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Jul. 31st, 2011 04:11 pm
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Professor Hank Henshaw stands in his lab, working on the quantum ring device he and his wife had been building over these past three years. Terri had just left the lab to see their little boy, brought into the visitor area by his grandparents no doubt. Hank smiles. Such a bright kid, with such a brave new world ahead of him. Lord Havok and the Extremists locked away in the sciencells of the Lantern Corps, Earth at peace for the first time in an age.

He's about to rearrange some circuitry on the ring when a deafening crack behind him makes him stand upright. No machinery back there. That was the sound of someone breaking the speed of sound. His right hand goes for a screwdriver; the only weapon to hand. Hopefully if some malign speedster has broken into the lab he's completely ignored Terri and her parents.

"Whoever you are, this is a government facility. Security will be here in seconds." He slips the screwdriver into his sleeve and slowly turns around to see a man clad in tight scarlet and gold, and another dressed as one of the now defunct Green Lantern Corps.
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In the direction that Despero is pointing, the Khund army will see a small point that seems to be headed toward them...with another point almost immediately behind.

Soon enough, they realize that they're not human.

They're Martian.

And Kryptonian.

Where J'onn is flying, he gestures to Superman and speaks to his mind.

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Careening through space at a frightening velocity, Despero pierces Earth's atmosphere and begins to laugh maniacally as he starts his drop towards the landmass known as North America. Specifically, he targets the craft toward Washington D.C.

"Come and greet me Citizen Steel! Come and meet your doom!!" Despero begins his rapid descent towards the White House.
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"Good evening leaders of Earth. My name is Ma'alefa'ak, diplomatic representative of the Neo-Rann governent. I will be meeting with you so that we may bring a quick, decisive end to the current misunderstanding between out two worlds. Therefore I propose a meeting on neutral ground, here..." An image of the planet Mars would appear to the recipients of the message. "The coordinantes are of an area terraformed to be comfortable to human oxygen needs. I will be present along with Grallex, leader of our expatriate Psion community, along with a few officials. I will leave it for you decide he will attend, however I do not you will be concerned for your safetl. Feel free to bring any 'heroic' protection you wish. Simply understand, we have been attacked once, we will not be caught unaware a second time. This is not a threat as I am sure you desire peace as much as we do. I look forward to us resolving this matter."

The Psions had worked fast on terraforming the area to be safe for a human presence. He barely recognized the area as Mars, a testament to Psion competancy. It felt strange being back home. He had hoped to return as the last, but that time would come. 'You're the only one left, brother. Soon, it will just be me.' He cast the thought from his head, he'd need all his wits about him as he waited for the arrival of the Earth delegation. This would certainly be interesting.

The Return

Mar. 15th, 2011 01:35 pm
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Zatanna's spell had whisked the team back to the safety of the Justice League Watchtower, along with the target of their rescue attempt - and one extra passenger. After taking a moment to see Arisia and Tora could get Guy directly to the medical bay, Hal focuses his ring very carefully on that extra passenger - glowing with barely-checked energy.

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The small rescue squad appears in the Alpha Centauri system, cloaked in magic to prevent detection, and invisibly encased within a power bubble provided by Green Lantern. Hal's ring passively scans, looking for traces of human life signs or Guy's ring - chirping when it has found both.

"Alright, team, we've got our targets."

The inside of the bubble shifts into a heads-up display, visible to the passengers. Small glowing dots appear, on the surface of Rann.

"We've got human life signs here and here - Lex and Guy - and we've got a Green Lantern power ring here. Our main objectives are Guy, first and foremost, and his ring, secondary. Since it'll be a lot easier to get him out if he's got the ring. Once we've got those things, we get out. Any reconnaissance you can do at the same time is great, but this is a rescue mission. Questions?"
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It had been touch and go, but the people of Rann were safe - though understandably confused to find themselves suddenly amidst the Australian Outback. After making temporary arrangements with the Australian government to house the Rannian refugees, Jay and the Justice Society arranged a meeting of heroes - some in person, some by teleconference - to discuss the situation.

As the primary witness of the events, Jay is chairing the meeting from the JSA Brownstone - waiting for those who can spare the time to call in. In the meantime, he's using a laptop PC to catch up on all the news reports from the recent invasion in Gotham.
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Darkseid is bored. Watching Desaad's systematic torture of hundred of Gothamites can only remain interesting for a while. He's just waiting for his power to reach its zenith through Blackfire and then...

