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Open crates containing plastic wrapped components and pallets bearing specialized and custom made equipment formed a semi circle around the main terminal station and over sized High Density monitor. The overhead lights punctuated a stark contrast of light in the immediate area when compared to the deep shadows around. Now and then the flash of light from an arc-welder would flare up and the distinct smell of welded metal would cut sharply into the air.

Tim's legs stuck out from an exposed panel in the wall behind the steel and chrome workstation. The sounds of diligent labor partially muffled by the paneling testified to his connection to the evidence of the welder's activity.

"Amanda Waller."
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 The thing that was once Aleister Hook, perched upon the ruined building as he scanned the once proud city. He didn't know how Fawcett came to this state, nor did he care. His only concern was that the children needed him, they needed his gift now more than ever. Especially if what he had been told was true.  The heirs of Shazam were in this city, and they were vulnerable.

His name was Skyhook, and he was reborn from the power of the Lady Blaze, daughter of the wizard Shazam. Once he was a physician in London over a century ago. During that time he sought children, and slayed them. He did not so so out of hatred or some perverse fixation, but to free these innocent beings from the future torment they would be forced to bear. The people of London in all their sin and hypocrisy, cloaked in their worship of a "benevolent" god, burned him for his actions. Knowing he would receive no mercy from his enemies' patron, he called out to any being that would listen. Thus the Lady Blaze saved his life, and gave him a new purpose. He would no longer have to kill the children, rather, he would bring them into a new, higher state of existence, free from all of Man's inherent flaws. Twice he attempted to so in the New World city of Metropolis, and twice he battled the "Superman".

Now things were different, he had a new ally  in his crusade, and he would succeed. He must bring the heirs of Shazam into his flock, making the wizard's powers his. Nothing would stop them, his children would feel the skies. As if in answer to his thoughts, the flutter of a multitude of wings could be heard as his present flock shared in their "father's" anticipation.

"Come my children," Skyhook spread his massive wings as he took off. "It is time to find your future brother and sister."
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"Listen...I don't know.  I...I remember some things happening.  Stuff...got out of hand.  Next thing I know, I'm smashed about, Mary's down, and Cap...Nazi's down too.  Do I know why?  No...but I'm not sorry...not in the least." 

Freddy Freeman tries to gulp down his cup of water.  The damage from the Fawcett battle had taken a toll on his human form, swelling his face, and throat up.   He winces, wiping his darkening lip before starting again.

"What led to this?  Well...as far as I know..."
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"Untermenschen." Captain Nazi slowly flies over the Red Lake reservation in Minnesota, looking at the Chippewa with their denims and their casinos, and their feathers in their hair. At least, that's how Albrecht Krieger likes to imagine the people of this place. Sub-human. Savage. Lower than the basest form of animal life.

"Untermenschen! P-tuh!" He spits down on them from his location, high above the ground, and then cracks his knuckles. "Time for ze savages of Red Lake to feel the power of the Fourth Reich!" Nazi flies in one direction, and then another, and then another, building up speed until he can then crack the air with a sonic boom and then scream towards the land, smashing through buildings, cars and people.

Had he known of this defenceless place, so close to Fawcett City, he wouldn't have even asked for the pay offered to him by the Cyborg Superman and his collaborators. It's reward enough to destroy these vermin like they are nothing but ants beneath his heel, and no doubt but the noses of the Marvel family out of joint at the same time, what with their relatively close proximity.

Skidding to the ground on his highly-polished boots, Nazi grabs one man and flings him through a window. He then grabs a woman and crushes her head between his hands. Seeing an elderly fellow wearing the reservations football team colours,  a man too old to run and too frail to fight, he puts his gloved hands on his waist, almost like a lover would. "You vill carry a message for me, ja? You vill tell Marvel and his friends zat I am here. You vill make zem come and fight Captain Nazi!" Krieger smiles sadistically, and with a run-up, hurls the man into the sky, in the general direction of Fawcett City.

They would get the message.

He begins to let the blood out of a dozen corpses, painting a massive swastika in the centre of the reservation.


