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Now that the meet and greet part was done, it was time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The first round of the audition process was fairly simple. Make it one complete lap around the training. Easier said than done, since there would be a number of obstacles in their path, not to mention the added pressure of the senior members of the Titans watching. It wasn't on one of the higher difficulty settings, so if anyone auditioning could clear it, then they had potential. And anyone who couldn't? Well... they needed a bit more work before being Titans ready.

Vic looked down at the list in front of him, then announced the order of each person who had to go through the course.
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It's been quite some time since her capture by Onomatopoeia. Since finding her 'student' in the trap with her, and then finding out her 'student' was the trap.

Emma's seat has been vacant since. And Helena becomes more of the Huntress everytime she sees it. The few contacts she has have been largely uncontacted. All communication with Oracle has been job-related, and even that's been sparing. She hasn't talked to Jason or Dinah at all.

Everyone else under the Big Bad Bat family can go to Hell for all she cares right now.

Today, however, saw the limit. Emma's parents came to school to clean out her locker. They've given up. Helena hasn't. She owes that little girl everything she can possibly do, so it's time she set to it.

Huntress is going to work.
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It was a very long time spent stitching, blood seeping through her fingers and her stitches. Still, they're here in space and Dr Mid-Nite has been stablized. He's not only been stablized but he's been worked on in many different ways with all of the super science and magic. He's been asleep since they got here. Bette has been sitting here watching over him, worried.

She's been reassured by any number of people but until he wakes up she'll be all but convinced that she's managed to screw something up. Maybe he'll be blind and mute.

"Oh God."
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Jason made sure that he wasn’t going to have what happened yesterday spoil the day that Helena and he were planning on spending together. The only thing he felt annoyed about, were the scratches across his face from the slight incident of being shot in the face. So far everything was pointing to this being connected to the safe deposit box. This only served as a catalyst to fuel his anger over the whole ordeal. He felt that if it was not for spending time with Helena, this entire situation would be a waste of time.

For a change, Jason wasn’t taking any chances. He felt he’d already pushed his luck past kosher standards. As much as he hated to do so, Jason skimmed the top inventory he had as Red Hood. Now driving in a GMC TopKick 5500 with ALONTM windows, industrial tires, and the rest of the body is inner lined with electrically charged metal armor and followed by composite armor. In just about every way this truck has been modified though blends in as a fellow just trying to compensate for other issues. In other words, it blends in fairly well in a city.

The rest of his equipment is stored in the back cap, but he’s wearing a light weight vest. Though this part isn’t any different then normal. At this point he is feeling a bit paranoid but Jason refuses to let this change his life.
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Emotions always stand out to her, especially when she meditates. Something she's been doing a lot of lately. This time something stood out to her, almost called out to her, demanding her attention. The source was quite a distance away which made it all the more impressive that it reached her. It's that strong.

She cast herself towards the emotional beacon, but the closer she got, the more intense they were. It was a feast! But it was also uncontrolled. She expected to discover a child, perhaps a frightened woman. The reality snapped her back into her body with an audible gasp.

She had to see this for herself. If what she saw was true, things could unravel.

She left without a word to anyone, retracing her psychic steps, finding herself hours later in Gotham City. She comes to rest on the top of a building, her eyes narrowing as she senses out. It emotional signature is easy enough to locate, now that she has a taste for it. Then she's moving again.

She hovers over the street where her target is currently, and begins to tap into his emotions, soothing them. She wants him calmer before approaching him.
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For the past few days nothin’ has come up. I’m runnin’ ‘round like mad crazy an nothin’ is workin’. I’ve shaken everyone I can an so far the highest suspect is me. And for once I know I’m not the suspect. So do I play good cop an bad cop with myself. Insert bad pun here.

Red taps on the helmet near where the temple would be located and a digital display shows the time of day. A roll of his eyes as he’s thinking of cutting today short. The main reason being lack of any evidence and there actually nothing more for him to do.

I’m gonna have to call Babs up. Bruce thinks it’s me. I don’t think it’s me but evidence sure as hell it is me. Dick is gonna piss me off. So another third party sure as hell would help.

Looking to the sun near the west, Red tilts his head slightly to the side as he sees the glint of something metallic or such reflecting sunlight. What has him crease his brow in confusion is that it seems to be half circular. And that’s when it dawns on him. It’s also when the muffled sound of a silenced rifle springs forth. Being shot past the flash suppresser is a 7.62x54R with a full metal jacket traveling over 3000 feet per second. The impact came before the muffled sound of a rifle is heard. A rifle that would have to be a Dragunov (SVD). It all usually equals only one outcome. Splintered bone and fluids of the body forcefully mixed together while an internal organ is forced through the exit wound.
Headache )
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Sometimes I think you're safer at night than any other time in Gotham. The Bat is the night, as he'll tell you as often as you'll let him, not to mention justice, vengeance, all wrapped up in a cape that would look totally stupid on anyone else.

