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Princess. Ambassador. Warrior. Goddess. Chairwoman. Daughter. Sister.

These are all titles that Diana has worn at some point in her life, many of them she still wears now. Sitting at her chair at the round table on the Justice League Satellite, she voices, if only to herself, a preference for the titles that come without paperwork attached. Admittedly, there is not a lot of paperwork that comes with being the Chairwoman of the Justice League but what there is, is of a delicate nature. Finances to be kept track of, which has become more and less complicated without Bruce around. There are reports to be made to the UN - not that they're held specifically accountable but it is one of the checks and balances that make everyone feel more comfortable, especially when they come from her.

Putting down the pen, Diana sits up, stretching. She looks at each of the symbols etched on the chairs. Her gaze lingers on the bat for a few moments before she stands to walk to the window. Looking down on the Earth brings a small smile to her face. After a few moments in silence, she turns to gather up her papers, done for the moment. She needs to update herself on the multiple fronts and see if assistance is needed with the Rannian refugees, with the clean up in Gotham, with the revolution in Tunisia, the earthquake in Pakistan or anything else that may have come up since she last checked in.
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In a scene reminiscent of the one from Terminator, where Arnie pulls up from a crouch, crackling with lightning and totally nude, Barry Allen... appears. Except he's not nude; he's wearing scarlet and gold, and the uniform fits him perfectly. There's a flash to the past -

"Have to keep running..."

Opening his eyes, he sees a room covered with alien art, sculptures and a massive timepiece in a state of disarray. Smoke has filled the room. A man with clock faces on his broken spectacles lies in an unconscious heap some distance away. Barry shakes his head. This is a lot to take in. He walks over to the man, and makes sure he's alive. Whoever he is, he's had a lucky escape. A high explosive went off and the concussive blast must have knocked him across the chamber and into a wall. Another flash -

"Have to keep running... No matter how much it hurts..."

The timepiece makes a pathetic *ting* *ting* *ting* sound before ceasing, and collapsing. Something in time has changed. Barry looks at his uniform and realises it's him. Something has occurred to make him come back. He remembers dying, being absorbed by the speed force -

"Have to keep running... No matter how much it hurts... Time... Feel the time stream around me-"

How is he back? The destruction of this time device has made someone at some point in the years since his death do something to bring him back. But how? And why? He speeds out of the chamber and into a corridor, out of the corridor and into a trophy room. He speeds out of the trophy room and into a special containment room, and out of the containment room into a locker room, and then a meeting room, and then a monitor room.


He sees faces he recognises as he speeds through the Watchtower, everything coming back to him. The Green Lantern, Hawkman, Wonder Woman. Everyone. His friends. His allies. The Justice League.

"The Watchtower is under attack..." The Flash speeds through the rooms he's visited, picking up villains as he goes. Captain Stingaree, the Eel, Stallion, Killer Wasp, Brutale. Some he recognises, others he does not. He ties them together and dumps them right in front of Hal Jordan.

"You've really let this place go to the dogs, Hal."
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Conrad Laughlin was a man on a mission.  More than anyone besides his specialists knew of.  The Justice League's Watchtower satellite required minute-by-minute updates and maintenance.  This is not something normally handled by its members, so tech support is always moving through.  

The background check is well and truly exhausting.  One day's work requires a month of informational requests, as well as interviews with family, and what appeared to be a "spirit sniffing" from a rhyming gargoyle.  That was the strangest part of the entire day so far.  The fact Laughlin's packed lunch now bore the faint smell of brimstone was just an added bonus. 

He wasn't able to bring any of his own tools as everything necessary would be provided by the League staff, and a schematic as to what he'd be facing was completely out of the question.  Conrad was working blind here, but when your client bases itself on universal security, its a moot point. 

