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They are weary from fighting -- from defending all creation from horror -- but Fate needs them now to push a little further. He has them stand in a circle, and borrows strength as he pushes his mind out one more time, spreading his very consciousnesses to the far corners of reality.

He rises into the air above them, energy swirling into a tornado around him.

"Lord Shaper Dream he says. "You who are in one aspect my son, Daniel Hall. I beseech of you, lend me the power and strength of your realm for our work, for it is in Dreams that reality is defined!"

And now both the land and air are quaking. Fate ignores it, pushes his mind toward Earth.

"I call on three, whose legends define the soul of our world, three bound together by heroism and the bonds of the Justice League of America" -- and in that moment, Fate recall the warnings the Phantom Stranger gave Wonder Woman, and prays the bond between them has been reignited enough for this to work.

"I call you by the names that propel your legends -- Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman -- I bid you dream! Dream of the world as it was, of its people and planets, all where they should be. By the sacred oaths you three swore to protect your world, I call on you now!"

Fate is nearly horse and exhausted, but there's still more to go. Gently, he takes all the energy the Titans below him can spare, and pushes further. He knows the Magus suggested himself for the 4th, but that makes little sense -- he does NOT see the world as it is. He sees much more than that. Sometimes too much. And then it hits him -- one of their time and reality, who sees the world as it is, whom has been in this since the beginning.

"I call on you, Detective Chimp, by the compact you swore to me on Earth, bring your deduction and insight into this new world, help me reconnect it to man and nature."

One more -- the hardest of them all. A germ of new facets of reality is forming, swirling around them. This aspect of the Dreaming becomes a place of madness, and that suits his purposes just fine.

"Lady Delirium," says Fate, as respectfully as he can muster. "By my bonds to your brother, I call on you, you who define reason by your very existence, to lend us your will and power in recreating the lost portions of our world."

And his pleas fall out to the universe -- to the Endless to aid him, and to the mortals to simply dream -- and from there, a multiverse will be repaired.
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"Attention, JLA, JSA, Titans ... everyone. The riots are coming under control. Nightwing reports that Croutex has been defeated."
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The rioters have been pushed back from this building. The office, and the altar, are safe. Past the guards come Nightstar, Starfire, and Nightwing. Their faces are resolute as they pass through the reception area and enter Dr. Rogere's office.

Nightstar looks around the room before she approaches the altar, studying it carefully. "Calling Croutex," she jokes quietly. "Time for you to stop making such a mess of everything." She stretches out on the couch, her feet to the altar. "Dr. Fate?" she says aloud. "Could you help Nightwing and Starfire fall asleep, please?"
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"--yesterday's riot in New York City resulted in property damage estimated to be--"

"--heute im Berlin haben wir der Ausbruch von Feindseligkeiten--"

"--unrest among London's youth has grown to a fever pitch--"

"--authorities request everyone to stay in their homes until the situation is under control--"
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The Magus sends the following message along the Strands of Reality, which unerringly find their way to Doctor Fate, regardless of where in Time/Space/Reality he may be

"I have found the answer... but it will not be simple. The damage cannot be "fixed." Your Reality cannot be "healed." Rather, the parts that are damaged must be re-created. I know how this can be done.
First, of course, Croutex must be delt with.
Afther that is done, however, you must re-create your Reality.

In The Dreaming, Doctor Fate, all things are possible.
Your Reality must be Dreampt back into existance by "the three who define it." I have examined the Threads of your Reality, and I have discovered that the three beings who are the largest nodes of Treads are the ones called Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. It is they who truely Define your Reality.
Once they have dreamed the world, a fourth is needed: one who sees your Reality as it truely as, someone who is objective. But this one must also be from your world. I might suggest yourself, but perhaps you have better knowledge in this matter.

Lastly, the Endless called Delerium... only she has the power required to take that Dream of Reality, and make it real.

It has been an honor to work with you, but I fear my role in this is ended. Should you ever require my assitance, there is a certain mountain in Scotland... go there, and you will find the entrance to my Realm... a small Reality of my creation where I make my home. It has connection points to all other Realities in exiatance.

Perhaps I will watch your world, from time to time.

