technology and a fortified bulwark against those who would seek to contest it's protective vigil.

But that's not really on anyone's mind right now.

Inside, the Titans have assembled, not in response to a dire emergency or immanent threat, but for Pizza!

Superhoy's not the tech head of the team, but he makes for a fun tour guide. Leading their new guest through the many levels of the building (above and bellow ground), he provides an entertaining (if not the most technically accurate) stream of commentary on each of the rooms.

"So yeah, we had to spend a week getting the stains off the walls. I mean I'm glad Raven blew him up, but trying to pick bits of Chemo out of the carpet sucks."

He looks over to Scarab and cocks his head.
"Am I rambling?"

Walking into the main lounge, they are met with an impressive display of Pizza excellence. Bart knows his 'zza.
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Flamebird sits at the table, waiting for everyone else to show up. Drumming her fingers on the top of the table, she's not entirely sure why /she's/ at this meeting. Sure, she helps when Vic is caught up in one of this projects and makes sure that things are running smoothly when he's away. And she does monitor duty on the West Coast and the East Coast as needed but she's not a leader or anything.

It isn't like she's going to be giving either of these teams orders in the field any time soon, or possibly ever as far as she's concerned.

Still, she's here because while she reminded Vic, she's not entirely certain how deep into what he's doing Vic is right now and someone needs to show up.
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They saved the day. They won!
Batman was going to be Debbie Downer about it, but as far as Conner was concerned, they pimp slapped freaking DARKSEID out of Gotham. THAT was a cause to celebrate.

A quick tour of Gotham's skies confirms Robin's search grid and he comes back to Gotham Square where most of the cape and cowl crew had collected. A swoop and an indulgent loop-the-loop and he lands near Scarab.

"Hey bro! Those were some badass moves back there!"
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Darkseid has been defeated and his henchmen were routed.
With Doctor Fate's intervention the Anti-Life effect was quickly vanishing from the minds of Gotham's citizens. Even so, Batman was right. The city had suffered greatly.

Tim took a moment. It was weird referring to Dick as Batman.
Don't think about it right now. he chided himself silently, pushing the ball of emotion back down to his feet.
Time for that later.

Looking down from his vantage point, he saw Gotham. It looked wounded, like a survivor of some terrible war. It would recover. Gotham was tough and had survived grievous devastation before, but there would be scars. There were always scars.

Like a silent shadow, he drops into the dark bellow and reappears from the egress of an alleyway near Bane. The big man took some serious hits curring the conflict. His injuries are apparent.

He doesn't like Bane.
It's hard not to find some respect for him however. Off of the Venom, the man seems... different.
He's still a murderer though.
He did risk his life to help save Gotham.
He works for Waller supposedly.

Bane's a puzzle.

Even so...

Robin opens the Titans channel on his comm link.
"Flamebird. It's Robin, do you copy?
I'm at the North end of the square near the busted fountain. I've got somebody who benefit from a field medic."
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Mr. Freeze had been brooding in Bludhaven along with a number of the others who had escaped from the carnage in Gotham. Freeze himself had placed the blame for the situation quite plainly on the shoulders of the Batman; where was he when Freeze was ready to strike against Blackfire? Telling him to hold his fire, that's where. And then Freeze was ambushed, and it all fell apart.

Freeze had been coldly staring at the Bat, not even rising to the provocations of Copperhead or the other costumed criminals in attendance. So much for Gotham's saviour. He was a fraud; Freeze had known it ever since poor dear sweet beautiful Nora had passed away due to Batman's machinations. It was all he could do not to ring the bastard's neck, but alas, with his coolant system impaired he could barely move.

By the time Blue Beetle had fixed him up the Bat had gone, no doubt to deliberate with other vigilantes. Freeze had hunted him awhile, but found no trace of the elusive 'hero'. And then Nightwing showed up in Batman's stead, as the voluntary leader of a strike team going back into Gotham through a tunnel that ran beneath the river. The Batman had apparently gone on ahead and ensured the coast was clear. Freeze volunteered for Nightwing's group, determined that once he caught up to the Caped Crusader he'd be made to answer for his failings.

So emerging into Gotham, out of a parking lot beneath... Freeze looks up and sees the unlit symbol of Wayne Enterprises and grimaces. That giant symbol had been a constantly lit beacon for some time. He looks at his companions. The Black Spider, Copperhead, Wonder Girl, Flamebird and of course, Nightwing. 

"So, Nightwing." Freeze rests against a wall, breathing deeply. He still isn't fully recovered from his earlier injuries. "You know Bludhaven, but can you claim to know Gotham as well as me? Where would you propose we strike, hm? And who against? The enemy are all around. Every civilian is a potential murderer or pair of eyes for Blackfire. Do we have a target?"
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Beetle sets the Bug down on a hill - the lights of Gotham would be visible from here, if not for Grodd's actions at the power plant. Still, there's a few disturbingly orange glows reflecting off the clouds overhead - the first signs of Darkseid claiming the city for his own.