Turning to the worker next to him in a rather bright orange (with garish blonde work-boots), he spoke quickly.  "If the pay for this wasn't ridiculous, I'd almost do it for the sights.  Where are you out of?"
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When Kip Blackwell was a college football player at Gotham University, he played wide receiver and receiver on special teams, so the concept of blocking is not lost on him. Even now, completely blind as he was from the Joker's acid assault, his love of football and his tendency for using football analogies remains. So when Nightwing asks him to meet with the Riddler - or the former Riddler, Edward Nygma - he understands it's to run interference for Oracle, someone he loves and admires wholeheartedly...even if he cannot remember some of the time they spent together.

So, back on Earth from his typical stay at the Watchtower as Oracle's hands-on computer guru, Kip first attends Mass with his Aunt Justine (along with the requisite Sunday meal) before heading to Nygma's agency first thing Monday morning.

His smile and manner are, as always, sunny, far more so than the rainstorm pelting Gotham outside.
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The Justice League Watchtower has a highly sophisticated comm system that can send messages to individuals, to separate rooms, to separate floors or to the whole place. Right now, the entire system is activated. An emergency? Not quite. There is holiday music being played, from Vince Guaraldi to Nat King Cole to Ella Fitzgerald, classics all. And in the dining hall, a towering spruce tree has been erected. Atop a ladder, a young man sings along with the music as he carefully feels his way along the tree to hang lights. His usual attire of slacks and a neatly pressed shirt has been exchanged for jeans and a sweater with a red-nosed reindeer knitted into the fabric. Looks handmade, too.

Across a table near the front are at least eight pies of different sorts: fruit, chocolate, pumpkin, chess. Homemade, from the looks of it. A basket nearby seems to be brimming with cookies, too, and beside that basket are a few hot beverage dispensers labeled cocoa and mulled cider.

Someone is bringing the holiday spirit to the Watchtower.
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"CLEAR THE AREA!" Mr. Terrific bellows, forcing the doors to the JSA's makeshift emergency room open. "We've got a tension pneumothorax moving in. Pieter...I need you on the ready immediately!"

The team leader starts to usher in the wounded team-members, dispersing others to go aid. "If you can move, and can help, do so. We've got a city at threat-level red going here. GO!"

Terrific reaches to his earpiece, pausing to regain physical control for a split second, appearing to momentarily shimmer. "Is he holding up still? I need a sit-rep."
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"What would Kobra do to a pretender to the throne of his worldwide terrorist organisation?" Dr. Light curls his right hand in a fist, and brings it down to celebrate getting the right question/answer. "Jeopardy!!"

Arthur Light is alone in a dark cell within the Brownstone, not that he knows that. Since his capture by Jade and Hourman, he has completely forgotten where he is or what he was doing when he met the two superheroes, and in fact, barely recalls his tenure as the leader of Kobra. He does recall being thrown into one of Kobra's Lazarus Pits though, once the true Kobra returned... And the subsequent horrific pain that it caused him. But the mental debilitation (or insanity, as some might call it) that it caused him has gone so far unnoticed by the costumed villain.

And he hasn't actually explained to anyone how he has returned to this less than subtle villainous state, partly because of his loss of memory, but also because none of the JSA have got around to speaking with him yet. As far as things go, a ga-ga Dr. Light is low on the priority list of the local heroic community.

A dim light is switched on outside of his cell. Not enough for Arthur to draw power from, but enough to awaken him back to a state of semi-normality, and focus on the hero looking at him. "Are you Alex Trebek?"
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The cruise ship is about a mile and a half out to sea. Not very far, all things considered, but far enough to allot some privacy.

Granted, not a lot. Apparently a gay superhero wedding, especially with a world-renowned supermodel in the wedding party draws media attention. But then, they'd planned on that. It had been wanted, really. Because while this is an event to celebrate love, it's also there to send a message.

The last-minute guests are coming in, those who can fly anyways. Some in their costumes, some dressed as ordinary civilians.

The ushers--Ted, Sand, and Michael--are leading guests to seats, and of course everyone is making conversation. Damon's friends and few present family members are trying hard to not gape and stare and gawk at the heroes who've shown up in costume, though a few have gone to ask for autographs and pictures.