Jan. 10th, 2010 11:18 pm
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Back at the Brownstone, Jay is preparing the JSA's jet for departure after a quick briefing.

"If Savage stole what we think he did, he could be on the verge of rendering himself virtually invulnerable to attack - we need to proceed with caution. Damn Luthor's timing - we could've taken care of this hours ago."
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The Justice League Watchtower has a highly sophisticated comm system that can send messages to individuals, to separate rooms, to separate floors or to the whole place. Right now, the entire system is activated. An emergency? Not quite. There is holiday music being played, from Vince Guaraldi to Nat King Cole to Ella Fitzgerald, classics all. And in the dining hall, a towering spruce tree has been erected. Atop a ladder, a young man sings along with the music as he carefully feels his way along the tree to hang lights. His usual attire of slacks and a neatly pressed shirt has been exchanged for jeans and a sweater with a red-nosed reindeer knitted into the fabric. Looks handmade, too.

Across a table near the front are at least eight pies of different sorts: fruit, chocolate, pumpkin, chess. Homemade, from the looks of it. A basket nearby seems to be brimming with cookies, too, and beside that basket are a few hot beverage dispensers labeled cocoa and mulled cider.

Someone is bringing the holiday spirit to the Watchtower.
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"All units on the ready. Hold your positioning until further notice. And to all of you, I send my deepest appreciations. We're doing work of the Gods now, and as I promised before, you'll be legendary..."

Luthor sends his communique through Calculator, and relays through his three location captains. With that, he's back to his windows, and watching the remnants of the blown universe filter through. Soon, it will be enough.
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"CLEAR THE AREA!" Mr. Terrific bellows, forcing the doors to the JSA's makeshift emergency room open. "We've got a tension pneumothorax moving in. Pieter...I need you on the ready immediately!"

The team leader starts to usher in the wounded team-members, dispersing others to go aid. "If you can move, and can help, do so. We've got a city at threat-level red going here. GO!"

Terrific reaches to his earpiece, pausing to regain physical control for a split second, appearing to momentarily shimmer. "Is he holding up still? I need a sit-rep."
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Since leaving the hideous underground tunnel-maze and surfacing in Blue Rafters, Klarion had been exploring endlessly. Just getting to know his adopted home, the Silver City (formerly) above: Manhattan. He had taken up for a time with a troupe of young misfits and delinquents in the city's central park, Central Park, and would play the distraction while the others pilfered the gawker's pocketbooks and purses. However, the novelty wore off, and Klarion found himself once again wandering the city in search. Of what he wasn't sure, however. At least not until a familiar twinge pulled at the corner of his soul, the pull of magic.

Klarion felt it one day passing by the Metropolitan Museum. It was faint, but enough to pique the young man's interest. In the dead of night, Klarion secreted into the building, and with Teekl's help stole the resonating item--a small, seamless gold box located in the Russian crafts section. Teekle in tow, Klarion skipped gleefully down the steps of the Met.
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The Green Lantern Corps has reconvened on Oa, treating their wounded and making preparations to pursue the Sinestro Corps - all their plans to strike before the Sinestro Corps makes another move have become suddenly moot.

The voice of one of the Guardians manifests from every active Green Lantern ring, accompanied by a tiny representation of the Guardian's head.

"Attention all Green Lanterns. We have detected a critical galactic threat. The Sinestro Corps has invaded Earth in Sector 2814 - and the Anti-Monitor has manifested in this universe on that planet. All active duty Green Lanterns are to report to planet Earth and engage the Sinestro Corps."

After the announcement, Ganthet turns to his brethren.

"And with the Anti-Monitor, the Green Lanterns will not be enough. We must prepare to go, ourselves."
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Why could Sinestro master the elemental force of fear? Compared to the true horrors of the fifty two layered universes, what exactly is frightening about a pink fascist in yellow tights?