Fare thee well."
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He is in his place of power, meditating in a building of doors. Each door opens to a different point in his reality. Each door can only be opened from this place, and only with his permission. He's never thought much about the doors, at least, no more than anyone thinks about the doors to their home.

It had not occurred to him that there are more doors now, thousands of them. Thousands upon thousands. His infinite home has expanded. That is not a good sign.

Slowly, he drifts into a trance and lets his mind drift. One by one, he touches his allies -- the JSA, Detective Chimp, John Constantine, Brainiac 5, Nightstar. He takes nothing from them, does not disturb them in any way, but he is sure they feel a glimmer of his mind as it brushes over them.

Then, his mind touches Lyta's, and he knows he's inadvertantly woken her from sleep. She whispers his name before drifting off again. He can taste the salt in the Santa Monica air, and finds a strange comfort in that.

His mind drifts again, further this time, through new doors that cross the dimensional threshold -- one by one, his thoughts touch those of his new allies -- Doctor, Dr. Strange and the Magus. Silently, they see a glimmer of what he's learned, of how to carry on his work should he fall.

He doesn't intend to fall, but as he pulls his focus toward the shielded altar of Croutex, he knows it's a possibility. The evil that radiates from that wretched artifact chills him, makes his skin crawl.

And then, finally, he dreams -- allowing his mind to collate what he's seen and learned, leaving himself open to a final solution to decide the fate of all reality.
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Still recovering.

Damn it all.

It had been fortunate that he didn't have any serious physical injuries -- a few scratches at worst. Anything else, and it was just up to his own body to restore. It was taking a bit longer than he wanted, and he was still having a hard time staying on his feet, stubborn as he was.

Currently in the kitchen, having gone by anyone who cared to notice, he was attempting to serve himself a glass of water.

Got a little hard to breathe...

A softly spoken curse, and the Question pulled his mask off part of the way, other hand clinging to the countertop to hold himself up.

Just breathe. Right.

"Ridiculous," he muttered.
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The Magus looks around at his surroundings. He sees far more than what his eyes tell him.
"...So this is The Dreaming in this Reality..."
He begins to follow the lines of power in this place, looking for their center.
"...I must find the master of this Realm..."
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Starfire, this is Nightwing. Respond.
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The Magus has been at this for several days. He does not eat. He does not sleep. It is fortunate that he is no longer human, or else this would have taken much longer. His mystic presence moves through the most primal strands of this reality- well, almost the most primal. There are things even The Magus does not wish to know.

He focuses upon the strands of these seven Endless. He can feel that they are vital to the mending of the damage that has been done. Three of them are woven together at the point of crisis: Destruction, Death, and Dream. Desire and Delirium pass in and out seemingly at whim.

"...There must be an answer... somewhere... I will find it..."
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The JLA teleport places Starfire and Nightwing just outside the fortress of Ra's al-Ghul. It is no longer a ruin. Slowly, the walls are being repaired, and guards patrol the gaps.

"Let's go." Starfire launches, hovering just above Nightwing's head. "The front gate looks intact--all the better for us to knock on it and demand to see our daughter."
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The Demon's Head has done almost all that he can for Mar'i. Her wounds are severe enough that it may take months to heal. Her back may be damaged for a long, long time. They don't have the time. Croutex will be coming for her as long as she is a threat to him. In this world, she is vulnerable. It is dangerous to wake her, but he needs to ask her permission for the next step.

Gently, he waves the smelling salts under her nose and kisses her upon her cheek. "Awake, Beloved. We have universes to save."
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The office is crowded with NYPD personnel, frantic patients, a hysterical receptionist, and building security.
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The Demon's Head does not often get angry. His training and his time in Hell taught him to control his emotions. Mar'i is one of his weak spots. He paces back and forth along the landing strip awaiting the jet.

He had created the perfume as a means of tracking Mar'i long ago. He has two dogs specially trained to follow the scent. Thankfully, he ordered Ubu to continue their training and thus he was familiar with the smell. He knew that there was something wrong with Doctor Rogere, but he expected a personal betrayal. He had not expected an attack upon Mar'i.

