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 Dr. Alchemy sits atop the Gothic Revival Tribune Tower in Chicago, legs dangling over the edge of the tall ledge he's perched on, the Philosopher's Stone in one hand, and a smaller book than usual in the other. He's having to use a metal clip to keep the pages open where he wants them, given the high winds this far up, so he's less than happy. Any damage to a book puts Alchemy in a bad mood.

He reads from his book; Atlas Shrugged. "Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper’s bell of an approaching looter. So long as men live together on earth and need means to deal with one another–their only substitute, if they abandon money, is the muzzle of a gun. What an interesting philosophy…" Alchemy doesn't even look up as he activates the philosopher's stone, and the walls of the Chicago Mutual Bank turn into oxygen, exposing the vaults to the public.

"When you have made evil the means of survival, do not expect men to remain good. Do not expect them to stay moral and lose their lives for the purpose of becoming the fodder of the immoral. Do not expect them to produce, when production is punished and looting rewarded. Do not ask, ‘Who is destroying the world? You are."  He sniffs. "I merely change the world. I destroy nothing. This Rand woman has some gaps in her knowledge." Again without looking, he clutches the stone and the roads beneath him begin to change into mercury.


Meanwhile, other villains, rogues and criminals run rampant throughout Chicago, all intent on causing the largest distraction possible for the Justice League.


Jan. 10th, 2010 11:18 pm
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Back at the Brownstone, Jay is preparing the JSA's jet for departure after a quick briefing.

"If Savage stole what we think he did, he could be on the verge of rendering himself virtually invulnerable to attack - we need to proceed with caution. Damn Luthor's timing - we could've taken care of this hours ago."
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The world has begun to calm once more, the damage wrought by Luthor's manipulations beginning to heal. The Stranger stands on the lunar surface, looking down on the deceptively peaceful blue-green sphere below.

Beside him, in a sphere of air conjured and sustained by magic, kneels William Zard - conscious, but not coherent - his uncomprehending gaze fixated on the Earth looming large in the sky.

"Your name is William Zard, and that is the Earth, your home."

The Stranger gestures to the world.

"Let me tell you of that which has transpired, in the hopes of conjuring some echo from your memory.."


Nov. 27th, 2009 04:48 pm
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Luthor's hands dance rapidly over one of the keyboards, his eyes darting back and forth to scan figures as they arrive.

"and...and....here, and...that's IT! I've found it! The genetic sequencing is almost flawless! A perfect match!" His bloodshot gaze turns to the Phantom Stranger. "And you're going to bring her through, ghost. I told you...I'd find a way, and through you...this is done. Now bring her in..."

Lex slams his fist upon a button, beginning a energy whirlwind outside of his base. The molecules remaining from the universal blast earlier begin to swirl and slowly draw towards it.

"With you as a siphon, and my research, I've done it. All this time, all this effort...I've beaten it. I AM the balance between death...and life." A quick wipe of the face, and a sleep-deprived shudder pause him for a moment, before he continues.

"All stations...prepare for retrieval. Contact is made, and siphoning begins immediately."
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"CLEAR THE AREA!" Mr. Terrific bellows, forcing the doors to the JSA's makeshift emergency room open. "We've got a tension pneumothorax moving in. Pieter...I need you on the ready immediately!"

The team leader starts to usher in the wounded team-members, dispersing others to go aid. "If you can move, and can help, do so. We've got a city at threat-level red going here. GO!"

Terrific reaches to his earpiece, pausing to regain physical control for a split second, appearing to momentarily shimmer. "Is he holding up still? I need a sit-rep."
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Bette slips into the room and leans back against the doorframe, looking toward Jesse and Wally. Pressing her lips together, she looks at them for a moment before she says, "Hey. I didn't mean to be all dramatic like but I wanted to be able to see you two. And, you know, I want to figure something out."

