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After the Sinserto attack everybody was licking their wounds, including Team Arrow. With Oliver doing his bit in helping Star City as a candidate for Mayor, his boys were helping out anyway they could as civilians or heroes.

Roy was glad that all his wounds were either bruise and cuts he could explain away or on his chest, because unlike Connor or Mia as he had nothing to hide anything unexplainable like long sleeves or a hood during their night time activities.

He sighed as he ran a hand through his still growning hair, it seemed like a never ending battle was they tried to rebuild nearly the whole city. Every time something was fixed, another ten things would be added to the list by night fall, but the red-haired man would continue to help in anyway he saw fit.

Today was different though, today he had decided to take a break and enjoy it with his family, Donna had been helping out, but with them being busy or on opposite sides of the city they never really got to spend time together and then there was the apple of his eye; Lian, who he hadn't spent a whole day with and with Halloween coming up there was lots still left to plan.
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The Green Lantern Corps has reconvened on Oa, treating their wounded and making preparations to pursue the Sinestro Corps - all their plans to strike before the Sinestro Corps makes another move have become suddenly moot.

The voice of one of the Guardians manifests from every active Green Lantern ring, accompanied by a tiny representation of the Guardian's head.

"Attention all Green Lanterns. We have detected a critical galactic threat. The Sinestro Corps has invaded Earth in Sector 2814 - and the Anti-Monitor has manifested in this universe on that planet. All active duty Green Lanterns are to report to planet Earth and engage the Sinestro Corps."

After the announcement, Ganthet turns to his brethren.

"And with the Anti-Monitor, the Green Lanterns will not be enough. We must prepare to go, ourselves."
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Why could Sinestro master the elemental force of fear? Compared to the true horrors of the fifty two layered universes, what exactly is frightening about a pink fascist in yellow tights?

It came all at once, a horrible static burst cutting through Earth's delicate web of satellite powered communications. "People of Earth." A flicker of light and energy, as the sneering, mustached face comes into view. "This is...Sinestro, leader and founder of the Sinestro Corps. For too long, Earth has suffered under the yoke of nationalism. It is clear to me that for all of their virtues, the human race is simply incapable of governing itself in a reasonable, orderly fashion. We have come to help you. We have come because, when given the chance to help yourselves, you jockeyed for position and struggled for dominance instead of acknowledging the need to unify. We have come to save the world. The planet Earth, a source of great fear for the civilized universe, has been annexed as a protectorate of the Sinestro Corps. Do not resist, and the transition shall be accomplished with minimal strife."

In the skies, the first, best line of defense against alien invasion has failed. The Watchtower was somehow fooled into believing that the rush of negative energy was the dimensional equivalent of a sunspot. Amon Sur, Parallax, leads the space contingent of this army of psychotics, shimmering beams of the yellow spectrum of light making themselves known as the Sinestro Corps secures the fortress-space station.

"The only colony on the Earth that has declared open alliance to the Green Lantern Corps is the settlement of Coast City. Even here, Sinestro shows his limitless mercy. People of Coast City, you have one hour. Then, I shall descend upon the home of my great enemy, and I shall leave nothing standing. Leave. Quickly. The remainder of the United States of America shall be secured by Sinestro Corps agents within that hour timeframe."

Eyes glowing the harsh yellow-red of a bleeding sun, Mongol leads his war party tasked with seizing America's heartland into a sweeping formation around what is arguably the soul of the United States; Mount Rushmore. Mongol grins, envisioning his twisted visage carved over the great leaders of this rebellious nation.

"Terms of surrender for the rest of the world shall be broadcasted from the United Nations building. I do not expect the proud human race to accept their fate until they are taught how to fear. Their weaponer-guardian will be tasked with spreading the fear that must be established to bring order to this wounded, rabid world. Rejoice, earthlings. You are delivered."

Enkafos's eyes open, his three hundred and sixty fifth awakening since the end of his natural life. The mummified agent of Sinestro stands in the middle of the UN Plaza, and silently basks in the greatest city on the planet's terror, its anticipation. "Prepare." He orders his subordinates. "The throne must be ready to accept antimatter within the quarter hour."

The frightening thing about Sinestro, you see, is when this almost foolish figure talks about bringing order to the galaxy, living nightmares listen. They cheer. They unite. They work together. Sinestro can take a disorganized band of egomaniacs and psychotics and bring them together as firmly as any crack unit of soldiers. His eyes gleam with the cancerous yellow of a dieing star as he hovers over Coast City, his ring helping him keep track of the work of those that bare his name below. And Sinestro couldn't keep the smile off of his face.
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Algebra Two was solely invented to torture high school students, Mia thinks as she pours over a hefty review packet for yet another exam.