It came all at once, a horrible static burst cutting through Earth's delicate web of satellite powered communications. "People of Earth." A flicker of light and energy, as the sneering, mustached face comes into view. "This is...Sinestro, leader and founder of the Sinestro Corps. For too long, Earth has suffered under the yoke of nationalism. It is clear to me that for all of their virtues, the human race is simply incapable of governing itself in a reasonable, orderly fashion. We have come to help you. We have come because, when given the chance to help yourselves, you jockeyed for position and struggled for dominance instead of acknowledging the need to unify. We have come to save the world. The planet Earth, a source of great fear for the civilized universe, has been annexed as a protectorate of the Sinestro Corps. Do not resist, and the transition shall be accomplished with minimal strife."

In the skies, the first, best line of defense against alien invasion has failed. The Watchtower was somehow fooled into believing that the rush of negative energy was the dimensional equivalent of a sunspot. Amon Sur, Parallax, leads the space contingent of this army of psychotics, shimmering beams of the yellow spectrum of light making themselves known as the Sinestro Corps secures the fortress-space station.

"The only colony on the Earth that has declared open alliance to the Green Lantern Corps is the settlement of Coast City. Even here, Sinestro shows his limitless mercy. People of Coast City, you have one hour. Then, I shall descend upon the home of my great enemy, and I shall leave nothing standing. Leave. Quickly. The remainder of the United States of America shall be secured by Sinestro Corps agents within that hour timeframe."

Eyes glowing the harsh yellow-red of a bleeding sun, Mongol leads his war party tasked with seizing America's heartland into a sweeping formation around what is arguably the soul of the United States; Mount Rushmore. Mongol grins, envisioning his twisted visage carved over the great leaders of this rebellious nation.

"Terms of surrender for the rest of the world shall be broadcasted from the United Nations building. I do not expect the proud human race to accept their fate until they are taught how to fear. Their weaponer-guardian will be tasked with spreading the fear that must be established to bring order to this wounded, rabid world. Rejoice, earthlings. You are delivered."

Enkafos's eyes open, his three hundred and sixty fifth awakening since the end of his natural life. The mummified agent of Sinestro stands in the middle of the UN Plaza, and silently basks in the greatest city on the planet's terror, its anticipation. "Prepare." He orders his subordinates. "The throne must be ready to accept antimatter within the quarter hour."

The frightening thing about Sinestro, you see, is when this almost foolish figure talks about bringing order to the galaxy, living nightmares listen. They cheer. They unite. They work together. Sinestro can take a disorganized band of egomaniacs and psychotics and bring them together as firmly as any crack unit of soldiers. His eyes gleam with the cancerous yellow of a dieing star as he hovers over Coast City, his ring helping him keep track of the work of those that bare his name below. And Sinestro couldn't keep the smile off of his face.
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Mary Marvel's not a frequent visitor around the JSA Brownstone these days. Between school and superhero activities around Fawcett City, she hasn't really found time to pay any regular visits.

But school's on hiatus for the summer. And Billy and Freddy can handle any problems that might occur in Fawcett City. Thursdays are pretty sleepy around there anywhere.

A wide grin on her face, Mary touches down at the Brownstone's doorstep. Luckily, she still remembers the passcode to get in the main entrance...and the JSAers are nearly as paranoid as some of the other superheros that Mary's come into contact with over the years.

The Brownstone still has the same cozy, welcoming look that it had when she last visited. The smell of baked goods still fills the air, and Mary heaves out a happy sigh.

"Hello? Anybody home?" she calls out as she wanders through the hallways, looking for a familiar face. Or maybe she'll meet someone new.
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The heroes of Earth had the temerity to assault him directly - that was not unexpected. That they had carefully planned to stall his mind-controlled minions, the Legion of Super-Heroes, was certainly not surprising.

That they had managed to rescue Saturn Girl and free the Legionnaires from his control was another matter entirely.

Now the elder Mordru stands near his younger counterpart, flanking a glowing orb of raw time, and rages against those arrayed against him.

"NO! This should not be happening - this was not the way it was foreseen!" Anger and desperation tinges his voice. "We'll kill you all!"