Darkseid finds himself looking at his hands, as if expecting to see something flowing out of them. "Something is wrong." He glares at Desaad. "Toad. You are in communication with the Deacon. Have him report."
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Deacon Joseph Blackfire has lived for far more years than any man should live. He was born centuries ago to a Hotethk Native American tribe under a blood red moon. It was seen as a sign that he would amount to become a leader of men. Blackfire became that leader time and time again, always gaining control, always to eventually lose it. Each time he lost the power, it was to the fabled King of Beasts. One century it was the man known as Walks-With-Mountain Lions. Another it was a great American hunter known as Hugo Wayne. In the 20th Century it was a vigilante known as the Batman.

Blackfire was determined to change things for the 21st Century. No longer would the power be stolen from him. Blackfire was resurrected in the 21st Century by technologies foul and unusual, futuristic yet also ancient. Devices unknown to him, buried deep beneath Gotham, worked on his body and on his soul and brought him back more powerful than before. He sought out the creator of these wonders and found the terrible Darkseid. Somehow he persuaded the god of Apokolips that his skills of manipulation and persuasion were better than Glorious Godfrey's, and that with Blackfire in his power, Darkseid could finally launch a successful invasion of Earth.

The ancient gate beneath Gotham was activated by the belief in Darkseid and in anti-life, channelled through Blackfire's soured soul. Darkseid stepped through the gate, not knowing that Blackfire was not only channelling this belief, but taking it for himself. At least half of the justifiers in Gotham are as fanatical about Blackfire as they are about Darkseid.

Blackfire stands, arms apart and legs astride the entrance to the gate. He looks like Da Vinci's diagram of a man, except his skin is charred, the Apokoliptian power coursing through his veins. He forces a smile on his face as the blue lightning runs through his body, and he finally steps free. "I am become a god, and even Darkseid will kneel before me."

The gate hums and shuts down like an old computer. The way back to Apokolips is closed.

The chant of anti-life on the surface, not that far above Blackfire's head, permeates the air. The heroes and villains around the circumference of anti-life only have one chance to disable both Blackfire and Darkseid, and that's to strike now, before the Deacon can use his new godlike ability.
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Mr. Freeze had been brooding in Bludhaven along with a number of the others who had escaped from the carnage in Gotham. Freeze himself had placed the blame for the situation quite plainly on the shoulders of the Batman; where was he when Freeze was ready to strike against Blackfire? Telling him to hold his fire, that's where. And then Freeze was ambushed, and it all fell apart.

Freeze had been coldly staring at the Bat, not even rising to the provocations of Copperhead or the other costumed criminals in attendance. So much for Gotham's saviour. He was a fraud; Freeze had known it ever since poor dear sweet beautiful Nora had passed away due to Batman's machinations. It was all he could do not to ring the bastard's neck, but alas, with his coolant system impaired he could barely move.

By the time Blue Beetle had fixed him up the Bat had gone, no doubt to deliberate with other vigilantes. Freeze had hunted him awhile, but found no trace of the elusive 'hero'. And then Nightwing showed up in Batman's stead, as the voluntary leader of a strike team going back into Gotham through a tunnel that ran beneath the river. The Batman had apparently gone on ahead and ensured the coast was clear. Freeze volunteered for Nightwing's group, determined that once he caught up to the Caped Crusader he'd be made to answer for his failings.

So emerging into Gotham, out of a parking lot beneath... Freeze looks up and sees the unlit symbol of Wayne Enterprises and grimaces. That giant symbol had been a constantly lit beacon for some time. He looks at his companions. The Black Spider, Copperhead, Wonder Girl, Flamebird and of course, Nightwing. 

"So, Nightwing." Freeze rests against a wall, breathing deeply. He still isn't fully recovered from his earlier injuries. "You know Bludhaven, but can you claim to know Gotham as well as me? Where would you propose we strike, hm? And who against? The enemy are all around. Every civilian is a potential murderer or pair of eyes for Blackfire. Do we have a target?"
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While several of their number had gone off into Gotham, others had created a makeshift science lab using materials brought from Blue Beetle's ship, along with equipment provided by Grodd and the Calculator. Grodd was currently studying the brainwave patterns of the unconscious King Tut. The man was newly unconscious as he had woken up briefly, raved about Anti-Life, and was promptly floored by Black Spider. As Grodd read the readings, and despite himself, the scientist in him was intrigued.

"You know, if not for the direness of our situation, I would find this all terribly fascinating." Grodd didn't really care who was listening. For the most part he was thinking out loud. "This is far different than any brainwashing technique I've ever seen, myself included."

He added the last part in case any "hero" decided to add a snarky comment.
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The GCPD building downtown was built like a bunker. It wasn't pretty in any sense of the word, but it was solid and more importantly, very defensible. Years of weathering Gotham's particular breed of nightlife had proven a veritable crucible to shake out the building's vulnerabilities and the end product had proven to be an unforeseen godsend in the middle of the Hell Gotham had been transformed into.

