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John isn't one to pay attention to the tabloids. Had he not heard Renee on the phone to someone while he and Chas were having a drink, he might not have known at all.

But then, he might have. He likes to keep tabs on Selina, after all.

Citizens of East End may be curious as to just when they got a Cat-signal to match Gotham proper's Bat-one, but John likes to send his messages in style. Luckily it isn't hard. A couple scraps of paper and a high-powered flashlight, with just a little more juice added, and it works well enough. Time to see how long it takes to be noticed.
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It is so shiny here.

Selina and Metropolis have never really gotten along. It isn't hatred but perhaps a mutual disdain for each other. The persistent sense of shine and chrome didn't help. Usually, she tries to stay here for as little time as possible - it feels like she's leaving fingerprints all over everything.

An unnerving feeling for someone who likes to leave no trace behind her.

Entering the hotel lobby, Constantine has done another one of his blend into the crowd and vanish things, even has they'd managed to, somehow, convince the woman behind the counter that they had a reservation for a suite. Was it magic? A con? Both? While things don't work that smoothly between the two, Selina isn't taking the time to stop and think about what they could accomplish together if they ever became a smooth working team.

Lex's hotel was going to end up sending a bill to nowhere, most likely.

Which is just the beginning.
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While most people would just buy a plane ticket and fly normally to Metropolis, or any other city, for that matter, Selina Kyle is not most people. She is still, no matter what else, Bruce Wayne's fiance. This means she can get on a few other planes and jets that most people cannot access.

Thus, she's easily able to get onto a mostly private jet headed to Metropolis with little problem. It is a short flight - up and down again within just over an hour. Leaning back in the seat, she kicks off her shoes and closes her eyes. It will be nice to have some time to herself.
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Another rooftop, another night. Once again, Lady Shvia is looking for Robin, knowing where it is more likelt she will find him. Too much more of this and it seems likely someone might accuse her of stalking him.

Though she would consider it something much more like keeping tabs on him to help protect his best interests. Or something like that.

This time she's brought a guest with her, which makes this unusual, even for Shiva.

If she needs to wait here all night, she seems entirely comfortable doing it.
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He emerges from the Gotham train tunnels, bruised and bloody, but at least he's alone. He's not sure why. That spell might have helped, sure, but if those two want him they'll be after him.

So he's not the target. Good to know.

He should find Selina, warn her. Or maybe he should get to Zee, talk to her. Divine if Selina is the target or not. Find out who is. Do something.

All he really wants to do is find somewhere to collapse and hide, but no. That has to wait.

Right now, he just needs to keep moving. He's at one of the parks now, making fairly good magically-enhanced time. Moving among the hidden paths of Gotham, taking shortcuts through the sprawl where he can.

Finally at Gotham Park, he forces himself to stop. He's wheezing something awful, and isn't in nearly the shape to do this. A quick rest and then he'll be back on his feet, ready to go.
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They say that there's always a bigger fish. That no matter how bad something is, there's always a bigger bad, a better monster, a more Evil evil.

But it isn't always true.

There's been rumours in the Underground of their reappearance and mobilization. That the two are on the move, and even worse coming to London Above.

It isn't supposed to be possible. You can't just move between the two at will--hell, most can't move between the two at all. John only barely knows about it, knows some of those involved in it. He has to, in his line of work. But he's never seen the actual London Below, and can only sometimes tell who belongs to it, and who is just a washed up bum living off the streets.

But these two...If they're moving to London Above, it can't be for a good reason. And call John arrogant if you will, but he's pissed off a lot of cosmically evil forces. The kind that might be willing to hire out.

He's not even packing a bag. He's at Union Station, ready to ride the crossroads as far away from London as he can. With any luck, he might even escape them altogether.

But luck's never been his strong suit.
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Selina Kyle has been a very busy woman, though not in the ways she'd like to be busy. She's been in many different cities having dinner with many different men. And best of all, she's been allowing the press to take pictures of her doing it. To be honest, she's been smiling so much, she feels like she's pulled a muscle or seven in her face.

The press have been asking some of the most absurd questions of her and her non-answers only seem to have been causing the absurdity to escalate.