I joke about Spooky Ears more than I should. Probably because it's easier than telling him just how damned good he is. Just as well. All my jokes give him more grunting and brooding practice. Can't have too much grunting and brooding. Nope.

But here it is, sun still in the sky, and some enterprising yutz has gotten the idea that now would be the perfect time to mug a couple of tourists from Smallville. (Or wherever. It's not like they've got a sign actually hanging around their neck saying HICKS FROM STIX PLZ ROB.) And I was hoping to get home early tonight.

"Hi," says the Black Canary, sauntering down the alley near her shop. "You folks needing some help?" The husband looks terrified. The woman looks like a rabbit. The perp looks annoyed.


Jul. 6th, 2007 07:58 pm
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I can feel the clouds comin’ over from here to there. When the sun is blocked it’s a relief that almost needs a prayer of thanks. Until I knew of these damn ice vests I would have gone through at least five gallons of water by now. It’s not even the hottest it’s gonna to get.

He keeps low to the ground as he jumps to the next rooftop. Jason has been keeping to the daylight more then any other time in this city. It has only one real advantage and that’s how he’s able to sneak up on some people in plain sight. No one expects to see some guy in a mask during the daylight. It’s almost perverse.

I hate this city. What am I sayin’? I hate most everythin’. Well not everythin’. An now the brain needs to keep it in the game. Keep goin’. Ready or not here I come. This sucks. I’m ramblin’ in my own head.

And finally the rambling stops while Jason notices a dealer. For a quick moment he thinks how much easier all of this would have been if he just drove to the opposite side of town in a car. Though that just leads to more people being able to trace Jason Todd to his taking up the Red alter ego. Not that it was much of an alter ego.
Pain for peace )
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The heat of hell can't compare to the torture that is Gotham City in mid-July. Montoya spent most of the day traversing from one university building to the next, finding and questioning various professors of tenure and long time staffers. She searched the available records, checked on any odd disappearances of old, and stopped in to see the campus police. What did it net her? Irritation to accompany the sweltering weather.

It makes her doubly glad to be home as the sky turns dark. With Dee and air conditioning to soothe away her lack of success. She's just about ready to sink into bed next to her sleeping partner when an unfamiliar sound reaches her ears.

She's immediately alert.

At Arkham

Jun. 29th, 2006 03:46 pm
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There's a stop she wants to make before heading over to the Bowery. Joseph Books is number two on her interview list. Trevor Denton is at the top. She slams the door on the sedan and pauses in the Gotham heat. Arkham Asylum towers before her, casting a lengthy shadow that engulfs both her and the car.

Hate this place.
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Catwoman is slinking about the East End.

Tonight is better than last night. It is better than last night but it isn't great. She is still upset but she's been able to cope with it a bit.

The bruise is still visible on her chin from where Ted clocked her. It is a reminder of a lot of things.

There have been girls being harassed and hassled on the streets this evening and she is doing what she can do in order to stop it from happening again.
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So they have Trevor Denton at Arkham. It's not hard to get here. Just don't eat, pee in the corner, and don't say one word while staring at the wall. Oh, and scream at night - a lot. The lawyer can get the right bribe money to the right sentencing judge who will take the "Bat defense," of him being so scared and broken by night time scary things he's can formulate a defense and off we go. It's not the Gotham Plaza, but it's easier being sprung from here then it is from Blackgate - and, man, the amount you have to shop around and then pay out to get this kind of treatment just keeps going up.

So what he has to do now, is bide his time. His boys will scare off the bitches he imported from testifying or otherwise get them jobs and green cards enough to hide out in legitimate place and want nothing more to do with almost being fresh warm bodies in the East End. Just another could of weeks and the cops will give up due to lack of evidence. Next case. That's the way it works.
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He had been looking through this woman's apartment for any ideas he could get about her latest case. A few issues came to mind and from what he saw, there was little that he could add up to the case. It was first thought to be a serial killer by Red. Though this still didn't add up. Too many loose ends that didn't tie to some sort of way a diseased mind would add it up to.

Red hated the idea that he'd have to speak with this detective. Not so much due to the company in question, but due to his bad history with people in general. Though he did enough homework on Montoya and got a slight look into her personality from her home. So now he just waited in the dark and looked over a book he found in the apartment.
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Back and forth was the meaning of his travels of late. Though even if he was just for taking care of his city, a city he literally slept on the streets of as a child, from time to time, he knew that he would grow out of this city sooner or later. Not so much because he wanted to but because he knew what he was and he was Gotham. He was the city and what the city spat out, if it'd be right or wrong. And for this reason he would go out more into the world.