The Demon's head touches his talisman around his neck and concentrates upon his vessel. "Hidate Ryumyo, gather your forces. War is upon us. You will be given the honor of leading the fight," He whispers knowing that his servant will hear him.

Ubu lands the jet perfectly, ahead of schedule. The monks bring out Mar'i on a stretcher. Ubu bound many of the wounds, but she obviously has internal bleeding. The Doctor hurt her. She's lost weight, Ibn notes. There are bags under her eyes. "Take her to my laboratory. I have a great deal to do if we are to save her," Ibn orders the monks. He turns to Ubu. "You have done well this day, Ubu. Your clan will be very proud."

He watches the monks in white take Mar'i away from the landing strip and into his fortress. If need be, he would step in front of death to to save her. And then, there would be revenge. Doctor Rogere was obviously an agent of Croutex. Ubu said that he killed him, but such things were often temporary. No matter. He would kill Croutex and all of his minions.

But first, there was one thing to do...
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Short-staffed as they've been, someone's been at the JSA monitor every minute since Fate, Courtney and the others left -- mostly by Michael. The observation deck where Brainiac 5's platform left from has been inspected regularly, and vague life support signals and the odd communication with Oracle have made it clear that they were still alive out there, somewhere.

And then, the signal disappeared entirely for a bit -- as if they were somewhere they couldn't be tracked. That caused a panic, and Hourman, Wildcat, Power Girl, Jesse Quick and Mid-Nite were put on immediate standby, in case a team needed to be sent after them. Michael even begged a favor out of Firebrand, who said she's be there if he needed her.

But then, just now, the signal appeared, and in a crackle of blue electricity, the platform re-appeared -- and it seems they've picked up hitchhikers.

Michael doesn't hesitate -- a flick of a switch summones emergency aid, and he bounds to greet the platform, looking concernedly at its passengers.

"Welcome home," he says, his jocular tone belaying his obvious concern. "I see you brought dinner guests."
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"Please can't I see him?" Mar'i begs the receptionist. "I've heard so much about Dr. Rogere--"

"Not without an appointment," says the exasperated receptionist. "Even if we did take walk-ins, he has other patients to see today." She gestures around the waiting room; most of the chairs are occupied.

"But it's urgent." Mar'i hastily pushes her sunglasses back up her nose before they can slide down far enough to reveal her eyes. "Please, I--it's just so important that I see him--I don't know what I'm going to--"
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The last time Nightstar was in New York, she stayed at the Themysciran embassy, saw the UN, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and all the other places Wonder Woman had suggested.

This time she is visiting the grimy side of the Big Apple, where rats and cockroaches swarm in the alleys, and she decides to hover above the sidewalks rather than let her feet touch the ground. It takes her some time to find the address because most of the street signs are covered in spray paint and some of the building numbers have been torn away. But finally she finds the building she needs, where the person who can help her lives.

She knocks on his door, surreptitiously brushing the dust off the back of her knuckles, trying not to breathe too deeply of the cocktail of smells in the hallway.
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...as misshapen humans - at least, they look human - scatter out of a large, equally chaotic starship, a dozen at a time and more flooding the streets with each minute. They howl bizarre, animalistic cries, and tear at their own skin with clawed fingers. Others clutch pistols or rifles in their hands and take aim at anything that moves, shooting indiscriminately.

Reavers have come to Silent Hill.
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The trip has proved fruitful -- they have traded information with the greatest minds, both scientific and mystic, of many worlds, and have forged an alliance that transcends universes. And now, their fond farewells said to the Richards family and their other new allies, five heroes -- Dr. Fate, Stargirl, Superman, Brainiac 5 and Detective Chimp -- begin their journey home.

At Dox's instruction, Fate floods the system with energy, and slowly the world spins around them, melting into transcendent colors. And slowly, they emerge inbetween space. Behind them, the celestial entity Fate now knows is called Eternity writhes in pain, in front of them, their own Kismet, still being flayed by the disturbance.

Fate begins to get his bearings to head home, when suddenly he's caught by an echoing voice in the distance.

"Constantine," he says, turning to the others. He concentrates on the signal. "Constantine is trapped somewhere. T'Challa is with him."


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