It has been a long week and with the job she's been contracted to do tonight, it is only going to get longer before it is finished.

Hopefully she can get this completed tonight.
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The Dreaming is, by its very nature, not bound by the laws that govern the physical universe, and yet those laws may inform its form and function. Time and geography have different meanings here, and even those meanings may shift as the dreamers (or the Lord Shaper himself) wish, but at this time, there is a place that has been set aside by order of Dream himself.

It is a place more clearly defined than others in the Dreaming, owing something to Dream's library, and something to the hall of a great king meeting with his knights and advisors, and in it now waits Nightstar, Titan and servant of the Lord of Dreams, who has been instructed to welcome the attendees.

From worlds known and unknown to her they arrive ... all bearing great power, as their universes count it: power of science, magic, sorcery, wizardry, or that granted by divine blessing. Many races, many traditions, but all united in the wish to preserve their universes.
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In the aftermath of Mordru's assault on time, the mystic community has gathered to assess the damage. The restored wizard Shazam has taken up his throne once more, sitting in vigil over the Seven Deadly Sins.

"Your service was admirable, Billy. Your custodianship of my power allowed my the time necessary to prepare for the critical moment. And Teth-Adam, you have discharged your duties with great skill and courage - I hope you will continue to serve as one of my champions. Though the threat of Mordru has passed, the world will always face new dangers."

He turns to some of the other gathered guests.

"And there is the matter of the Spectre to consider. I had hoped he would not become involved - but I was unable to foresee everything."
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It's not definite, mind you.

A hunch, more than anything.

But John's in Gotham's East End tonight, out on the streets, waiting for trouble to start. It's what usually what brings her out to play.

Something tells him the mouse is bigger than usual this time, though.
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As the damage to the universe begins to accumulate, the skies of Earth take on a deep red color, as though space itself were bleeding. Strange storms begin to form, with unusually-colored bolts of lightning.


Oct. 18th, 2008 09:29 pm
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Zatanna dragged herself into one of the many parlors that Shadowcrest had. Her fishnets were torn, her tuxedo jacket ragged, and her hair a total mess. She breathed in deeply and plopped herself down into an overstuffed armchair. She flicked a wrist at the fireplace and a small fire started crackling. She took in a deep breath, trying to recuperate. Hassan would be here, she hoped, soon with tea and something solid to eat.

She felt Shadowcrest return to normal and a pleasant feeling enveloped her. She was her own woman again.

It felt good.

She looked at John, a mixture of...a lot of things...on her face.

"Thanks for the rescue," she said after a moment's pause.
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With Xanadu's permission, Constantine removes a small piece of chalk and etches a doorway onto an empty wall.

He takes a deep breath and encourages Zach to do the same, and then pushes onto the chalk door, which opens directly into Shadowcrest.

The first thing to hit Zach is the smell. It doesn't feel tainted, or corrupted. It feels like it's always smelled this way, but the smell is wrong. Deathly. The smell that comes when a Voudoon king has occupied a place so fully that it has become his--or at least, occupied its owner.

And speaking of, she should be the next thing Zach should see. She's not bound physically, mind you, but her posture has a certain bend to it, as if a hand has shaped it too often the past few months.

And of course, the last thing he should see is the very angry face of the Voudoon king as he sees the intruder's in his home--though Constantine provkes a special ire.

The first magic blast slams both of them against the wall, and the second is readied. If the two thought this would be easy, now might be time to reconsider.
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Almost as if to answer Zachary Zatara's query, John Constantine steps through the hanging beads guarding Madame Xanadu's doorway.

An aura of change lingers about his presence, with more than a bit of taint to accompany it. It's something Zach will likely not pick up on, but Xanadu will have no problems identifying just what Constantine has done.

Of course, if all goes to plan, by the end of this it won't be what he's done, but what someone else did. An idea which should bother him more than it does, but he hasn't the time for guilt. Not at the moment.

"Him? He's the big help you promised me? Her kid-cousin who can't even pull a rabbit out of a hat, magic or no? This is the last time I take your advice without reading your cards myself."

Constantine takes a long puff from his cigarette, and then turns towards Zach, actually ready to address him no.