She looks out her bedroom window and sighs. Damn Ollie, not letting her go on patrol with him tonight. As far as she was concerned, helping out people on the streets as Speedy, was far more important then finding the value of 'x'.

A light gleams outside of her window. Standing up to get a better look, Mia makes her way towards it...


They'd been after these guys for about three months now. Drug dealers. It had become one of the worst drug trafficking rings that Star City had seen in about five years.

Mia and Ollie had managed to track them down to a warehouse near the outskirts of town. They were alone, as Connor had been called away on League business and Roy couldn't be reached.

It was going well. They'd successfully fought off all of the men that been guarding the building and were making the call to the Star City PD.

When out of the corner a man that they must've missed pops out. He aims pulls out a gun and points it at Mia's head.

"Let everyone go, or your little buddy gets it Green Arrow."

The next few seconds are a blur to Mia.

A gunshot is heard, and Mia feels the force of her being shoved to the ground.

Her world goes black.
When she wakes, she's on a stretcher in the back of a Star City PD ambulance.

"What happened?" she asks

An EMT turns and looks at her.

"We got here just in time," he says, "You were out cold, but we managed to get the men that you and Green Arrow had caught."

Mia looks around, just noticing that Ollie isn't in the car with her.

"Where is the Green Arrow?" she asks, "Is he talking to the police?"

He gives her a sympathetic look.

"I'm sorry Speedy," he says, "We tried everything that we could...but we just were too late."

It takes her a second to grasp what he said to her and the tears start to come to her eyes.

No it can't be...
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League business.
Titan Business
Outsiders Business.

Somewhere, "Arrow" business got shuffled to the bottom of the deck.

He's got the TV on and the Simpsons are blaring. It's not his favorite episode - that would be the one with Krusty getting framed by Sideshow Bob or the Treehouse of Horror collection. Still KSTR breaks this one out for the week before December 25 due to its Christmas content.

Yes, Lisa. You can celebrate Christmas as a Buddhist. And Mr. Hawke will be joining you.

And Connor's taking the same route, fixing up some of the lights that slipped off the tree, making sure there's some apple cider...Oh, and a vegetarian version of the chili.

It wouldn't be Clan Arrow without it.
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(The programming of most networks will find themselves pre-empted this morning at around 9:45 AM, as their various anchorwomen - the ones that handle the big news - will find themselves in front of their customary desks.  Each of them tends to provide variations on the same theme...)

We have preliminary reports coming in that the country of Cuba has been invaded by forces whose nationality and allegiance remain, at the moment, unknown.

The invasion begin at approximately 8:15 this morning, as preliminary reports coming from Havana, the nation's capital, briefly began to sound alarms before all communications were cut from the entirety of the island, including the naval base located on Guantanamo Bay.  Attempts to secure satellite surveillance of the area have been fruitless for all but the first 90 seconds of the attack.   This is considered to be an unnatural radio silence.   An inside source has also stated to us that there is currently no communication with the naval base as well.

There has been no preliminary comments from any arm of the American Government since the fighting was reported to have began.  What we do know is that no source available to us has been able to gather any information as to who has invaded, or how they got there, as no standard form of transportation to our knowledge was used.  Additionally, it is not believed that any form of nuclear or biochemical attack has been perpetuated at this time, although given the circumstances this is currently very hard to corroborate. 

As many know, Cuba has been a longtime key strategic position due to it's relative proximity to the southern seaboard of the United States...

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Connor is washing dishes at the Arrow house. Mia's at school and Dad's at the Youth center. His shift at the Watchtower isn't for a few hours, and patrol's after that. The dishwasher, Connor swears, is still under some kind of curse Stanley Dover left.

He's REALLY got to stop procrastinating and pick up the phone to Tara. The last thing he wants to be is intrusive - or, worse, that JLA member that saunters into the business of other teams when he's not needed or wanted.

Simon and Garfunkel's harmony comes through on the old radio station. Connor sings along in his off-key tenor.

Look around,
Leaves are brown,
And the sky is a hazy shade of winter.

Hear the Salvation Army band.
Down by the riverside's
Bound to be a better ride
Than what you've got planned.

Carry your cup in your hand...

He's not noticing the sphere that's made its appearance in the kitchen. Not yet.
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Okay. I can do this. It's just a routine flight. Delay on takeoff. Stale pretzels. Flat soda. Turbulence over Chicago.

Holding pattern over Star City.