Todd is standing with his groomsmen, greeting friends and family alike as they come in. With Al, Rick, and Dad at his side. He's totally not feeling any jitters. No sirree. Not at all nervous over this.

No second thoughts at least, and he's serious about that part. There's nothing in the world he'd rather be doing.

He's just really terrified of it.


Mar. 24th, 2009 11:04 pm
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A few days have passed since the rescue of their compatriots from the bizarre, otherworldly prison controlled by a spinning, multi-faceted sphere of alien origin. When the Watchtower medical staff had failed to immediately find any lasting psychological, mental, or physical maladies resulting from contact with the artifact, Kyle had been content to return to New York, accompanied by Beatriz. Needless to say, their relationship has taken something of a more serious turn since the rescue. If nothing else, her temporary abduction had shown both of them how important each had become to the other person.

Despite the joyousness of these developments and the alien artifact's apparent disappearance, there remains at least one loose end. As he had flown with Fire through the urban landscape, looking at her over his shoulder to see her brilliant green flames blazing beside him, Kyle knew that he owed her return to one person in particular.

With things having returned to normal, he realizes that he owes that someone a thank you, some expression of gratefulness, even if amounts to little more than a few awkwardly chosen words and a handful of halting, poorly structured sentences. Jennie-Lynn had been spending a good deal of her time re-establishing herself with the team her father, the first Green Lantern, had founded during World War II. Contact between the two of them had been minimal since the Christmas party on the Watchtower, so the Justice Society brownstone in New York had seemed the most likely place to begin his search. Wildcat had gruffly informed him that she was, in fact, on the Watchtower, though he hadn't said why. Fortunately, he also hadn't asked what Kyle wanted with Alan's daughter.

"Green Lantern to Watchtower - prep Airlock 3 for entry," he says, tapping the communicator in his ear as he skims over the dusty lunar surface. Within a few minutes, he was breathing the recycled oxygen of the League's headquarters, striding through the long, silvery corridors. He would start his search in the canteen.
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These hallways seem to go on forever, curving around the edges of the Watchtower in endless loops. She'd gotten lost there, once (or twice), but it had been a long time ago, and now they all seemed familiar as home.

Coming around one of the curves, her attention is focused on her destination, until...


There was no mistaking that tone. Or the orange tabby currently parked in the dead center of the hallways, sitting with luxurious tail curled around his toes.

Diana quickly crouches, reaching one hand out to beckon the cat closer, a wide smile on her face.

"Cake... you are looking thinner."
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Midnight. 12AM. 0:00. O Dark Hundred.

Most find themselves in warm beds at this hour, buried deep in hazy slumber. For many, it has been a long, tiring year. Many are weary, but for some, sleep doesn't come.

In the darkness, in the stillness, and sometimes, yes, even in the shadows, there are things still awake and moving. Some are restless. Some are working. Some have nothing better to do.

All things alive or aware, awake or asleep, can feel the blood in their ears at this hour. A new day is coming and the world is waiting for it.
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A facility exists where nature did not intend for mankind to intrude, at least not on this scale, with the mountainside carved like a holiday roast, mercilessly, to allow equipment to reside in the tightest niches. The sole entrance to this facility is through a fissure in the rock formation behind 38 feet of waterfall, which serves to mask sound as well as the comings and goings of the few who know about the facility.

The night is cold and clear, a new moon robbing the sky of illumination beyond the distant twinkle of stars. A perfect evening, in other words, to enter, handle business, and disappear into the darkness.
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Dr. Light is dead.

The cure has been distributed.

The heroes of the world are exhausted, worn to the bone.

Unfortunately, that doesn't stop the bad guys from coming.

The coms of every member of the Justice Leage, whether reserve or active; every member of the Justice Society; the Titans; the new Outsiders... every last hero is contacted.

"This is Martian Manhunter. We have an emergency situation on the Watchtower. There appears to be a hostile alien invasion. Prepare for transport to the Watchtower immediately for tactical briefings. Repeat: this is an emergency on the Watchtower. All available hands are needed immediately."
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On the moon, in the sanctum of the World's Greatest Heroes - an alarm sounds.