The roof of the structure was the primary point of interest at this moment. From this vantage point, one could see smoke rising in columns across the crimson skyline of the city and there was a view of the smoldering ruins of the main bridges that once lead out of Gotham proper. On the roof itself, dozens of hapless uniformed officers lay unconscious in the wake of the arrival of the building's most recent interlopers. It couldn't be helped. Robin consoled himself with the silver lining that there had been no fatalities. Considering some of his temporary 'allies', that was a fairly impressive accomplishment.

It was a fairly simple matter to hook up the propane powered emergency generator to the large tarnished spotlight. Even so, time was a precious commodity now and the shrieks of Darkseid's Furies echoing in the streets of Gotham reminded Robin that every second they stayed in one place left them vulnerable. He was regretting the inclusion of Cicada and Bane into their group a little less right now.

"Okay, this should do it."

Putting one foot on the clunky machine for leverage, Robin pulls the starter cord in one even draw and is rewarded as the machine sputters to life.

"Hit it!"
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Selina Kyle gets off the plane in Star City and pauses, looking around. This is most certainly something she doesn't want to ever, ever give up if at all possible. Airports are horrible and full of cameras and police and many, many other things she does not like to be around. Walking off of the plane down to the tarmac and then possibly into a car is much, much better. It also makes it just a little harder for people to follow her around with cameras.

And the wait for her luggage is much less too.

Pulling up at Oliver's house, Selina tilts her head a bit, recognizing the signs of a house she might well have considered a target at one point. It would seem that those who usually live here are not currently at home. Knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell only serve to confirm that no one is here now.

Luckily, locked doors haven't been much of a challenge for her since she was about sixteen. Home security systems, though, are something else but still, nothing she'll lose sleep over. And speaking of sleep, she should be able to get some of that here. Nothing like a good night's sleep in a bed she has no memories of in a house she broke into.
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The Flash sits in one of the living chambers of the JLA Watchtower, which has now been stabilised after the Fadeaway Man's attempt to destroy it with a black hole weapon. His hands are on either side of his face, his elbows on his thighs, and he's leaning forward. This is all too odd, and all too confusing. One moment he's a part of the Speed Force, and now he's sat down in the Watchtower, waiting for the Justice League to come along and start asking questions. He just wants to know how Iris is, to see her again, and to hold her in his arms. He needs to move. But he also knows that doing so is going to throw more questions in the air.

"So I'm guessing a lot has changed since I've been gone, Hal." Barry looks at a photo on the other side of the quarters, showing a line-up of one of the previous Justice Leagues, formed after hid death. There are quite a number of people there he doesn't recognise. "Who's in the current roster? Did anyone else die... when I did?"
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There are times when Arisia can convince herself that Earth is Graxos IV. There is a certain place in Central Park where it looks similar enough that if she doesn't pay attention to language, she feels like she's home. There are a few places near the Indian Ocean where the color of the water and the sky are just right.

Really, though, it isn't her home planet and it isn't her home sector and any time she looks up at the sky it is obvious. At home, she's always been something else - her entire family, for generations, have been chosen to be Lanterns and that sort of thing leaves an impression in the minds of others. It is like being royalty, except instead of just being born, you have to be chosen as well.

She still patrols her sector but most of it is quiet, peaceful and generally civilized. It is a good thing, though, as 2814 had more than enough going on that even if she /didn't/ have people here she cared about, she'd be here on a regular basis. One of these days, she'll figure out why Earth alone has the problems of almost any four other sectors combined.

As she looks down on her sometimes adopted home from just outisde of orbit, a faint green glow surrounding her, Arisia shakes her head. Such a small planet, not even very strategic, in the grand sense of things. It didn't stop everything from coming here. There had to be some sort of karmic magnet or... something going on down there.
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In a scene reminiscent of the one from Terminator, where Arnie pulls up from a crouch, crackling with lightning and totally nude, Barry Allen... appears. Except he's not nude; he's wearing scarlet and gold, and the uniform fits him perfectly. There's a flash to the past -

"Have to keep running..."

Opening his eyes, he sees a room covered with alien art, sculptures and a massive timepiece in a state of disarray. Smoke has filled the room. A man with clock faces on his broken spectacles lies in an unconscious heap some distance away. Barry shakes his head. This is a lot to take in. He walks over to the man, and makes sure he's alive. Whoever he is, he's had a lucky escape. A high explosive went off and the concussive blast must have knocked him across the chamber and into a wall. Another flash -

"Have to keep running... No matter how much it hurts..."