Jun. 7th, 2006 08:16 am
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Even for one as powerful as he, The Dark Lord has been put to the test. The Rock of Eternity long stood as a keystone for the shifting realities of the multiverse; as stabilizing element if you will. Having been shattered, it’s orderly influence upon ‘reality’ had begun to wane. Even now, other powers vied to wrest control over the nature of existence; thinking to take advantage of Chaos unchecked. Their efforts would be for naught. The Lord of Chaos held the fate of the universe in his hands even now and with the power not at his command, he would reshape the Rock of Eternity in his own image, and the entire universe would call Mordru, God.

“Stand ready Sorrow, the time is at hand.” The Dark Lord commanded.
“Eclipso, summon the power of the Starheart, a new age of Darkness awaits our summons. Sabbac, Darkseid bear witness to the fruits of your labor.”

Turning to their bound captives, Mordru raises his hands and lighting begins to sluggishly arc between, Billy, Freddie and Theo. Despite their determination the weilders of the Power of Shazam, cannot hold out for long.

"YES! Fight me! Your very resistance will make this victory all the sweeter" roars the Dark Lord as mad glee shines in his eyes.
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The dance is this Friday. She was on the design committee and stayed late at Sarah's house to assemble paper flowers and paint signs. The walk home was only a few blocks and the neighborhood was a pretty safe place. Besides, one word and a would be mugger would be awfully sorry to choose Mary Bromfeild as a target. The sun had just gone down by the time she reached the end of her driveway. It was good to be home. She hoped Billy would be back from Themyscira soon...
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In the air high above the island, thunder rolls through the sky as two titans clash.

Gold and Red set against Gold and White. It's one of the worst things Captain Marvel's had to face. His opponent is his own sister.

Her eyes are wild and unreasoning but her assault is calculated and organized. Her fist cracks across his jaw and he is sent spinning through the atmosphere. Letting the momentum cary him, he uses it to preform a barrel loop as his sibling tries for the follow up. Coming up behind her he seizes Mary Marvel in a full nelson.

"Mary Stop! Listen to me! It's your brother. Try and fight it!"
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Hal's voice comes over the coms of all his allies on the island.

"I've got Canary's location, all entrances, and their defenses. Rendezvous just under where I'm hovering now, and I'll lead the way."

Hal's bright green light is difficult to miss, allowing the heroes to know just where to meet him.
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There are a number of islands marked "uninhabited" in the Pacific Ocean. Some of these islands are the merest specks, heaps of rocks that some year may vanish forever beneath the pounding of the waves. Others are home to species never seen by humans, flora and fauna that live, thrive, and die without knowing anything beyond the few square miles they call home.

Other islands are only labeled "uninhabited" because their residents have taken great pains to make sure that their privacy remains inviolate.

Unfortunately, one such island is about to have company.
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Billy Batson is distraught with worry. As Captain Marvel however, he has the levelheaded balance required to not let it show or interfere right now.

Having spoken with the camp directors and the girl’s parents, Marvel prepares to interview the one eyewitness that saw Mary’s abduction. Stepping into the office, he gives the girl a gentle and reassuring smile.

“Hi there Carly, I was hoping you could help me understand what happened last night.”
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Each of the four core members of the Monster Society have had their moments of sheer euphoria as their plan to take apart the Justice Society piece by piece had begun.

This was Sivana's.  Mary Bromfield, the sister of the man he hates more than anyone else in the world, was laying, right there, on the operating table, sedated and strapped in.

He quietly smiled, then cackled, before reaching into a small box that wasn't altogether that different from an ant colony, and removed a small green creature fairly similar to an inchworm. 

The idea of cloning Mr. Mind actually came from Mind himself.  He learned from a prior experience that with the right combination of DNA, replicas could be created that would be in gestalt with the original Mind, yet independent unless Mind decided otherwise.  As whichever Mind was primary host expired, the consciousness would proceed into a different Mind, somewhere in the world.

Hard to kill, indeed.

It's sad that the majority of Mind's immense mental powers can only be in one body at a time.  However, there's certainly enough juice in the clones to handle basic mind control.

Especially in the form of the World's Mightiest Girl.

Sivana laughed some more.  Batson's gonna LOVE this...


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