"Unauthorized activation of JLA Transporters!" announces a mechanical voice, as the klaxons blare.
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...as the crisis of "Degeneration Y' happens across America.   Riots have now begun to break out in several of the afflicted cities, including Gotham City, New York City, Star City, Coast City, Los Angeles and Opal City.  These challenges are being met by the various heroes that are headquartered in those cities, as we see a mob of people trying to loot a drugstore being stopped by Opal City's own Starman.    The worst of the rioting has been found in New York City, but the Justice Society is on the scene there no...

....I apologize, I was just handed something.   There's an incident currently involving metahuman activity in upstate New Jersey that we are trying to get more details on as we speak...
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A couple of hours over lunch with his old friend Pete Ross had given Clark a very usable nugget.   Much of the time spent was simply as old friends, but Clark had asked Pete about the defense contract issues that Lois had discovered.  Pete confirmed that there had been some missing money but that it was being looked into internally.  However, access to records was limited - and voluminous, as nearly every defense contract was tied to Lexcorp.

Time was of the essence - Lois was set to deliver in the next week or three and this story needed to be nailed down by then. 

So he went to the watchtower, to visit someone that might be able to help him.

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Visits to the Watchtower often remind Ted of the old crooner tune, but today, that's pushed aside as he (via his robotic avatar) prepares to work on reviewing security footage and attempting data recovery from the S.T.A.R. Labs fire. Thanks to the inadvertant intervention of a space fungus, the fire hadn't been as destructive as the mystery thieves intended - a later examination had turned up some accelerant left in the lab that would've made the place a total loss as far as evidence is concerned.

More Findings.. )

Now Ted's got the mostly-intact hard drive from Dr. Sayers's computer, and the security tapes from the night of the incident. "Hopefully, we'll be able to figure out who did this, and whether or not they know what they've got.. and it needs to be fast, if the Plague is in play. Oracle said she was sending someone to help with the data recovery, at least - that should help."
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Most of the personnel of STAR Labs' San Francisco branch have departed for the evening, leaving only a small group of facility custodians, the truly dedicated scientists near to breakthroughs, and a small cadre of unwanted intruders.

Dr. Janice Sayers is amongst the stragglers - working as she has been for months on a promising avenue for genetic therapy. Nevermind that she should have destroyed the samples almost a year ago. Sometimes, risks were worth taking.

Unfortunately, the risks will never pay off for Dr. Sayers - as several of the intruders make their way unerringly to her lab, catching her off-guard. A taser renders her unconscious. The men go to work in earnest - wiping the hard drive of her computer, taking the sample for which they came, and covering their tracks with a small, nearly undetectable incendiary device - placed on a tank of explosively flammable gas, and set on a timer.

The first sign that anything is amiss is the tremendous explosion that blows out reinforced windows and triggers the fire-safety doors. One wing of the building is ablaze. In addition to the local fire department, several other organizations receive the alarms from STAR Labs, San Francisco.
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It's time for her to go ahead and fill in her part of the report on Themyscira, she's put it off longer than she should have but there are sometimes that the spirit needs to be nurtured more than the duty.

Calling ahead for teleportation, despite the fact that Plaz is on duty somewhere, she makes her way there in the Tiger's T-shirt and readies herself to read the report and fill in what John could not.
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Oracle is the brains of the Justice League and the Bat family, the entity who knows all, sees all. If that is the case, then Kip (he's going to lose the codename sometime) may the heart. He works along with Oracle, behind and beside, keeping to the quiet, a jazz-infused aide de camp. In the year (year?!) he has been working as support for the Justice League, he has come to know them all, love them all, a blind guardian angel for heroes who can move mountains, race the dawn and touch the sky. They are his family, much as his precious Aunt Justine, and it is his duty - no, his honor - to watch over them, each of them, to know where they are, what they feel, what they need, sometimes how they hurt.
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