The blonde shifts her stance a bit before continuing, "I'm not... I'm not the best with my secret identity but I know you two are much better with them and have more reasons to be better with them, so I don't want to screw anything up for you two."

"This is going to sound weird but I really need to know who is dating who here."
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The Green Lantern Corps has reconvened on Oa, treating their wounded and making preparations to pursue the Sinestro Corps - all their plans to strike before the Sinestro Corps makes another move have become suddenly moot.

The voice of one of the Guardians manifests from every active Green Lantern ring, accompanied by a tiny representation of the Guardian's head.

"Attention all Green Lanterns. We have detected a critical galactic threat. The Sinestro Corps has invaded Earth in Sector 2814 - and the Anti-Monitor has manifested in this universe on that planet. All active duty Green Lanterns are to report to planet Earth and engage the Sinestro Corps."

After the announcement, Ganthet turns to his brethren.

"And with the Anti-Monitor, the Green Lanterns will not be enough. We must prepare to go, ourselves."


Aug. 27th, 2009 02:39 pm
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Owen checked and double-checked the address. The place looked right, but he didn't want to risk making any mistakes on this. He hit the intercom on the front gate.

"Hi... I'm Owen Mercer. I stopped a bank robbery with some of you guys, and... you're supposed to open for new members, right?"

Smooth. Very smooth.
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Bette Kane is notoriously quiet about her birthday. She makes a very loud, very big deal about herself pretty much every other day of the year, so usually on her birthday, or as close to it as she can get, she spends the day doing good works. Instead of promoting herself, she goes quiet and tries to do good for the rest of the world. To some extent Flamebird is the greatest extent of her being loud and flashy, so the costume also gets a rest, even if very few people know it is her. She donates her time to a soup kitchen or a week to building Houses for Humanity.

That's what she did this year - house building for a few days. She's tired, a long day of working with power tools and wood and drywall. After a day like that, she's come back to the Tower to sleep. She isn't patrolling tonight, nor is she on monitor duty. Right now, all she is thinking is that she needs a /long/ bath with all of the fizzy girly products she can get her hands on to smell as bubblegum and floral as possible.

An excellent end to a good day.
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Although it's tempting.

Nightwing has the Justice League teleport him from Bludhaven to Titans Tower, because he likes abusing his power with the JLA like that, and after his stomach stops its post-port loop-de-loops, he heads to the kitchen to drop off his gift and get himself a soda.

His gift? Four dozen Philly cheesesteaks, neatly wrapped and bundled in a box. He figures Bart alone will eat half.
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Since being invited to join the Justice Society, Maxine "Cyclone" Hunkel had mostly kept to herself. Tried to be quiet, blend in with her surroundings, and not get into trouble. It wasn't that she wasn't confident in her abilities (she was at first, granted, but had been getting much better), but more that she still felt that she didn't deserve to even be in the same ROOM as these legendary heroes, no less be considered their peer.

Still, as she puttered aimlessly around the Brownstone, she couldn't help but smile to herself, and think about how lucky she was. She was working with her idols, helping them to make the world a better place. She'd actually become best friends with Stargirl, who was her absolute HERO, and was learning from Mr. Terrific, who, in Maxine's mind, couldn't have a more fitting codename.

Her training session for the day had gone well... far better than even she had expected. She felt, finally, that she was gaining real, strong control over her powers. Maybe one day soon... she'd be able to prove herself. Not to her teammates: they already seemed to accept her just fine. No... maybe soon, she could prove herself... to herself.

Grabbing a book off the shelf (she really didn't even bother to see what it was, she was just zoning a bit), she plopped herself down on a sofa, curling her legs underneath her.

Free Time

Apr. 27th, 2009 12:17 am
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Vic was in his "garage", his private work space in Titans Tower where he could build and engineer as he as pleased. He was looking over some schematics, and idly bobbing his head to the music playing in the background. This in itself wasn't unusual.