The unaffected population of Gotham has been, for the most part, evacuated thanks to the quick thinking of Dr. Fate - Bludhaven emergency responders are already tending to the injured nearby.

So now, the heroes - and possibly some of the villains - have breathing room to actually come up with a plan.
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"Ummm a Deep Dish slice..wait two slices, yeah two and a large Soder cola. Thanks!"

Kon eagerly receives the plate of Pizza and fills up his paper cup at the soda fountain. Careful to avoid spilling his precious cargo, he makes it back to the table at the window looking out onto Telegraph street. Blondie's Pizza is a well know favorite of the area, so it's always doing brisk business. Fortunately it's not packed right now.

Nudging his backpack further under the table with a foot Kon settles down ready to devour lunch. Homework can happen later.
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She really needed to stop disappearing for months at a time. That was Lilith Clay's first thought as she teleported back into her room at the Titans compound. She ran a hand through her straight, burnished copper mane and sighed. The last time she'd been here, she and Bette had had an interesting conversation, to say the least. To say the most...well, Lilith wasn't going to go there just yet. With her powers, Lilith generally had the ability to see how any one decision could potentially play out, and some of those futures were much less desirable than others. There was one thing that kept on blocking her visions, though, and Lilith couldn't find a way to see past it. Every time she tried, she was blinded by a bright, pulsing light.

I need to figure out what that is. And the truth was, she'd been trying. Lilith had gone to Nanda Parbat, she'd been to a tribe of magic practitioners in the Amazon, she'd been everywhere, but so far, the answer had eluded her. But I'm not here about that. In truth, she was here to see Bette, to see how her friend was doing. It had been awhile and...well, Lilith had her committments.

After a quick shower and change, she was standing in front of Bette's room, knocking politely, her mouth parted in a wide smile.
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Flamebird sits on the rooftop, waiting for Owlman to come back. She didn't have to go very far to get any food. There is a taco truck that she used to frequent when she lived here that still recognizes her. Hell, they remembered what she used to order and packed it up right for her. So, it took her all of twenty minutes to get her food and come back to wait for him to return.

She has that much time to wonder what the hell she's doing. This really doesn't seem like a good plan. Maybe the guy is new at this and he doesn't realize he's a little creepy... Leaning back in the sun, Bette thinks about sliding her goggles off but then remembers where she is and there are probably more telephoto lenses in the 5 mile radius of this building than almost anywhere else on earth.

The clean-up from the attack seems to be going well. For all that it was powerful and destructive, it didn't seem to last too long.

Thank goodness for small favors.
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At the corner of Hollywood and Vine, the ground begins to tremble on an early summer evening - the hardy native Californians ignore the tremor at first, accustomed to such things living this close to the San Andreas fault. The hissing gasses and wave of heat might be ignored as well - after all, this is where movies are made - but the follow-up is all too real.

Demons begin to pour forth from the fissure that quickly forms - their twisted, red-black bodies bending unnaturally as their charred wings expand, feeling the freedom of the air for the first time in age untold.

Hell on Earth begins here.
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Flamebird is on patrol. So far this patrol has been the most boringest patrol she's had in a long long time. Things seem to have settled down around the Titans East base. It only makes sense, considering they watch over the base closely. Usually in the city the base is in, the biggest problem is villain attack, which sort of comes with the territory after all.

As it is, though, they need to be a presence in the city and since she's more of a street level hero than a country or planet level sort, she often finds herself swinging her way across the city looking for folks who are up to no good. There are usually a few things here and there she can do - even if it is scaring the heck out of some teens with spray paint cans.

Right now, however, she's perched on a building corner thinking about Wimbeldon. It starts next month, after all. Every year, even though she isn't playing professionally anymore, she thinks about it. About if she could go back. If she could compete, if she could win again.
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"Hey, there have been some strange deaths at this local high school!"

"We should investigate gang!"

"Golly, could the school psychiatrist be doing something to the kids?"

"Oh no, Raven doesn't know that the school shrink is Spellbinder! And she's at a therapy session!"


"Excuse me!" Beast Boy shouts, hopping over a shocked student, flipping between a kangaroo, a cheetah, and his human form to blur through the school as fast as he can. He slams against the school psychologist's office door, goes, "OW! Ooooowwwwwwww." Beast Boy hisses, rubbing his shoulder and wincing. "Stupid fancy new doors."

Beast Boy tugs on the handle a little, pushes, and finally realizes its one of those doors you pull. One opening later, he bursts in on the sinister session! "Hold it right there!" Beast Boy exclaims, pointing a finger at, well, whoever's right in front of him. This is about when Garfield notices a familiar red glow. "Oh. Huh." Beast Boy pales a little, "...tthhiiisss isn't gonna end well..."
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Bette Kane had gone into New York City to do some shopping. She's not normally in NYC but she had a meeting with her publicist (once every few months, usually) and decided to stay a few days. She needs some time to clear her head and there hasn't really been anything on the hero side of things that has needed her attention.