But for now, in the early evening, right as the night was still fresh, he was behind Tim. Just far enough and mixed within the crowd. It was some kind of strange qwirk he had. Tracking and following the steps of even those that are family. Though he wouldn't let this be as long as his normal trackings.

So instead, Jason just comes behind Tim and speaks up. "Isn't it your bed time?"


Jun. 17th, 2006 06:56 pm
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The fight against Clayface and then the clean up afterwards was more then to turn Jason off of any ideas of any further missions for the night. That along with having to drive safely while he had two chainsaws and the additional weapons in the trunk had him wishing he made it to Bludhaven without a ticket.

Though as things normally go, he made it there and with pretty good time. Dick had told him he could use the redbrick still, though more then likely he’d just use it in order to clean up and resupply himself. Maybe switch transportation while he was up there, but that was it.

That was pretty much a lie. He couldn’t help but be an ass to his family. So more then likely he’d purposely trigger one of the alarms to then announce his presence. I mean it’d be a quick second of alarm then much cursing out to him.

So as he was crouched upon a ledge just beyond the perimeter, a mischievous grin pulls under the damaged crimson full face helmet.
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Just a few scrapes and bruises and it reminds me of one thing. I don't have amazing abilities. I have a normal bankroll so I can't exactly afford the most expensive or highest tech of equipment. But I do have one thing. A really bad fuckin' attitude. Though that’s worth a pine coffin these days.

“So big bad Red wants to try some more?”

He’s trying to intimidate me. Thinks that I can just roll over to fear. That just cause he gave me a good beatin’ then I would be scared. I am scared normally when in a fight.

“I’m going to shove my hand down your throat this time and feel you choke to death. You thought paying me off made me your guy or something?”
“You talk too much, freak.”Round Two )


Jun. 13th, 2006 09:43 pm
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“I gave ya a warnin’ last night. This area would explode with mob fighting if the Gambino crime family came as well.” Red says while a six of Angel Gambino’s “soldiers” are pointing pistols at him.
“Youse think youse can tell me what’s what you fuck? Some fuckin’ shit like youse tenk I gives a shit what some cape wearin’ shit thinks? You got some sack on you.”
“Regardless, you need to leave.”
“This guy. Huh. I don’t give a shit whatcha boys do with him, jus’ kill this fuck.”

And as simple as that, Angel turns his back and begins to walk away from the carnage that should soon follow. Red is nothing more then a memory before two steps and nothing can change that. Well that is until feels something like a heavy paperclip pop off the back of his head.

“Why ain’t I hearin’ shootin’?”

The response is something that is explained better visually then orally. The response is the pins of two pineapple style South American grenades missing and one of the two was used to hit the back of Angel’s head. That and Red with one of the biggest eat shit grins he’s shown in a long time.

“I got your ‘tention now Angel?” Click. Ping )
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Is actually somewhat relaxing. It's just alone time, reading reports and otherwise catching up on paperwork, maybe even a little online shopping. The place still feels like a skeleton after Slade's attack, but compared to the embassy and saying good bye to that world, it felt downright warm and homey.

And then the com beeps. "Titan Tower. Troia."
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Three foiled takedown attempts on O'Banion so far. The entire case has kept him on his toes constantly since the guy was arrested. Even the Feds can't account for every eventuality - and that's where his job begins.

He's taken down three muggers and a crackhouse on the East Side already tonight. Right now, he's staking out a suspected chop shop downtown. In a couple of hours, he'll need to be clear across the city as the sun comes up, as O'Banion's brought to court.
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It's an old, ugly labrynth of buildings and most people working there wouldn't be able to tell you what all the buildings are actually used for. Most don't even pay attention. It's a job and it's the Bowery and the place has a chemical smell that can rival downtown Bludhaven. Some have joked about exporting it as tear gas to the Marines. While some of the money brought in to this company really does come from the various grades of plastic crap this place produces, most goes from a "no questions asked," policy regarding their "spare," warehouses and other facilities.

Tonight's deal in Warehouse 3 has to do with a truck of women who were promised farming or sewing jobs here in America. That's not what the 6 armed guards watching the place or the two armed "businessmen," in stylish suits have in mind. They negotiate details that promise misery for them in a language they don't understand. The one guard who did speak Russian was very clear that any sound they made or any "unfriendliness," would get them killed.

"You've got to be kidding man. I ain't taken her. Look at the teeth," says one, clasping her jaw in an iron grip. "I think I can get anyone that wants her to suck him off? Half off..."


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