Trouble getting my luggage.

Waiting in line for the car. Oooh, free upgrade. That's cool.

Yep. Perfectly ordinary trip.
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It's just too damn quiet. She should could her blessings. She can could how many night like this there has been on her fingers and still have some left.

Allanah's asleep. Ralph is reading. Plaz is not up here being Plaz. The Earth is a big, beautiful quiet blue thing under the watchful eye of her here on the moon.

"Sue to everybody...How's life?"
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The man is walking over the bridge. He has an important meeting he has to get to, a presentation. He's confident he's going to nail it and get that promotion. He is certain of....

Hey? What is that?

Something catches his eye as he makes his way over to the edge of the bridge, looking down in the water. He stands there for a long time, he couldn't say why, entirely, though after five minutes, he's sure there isn't anything actually in the water. Nothing. Deep, cold and calm nothing.

It is a change from the hectic, isn't it.

By the time the police arrive, Despair's work is already done. She does not particularily care, at all, if he jumps or not. She just wanted to make him understand the depths of himself. Even when he's riding high on the waves, there are things that lurk in the depths of the darkness below.

The people who are being delayed on their commute are harsh this morning, honking - perhaps from not understanding but also perhaps from a little push of something a little more.
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"--and for that, we go live to our correspondent in Philadelphia, Blair Jones. Blair?"

The anchor in the studio is replaced by a tall handsome black man carrying a microphone. He squints in the sun as he replies, "John, I'm here at Independence National Historical Park, known to many Americans as the home of the Liberty Bell, but also to Philadelphians as the home of the memorial to Virago, the late fallen hero who was killed in the line of duty one dark night. Virago's memorial is behind me--" He turns and gestures to the life-sized bronze statue. "--within sight of the Liberty Bell Center as well as Independence Hall." Turning back to the camera, he gives a solemn smile. "Today visitors to the park can also see the Titans, who have recently set up a headquarters in this city. They've come to pay tribute to Virago as well as to meet the people of Philadelphia."

The camera moves closer to the Virago memorial, where the Titans are gathered. A large wreath now rests against the pedestal.
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There is no moment of silence, when so many are gathered to discuss the state of the multiverse, but there comes a time when the conversation is not quite so noisy. Nightstar flies above the heads of the attendees, landing before a draped painting. Judging by the size, the attendees may wonder if the hidden work is a lifesized portrait, but of who? Those most familiar with the Dreaming, and the Endless, may think of the paintings lining Dream's gallery, and what they are used for.

"Excuse me," Nightstar says politely, waiting until all (or at least most) have focused their attention on her. "Dream said that he would be willing to let you all have glimpses in the dreams of those who dwell in the multiverse. I'm afraid you won't be allowed to make any requests, and the glimpses may not last very long." She smiles ruefully. "I also don't know how much use you'll get out of what you see, but ... please pay attention?"

With that, she pulls the veil aside, revealing that the frame is, at first glance, empty.

And then the frame fills with images....
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Dr. Light is dead.

The cure has been distributed.

The heroes of the world are exhausted, worn to the bone.

Unfortunately, that doesn't stop the bad guys from coming.

The coms of every member of the Justice Leage, whether reserve or active; every member of the Justice Society; the Titans; the new Outsiders... every last hero is contacted.

"This is Martian Manhunter. We have an emergency situation on the Watchtower. There appears to be a hostile alien invasion. Prepare for transport to the Watchtower immediately for tactical briefings. Repeat: this is an emergency on the Watchtower. All available hands are needed immediately."
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The New Jersey STAR Lab is behind them now, but members of the JLAand Titans alike cannot shake off the memory of what happened. As they take stock of the damage they have done, to property as well as the public's trust in them, and to their friends and allies, some of them also wonder:

"What is Dr. Light's next move?"

And the JSA, the elder statesmen of the cape community, have their own concerns, but the question of Dr. Light's ultimate goal is also one they know must be answered.
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The Titans' arrival is silent and swift, determined and precise. Before the shadow of the jet falls over the state line, Nightwing is relaying the plan to the rest of the team.

"Starfire, flank the building and come around from the rear. Hit it hard, make sure they can't get out. Robin, hit the power on that place. Don't wait, Wonder Girl and Nightstar - get inside and do what you do best. Kid Flash, Jesse, you're looking for anything in there while they're being kept busy that can give us an edge on this damned virus. Omen, keep tabs on any magic users in there. Flamebird, Speedy, follow me in after the heavy hitters do their thing. We're on cleanup."