So, of course, as she was doing her shopping, bags in hand, some poor desperate fool decided he was going to rob a bank. The change into the costume in an alley was something she'd prefer not to repeat again soon and she really hoped her lovely, lovely shoes would still be there waiting for her when she got back to them. Still, it turned out that the robber was really just desperate and didn't want to hurt anyone.

It makes it easier.

And harder.

Handing the guy over to the cops, she waves to the ... wow.... the million people with cameras that seem to have appeared in the time this has taken. "Firebird! Firebird! A few questions?"

"It's Flamebird. Firebird is someone else entirely. And I'm sorry, guys, I've got to go. Sorry!"
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Bette had been watching the Australian Open but it had just grown frustrating. If things had been different, had something had gone differently, she would have been there right now. She could have... Well. The last thing she needs to do is sit around thinking about should have, could have, might have....

So, she's back in the gym but this time she can't seem to convince herself to throw herself around the uneven bars today.

She misses Jesse and Wally today.

It really sucks and she can't seem to escape it. So, she sits at the edge of the mat, looking up at the uneven bars, lost in thought.
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Bette Kane has never been one to attach a lot of sentiment to the holiday season. While she likes presents and likes friends an family, she's had a lot of the first and not so much of the later until the past few years. Ever since she's become a Titan, this sort of stuff has started to mean more.

And this year, specifically, she's trying to shake herself out of a funk. Ever since the end of the whole situation with Jesse and Wally, she's been mopey, beyond mopey. That just is not going to stand - or at least she's going to do her best to get rid of that little black rain cloud that's settled over her head.

At the Titans West tower, there is a trail of gingerbread cookies leading to the teleporter. One of them is standing over the controls, watching them. No one needs to change them at all, they just need to get on the platform and follow the trails of the gingerbread to...

..... the Titans East base.

Someone's been busy with the decorating and the cooking and... well... the catering but she did cook some. A little bit.

This is the party. Presents can't be too far behind.
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In a different place, another time, things could have been better. Or they could have been much, much worse. But when you're given a chance to see your mistakes, and re-live them what can be done?

A panicked twosome were the subjects in question here. Their location could have been considered paradise to some. Again, how often are you stuck on a deserted island with a beautiful woman, and no distractions for miles?

"...and every ounce of your blood for a quarter tank of gasoline!"

But then again, perhaps not?
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There's the thwack of arrows that can be heard outside of Titans Tower, as Speedy hits another bullseye on the target.

Mia loves her early-morning practice sessions almost as much as she loves coming to the Tower on the weekends. No one's up before noon at best on Sundays, so she can enjoy the peace and quiet as she strikes the target again and again.

Pulling down her hood, Mia pauses, taking in the sight of the bay around her.

And then she notices it. A very familiar figure walking up towards the Tower.

Mia blinks, rubbing her eyes, wondering if the sun's playing tricks on her. As the figure gets closer though, Mia's face breaks into a wide grin. Dropping her bow, she sprints towards the figure, screaming at the top of her lungs before wrapping her arms around her best friend in a bear hug.

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Bette slips into the room and leans back against the doorframe, looking toward Jesse and Wally. Pressing her lips together, she looks at them for a moment before she says, "Hey. I didn't mean to be all dramatic like but I wanted to be able to see you two. And, you know, I want to figure something out."

The blonde shifts her stance a bit before continuing, "I'm not... I'm not the best with my secret identity but I know you two are much better with them and have more reasons to be better with them, so I don't want to screw anything up for you two."

"This is going to sound weird but I really need to know who is dating who here."
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Bette Kane is notoriously quiet about her birthday. She makes a very loud, very big deal about herself pretty much every other day of the year, so usually on her birthday, or as close to it as she can get, she spends the day doing good works. Instead of promoting herself, she goes quiet and tries to do good for the rest of the world. To some extent Flamebird is the greatest extent of her being loud and flashy, so the costume also gets a rest, even if very few people know it is her. She donates her time to a soup kitchen or a week to building Houses for Humanity.

That's what she did this year - house building for a few days. She's tired, a long day of working with power tools and wood and drywall. After a day like that, she's come back to the Tower to sleep. She isn't patrolling tonight, nor is she on monitor duty. Right now, all she is thinking is that she needs a /long/ bath with all of the fizzy girly products she can get her hands on to smell as bubblegum and floral as possible.

An excellent end to a good day.
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Although it's tempting.

Nightwing has the Justice League teleport him from Bludhaven to Titans Tower, because he likes abusing his power with the JLA like that, and after his stomach stops its post-port loop-de-loops, he heads to the kitchen to drop off his gift and get himself a soda.

His gift? Four dozen Philly cheesesteaks, neatly wrapped and bundled in a box. He figures Bart alone will eat half.


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