The timepiece makes a pathetic *ting* *ting* *ting* sound before ceasing, and collapsing. Something in time has changed. Barry looks at his uniform and realises it's him. Something has occurred to make him come back. He remembers dying, being absorbed by the speed force -

"Have to keep running... No matter how much it hurts... Time... Feel the time stream around me-"

How is he back? The destruction of this time device has made someone at some point in the years since his death do something to bring him back. But how? And why? He speeds out of the chamber and into a corridor, out of the corridor and into a trophy room. He speeds out of the trophy room and into a special containment room, and out of the containment room into a locker room, and then a meeting room, and then a monitor room.


He sees faces he recognises as he speeds through the Watchtower, everything coming back to him. The Green Lantern, Hawkman, Wonder Woman. Everyone. His friends. His allies. The Justice League.

"The Watchtower is under attack..." The Flash speeds through the rooms he's visited, picking up villains as he goes. Captain Stingaree, the Eel, Stallion, Killer Wasp, Brutale. Some he recognises, others he does not. He ties them together and dumps them right in front of Hal Jordan.

"You've really let this place go to the dogs, Hal."
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At the corner of Hollywood and Vine, the ground begins to tremble on an early summer evening - the hardy native Californians ignore the tremor at first, accustomed to such things living this close to the San Andreas fault. The hissing gasses and wave of heat might be ignored as well - after all, this is where movies are made - but the follow-up is all too real.

Demons begin to pour forth from the fissure that quickly forms - their twisted, red-black bodies bending unnaturally as their charred wings expand, feeling the freedom of the air for the first time in age untold.

Hell on Earth begins here.
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Conrad Laughlin was a man on a mission.  More than anyone besides his specialists knew of.  The Justice League's Watchtower satellite required minute-by-minute updates and maintenance.  This is not something normally handled by its members, so tech support is always moving through.  

The background check is well and truly exhausting.  One day's work requires a month of informational requests, as well as interviews with family, and what appeared to be a "spirit sniffing" from a rhyming gargoyle.  That was the strangest part of the entire day so far.  The fact Laughlin's packed lunch now bore the faint smell of brimstone was just an added bonus. 

He wasn't able to bring any of his own tools as everything necessary would be provided by the League staff, and a schematic as to what he'd be facing was completely out of the question.  Conrad was working blind here, but when your client bases itself on universal security, its a moot point. 

Turning to the worker next to him in a rather bright orange (with garish blonde work-boots), he spoke quickly.  "If the pay for this wasn't ridiculous, I'd almost do it for the sights.  Where are you out of?"
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 Dr. Alchemy sits atop the Gothic Revival Tribune Tower in Chicago, legs dangling over the edge of the tall ledge he's perched on, the Philosopher's Stone in one hand, and a smaller book than usual in the other. He's having to use a metal clip to keep the pages open where he wants them, given the high winds this far up, so he's less than happy. Any damage to a book puts Alchemy in a bad mood.

He reads from his book; Atlas Shrugged. "Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper’s bell of an approaching looter. So long as men live together on earth and need means to deal with one another–their only substitute, if they abandon money, is the muzzle of a gun. What an interesting philosophy…" Alchemy doesn't even look up as he activates the philosopher's stone, and the walls of the Chicago Mutual Bank turn into oxygen, exposing the vaults to the public.

"When you have made evil the means of survival, do not expect men to remain good. Do not expect them to stay moral and lose their lives for the purpose of becoming the fodder of the immoral. Do not expect them to produce, when production is punished and looting rewarded. Do not ask, ‘Who is destroying the world? You are."  He sniffs. "I merely change the world. I destroy nothing. This Rand woman has some gaps in her knowledge." Again without looking, he clutches the stone and the roads beneath him begin to change into mercury.


Meanwhile, other villains, rogues and criminals run rampant throughout Chicago, all intent on causing the largest distraction possible for the Justice League.
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Canary kept her balance on Green Lantern's floating platform as they moved towards Gotham, cellphone in hand.  She told Babs she was looking into something and disabled her communicator so that her friend wouldn't know until later who Dinah was calling in.  Special treatment was one thing, but the last thing she wanted to do was get Babs busted with her dad like a teenager that stayed out too late.  And considering the fact that Barbara had been just that, maybe it was a better idea to keep Oracle in her back pocket for now. 

Dinah pulled up the collar of her jacket to compensate for the wind as they sped across the sky and after being transferred about fifteen different times she finally got through to someone who could get her in touch with someone who could help.  "I need to speak to Commissioner Gordon.  It's an emergency."  And it was, sort of.  At least it was for Dinah and Hal.  They needed to put the lid on this before it exploded and Ollie was left holding the fuse. 

Calling in favors from someone she hadn't actually interacted with since she was a child though wasn't one of Dinah's favorite past times... but on the bright side she wasn't positive he would recognize her- she was much shorter then, and not a blonde. 

Canary glances at GL and covers the receiver with her hand, looking out towards the Gotham skyline.  "Any cops shown up yet?"


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