He pauses to check the instrumentation. "And whoever finds Light... make sure you hurt him."
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The call has gone out to all members active and reserve and every team that has been touched by Dr. Light. They are coming. The sick children of the ones who fight are being gathered for the support of the Watchtower's sick bay and the expert care of those who cracked the plague before.

There is none of her normal smiles or words of welcome. This is the Diana that sometimes gets forgotten. The general and leader of war who is just as comfortable with the sword as with the olive branch.

And that was what this was. It was war.

Not a concept most are comfortable with, but when the enemy attacks the young and defenseless then they have declared that there is no going back from this point without something drastic happening.

They are coming to war, and Diana waits.
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(The screen shows CNN anchor Thomas Roberts on the screen.  The time of day at this moment is 11:06 AM per the rolling clock at the bottom of the screen.)

"...reports state that this new virus, being called "Degeneration Y" by some accounts, has hit over 50 different cities and towns across America, with no apparent pattern or reason to date.   The only thing that can be confirmed is that only children and young teenagers are being affected by the virus - there have been virtually no reports of anyone over the age of 16 being affected.  Doctors feel that there's a possibility that the onset of certain stages of puberty can make victims immune to the effects, although no scentific evidence exists at this moment.

"Millions of children are currently filling hospitals to overflowing, and reports of some early deaths as a result of the disease are...

(He pauses, looks offscreen for a moment, then continues)

"Excuse me, there's some late breaking news.   In a brief statement to press, the U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan has stated that representatives of the Justice League, who due to security reasons shall remain nameless, contacted the UN less than 30 minutes ago to request an audience with the UN General Assembly at around 5 PM tonight.  Annan would only state that the address was of major importance and dealt directly with the current crisis, and that the source of the request has been verified as genuine.   We will, of course, have coverage of that meeting, should it occur.

"With us now is Surgeon General of the United States..."


Nov. 5th, 2006 04:07 pm
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Aurora Andersen's gift to the couple is an amazing thing. This might be cooking for only about a 1/3 of the people she grew up with - and there is a minotaur in the kitchen to get used to - but the Titan can and did act as lead cook for a small army. Corn frybread, roast squash with berries, and taco fixings are lined up on one edge of the table buffet style along with - yes, folks - both a veggie version and one mutton version of the Arrow clan chili. Greek salad, dolmas, spanakopita, vegetables, tzaziki and hummus make up the other edge. Opposite the plates at this buffet style feast is a simple wedding cake decorated with currants and few edible wildflowers.

The serious part of the day is over. Time for the feast and the toasting (and likely roasting) of the new bride and groom. Maybe even some tossing or flowers and a garter...
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As befitting the tradition of the groom’s people, the guests are assembled in a circle around a handmade clay tier. On this tier are baskets filled with flowers. One basket holds plants from his desert home. Another basket has more worldly flowers happily provided from a flower shop in Gotham. One holds blossoms from an island which has now disappeared away from Man’s World. The final and largest one holds a hodgepodge of plants - Tamaranean flowers share space with Atlantian seaweed and Mid-western wildflowers...white Themscyrian lilacs flank a small bouquet of orange roses named after a Wayne family botanist over a century ago. All are from gardens surrounding a tower in San Francisco which houses a family that the couple have fought with, beside, and sometimes even against but have always been a part of.

The groom, dressed in a red silk shirt and, out of respect for private memory, plain black silk pants stands...or rather fidgets...awaiting the bride. Even through all the battles, even through the challenges of Hades domain and the pair dying in one another arms, he’s still amazed he’s even here. His daughter is by his side, holding his sweating hand, swinging his arm, and smiling a smile so big it could swallow her face.

Roy Harper and Donna Troy began their relationship as their family - the Titans - began. Their fortunes rose and fell with the volatile team. Their relationship over the past 14 years has always been a potent mix of love, friendship, duty, humor, borderline insanity, and loyalty. For some, “Titans Together,” is a battle chant. To some it’s a homecoming and reminder there is a place for caped misfits and orphans to find themselves. To others, it’s a memory of youth and times past. To this pair, it’s a way of life and today just adds one more wrinkle to that statement.

Let’s begin...
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Warrior's Bar, New York.

Roy Harper is the last of the original male Titans to tie the knot (and he won't be allowed to forget that fact for some time). Dick Grayson has rented out the entire place for this bachelor party, along with a few surprises that Roy's not aware of. The food, beer, pool table and loud music are requisite.

The rest? Well, you can never guarantee that anything where these guys are concerned is going to go entirely according to plan.

Dick as usual is sticking with soda over alcohol. Someone's gotta keep them all out of trouble, right?


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