"Well, like it or not, looks like you get to be the Calvary. Anything to say to inspire the troops?"
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The younger Mordru returns to the Rock of Eternity - greeting his elder counterpart with a curt nod.

"Constantine will do as we require. We can use Nimue Ravensong as the substitute. Have you made the preparations?"

His older incarnation nods in confirmation, and speaks. "I foresee that we will also require an extra pawn, amongst the heroes. I have selected an agent that we can pull from the threads of time. His.. condition will necessitate placing him where he has access to someone with vast scientific acumen."

Both men moves towards the slumped, chained figure of Billy Batson - raising their hands, allowing the electrified power of Shazam to course through them, in unison.

"This will not go unnoticed, you realize."

"I would be a fool to assume otherwise."

Acting as one, the twin selves of the Chaos Sorcerer plunge their hands into the raw essence of time itself - and pull.
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He's back in London. In Hyde Park, specifically, on the edge of Serpentine Lake. It feels somewhat appropriate, if he's pegged who's been watching him lately.

There is no incantation, no spell to summon this guy up. But then, John isn't coming to him, either. This bloke's been scrying on him for weeks, and John's just finally sick of it.

"All right. Take flesh, I command thee, blah blah blah. Stop watchin' your damned mystic tele and just bloody tell me what you want."

Why no, it hasn't occured to him to show more respect to someone as powerful as Mordru.
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There are things brewing out there, in the dark. And in the light. And everywhere else.

It passes unknown to most, whether mystical or not, but not to Constantine. It's in the air, the heat, the way the water feels on his face in the mornings. Something is coming, and once it arrives, things will never be the same.

Which means its time for him to pay up on some of his debts. The last thing he needs is to die in debt. Hell only knows what's waiting for him on the other side, so he'd best not owe anything to those still here (assuming they survive it themselves).

It isn't that he knows where Selina Kyle is, or even where she will be. But he knows he's going to encounter her tonight if he walks the East End streets. Call it a hunch, call it magic, call it whatever. He needs to see her and pay up, so he can get to work on getting Zee back.

Not back. Just out of Midnite's hands. There is no "back" for them.

He has to do what he can though, and right now, that means talking to Catwoman.
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He's not big into technology which probably dates him as being too old for this crap anymore right there. Why bother with email and the internet with all it's ads and come ons for cheap porn when the universe gives you all the messages you need?

Well okay the porn part doesn't really sound that bad but after watching someone get sucked into the internet during a spell and his body burning to a crisp in front of him John isn't really keen on the idea of being wired in.

So he does what anyone does when they need information and they are at least peripherally a part of the hero crowd (kicking and screaming part of it mind you).

You call Oracle.

He'd like to see her in person he hates this over the phone crap but he just picks up the phone instead.
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The problem with trying to talk to the King of the Sea, especially when he doesn't like you, is that you have to get close enough to talk to him. Sub Diego's recognized as being there but John doesn't exactly have the spells to zap him into breathing water. Well okay there's these potions but they're notoriously unreliable for how long they last and drowning isn't in his plans right now.

Which means casting a summoning from a boat. Which is guaranteed to make Arthur even crankier than normal when he arrives. If he does, the Atlantean isn't exactly a light weight in the will department.

And then there's sharks.

John looks nervously at the surface of the ocean and hopes that he comes out of this without needing to zip his trousers with his teeth.
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He’d been back in Gotham for a few hours to find out someone on his list had popped up on the radar. This man wasn’t someone he was holding out hopes in finding, but finding out he was only a few blocks away had Jason make a quick change from uniform to more traditional and concealed protective equipment and weapons. For all intents and purposes, the Red Hood was a known criminal, and while he is only posing as such to dismantle an arms trade network, it would draw much attention.

This bar was one he’d been to once or twice. He didn’t think much of it besides the networking he was able to do here. The networking worked well enough seeing as an informant gave the description of the man in question fairly well. Bumping into the informant, the exchange of funds are made and after a few minutes Jason finds himself entering the Black Dragon Inn. Eyes stay concealed behind ballistic shielded eyewear that appear to be normal sunglasses while scanning the room for the man named John.


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