What was unusual was that, for once, the door was open. Normally he kept it locked, since he didn't like being disturbed when he really into a project. Plus he didn't want the "kids" to just barge in and wreck his stuff.

But he figured he could stand to be a touch more sociable. Plus most of the important projects had been completed, and he was mostly tinkering with a few designs to keep him busy.
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Everything has been set up at the brownstone, on this clear crisp day in April.

With Ma Hunkel's assistance, food had been prepared, along with a BBQ currently heating up and sending scented smoke up into the air.

And invitations had been sent out to everyone that Jesse could think of, that simply said, Come help us celebrate the birthday of one of our dear friends, Jay Garrick, April 3rd, 2009, at the JSA brownstone.
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"Where is it? Don't tell me someone got to it already..."

Donna's pillaging through the freezer at the Titans' East Compound. She's stashed a pint of Chunky Monkey ice cream away, and after the workout she's just had, figures that it would be the perfect reward....that is, if someone hasn't gotten their hands on it first. Although, she's very protective of her ice cream, sticking notes all over the container warning that whoever touches it without her knowing is dead.

"Come on, there's no way that someone found it this quickly."

Her hand reaches to pull aside two bags of frozen assparagus (who's idea was that anyway?). She's tossed one bag to the side when she sees it. Success!

She yanks the container out of the freezer, nearly spilling a pile of frozen dinners onto the floor. It's unopened. Perfect.

Donna doesn't even grab a bowl. Just a spoon. She takes a seat at the counter and hastily opens the container. Scooping up a spoonful, she takes a bite and sighs.
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Finally home.

It hadn't taken long to get here once she was able to change back into costume. Back to the base first, make a quick call to Kimberly to let her know they were back and OK, then taking a roundabout way to get home.

A few steps and Jesse falls back onto one of the overstuffed couches in the living room, propping her feet up on the arm.
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They'd all packed back into the Bug once the portal had slid closed, with Jennie staying outside to make sure that the way between was completely shut.

Gentleman Ghost is firmly bound to one of the seats, bands of green energy wrapped around him.

Looking around at the assembled heroes and civilians, Jennie says, "It's good to have ya'll back with us, safe and sound." She's leaning up against a bulkhead, arms crossed.
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When the white light clears away this time, the abductees find themselves standing in an environment that is, if possible, even blander than the soul-destroying corporate cube farm. The horizon and sky--or is it a ceiling?--overhead are smooth and white, though with a slight curve to it suggesting that they are looking up at the inside of an enormous eggshell.

The floor, however, is not quite so featureless, though still quite bland. It seems to be made up of oval tiles, a pale cream in color, fit together quite closely. Each of the abductees can feel a slight thrumming vibration beneath their feet, suggestive of an orchestra tuning up.
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When the white light fades away, the abductees find themselves in a markedly artificial environment. Instead of a patchwork of different natural terrains, each individual is in an office cubicle. Within the brown fabric walls is a chair and a desk, and on each desk is a large screen, rather like the touch-sensitive monitors used in certain office environments or tourist kiosks.

There is Muzak playing overhead, a familiar tune turned bland and boring. Somewhere, Louis Armstrong is rolling in his grave.
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It is a jumble of landscapes, all juxtaposed against one another - fragments of a thousand worlds, each with their own weather and climate, arranged like a living, three-dimensional collage. A frozen glacier abuts a sweltering jungle, which soon gives way to an acre - no more - of desert, that borders a half-dozen other terrains. One concession, at least, has been made to the new occupants of this patchwork plane - the atmosphere has been tailored to the oxygen-nitrogen mix to which they are accustomed.
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The artifact has made another sweep of the third planet of this system. The new data gathered take some time to be processed--a very brief time, as humans mark it--and once the results have been run ... well, there is only one path that can be taken.

Four chords sound as its colors and facets shift:

F Am Bb Am

Really, it's quite an honor. Hopefully the inhabitants of this third world will come to understand that.


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