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The so-called 'Suicide Slum' district of Metropolis doesn't really fit in with the rest of the city. The gleaming skyscrapers and clean streets give way to a grimier existence that resembles Gotham City more than it does Metropolis.

Funny how that doesn't make the Batman feel any more at home.

The Batmobile is parked nearby, it's stealth systems activated to avoid drawing any spectators as he sifts through the burnt-out husk of a bay-side warehouse. Until its fiery demise a few months ago, it had been owned by a shell company, owned by another shell company, owned by a third shell company - but years before that, when it had been built, its owners were a little less careful about the companies hired to do the construction. Companies with ties to the once-powerful crime syndicate called 'the 100.'

Those companies were gone, now, too. Toppled in one investigation or another over the years. The 100 was believed to be defunct as well, so the fire at this warehouse hadn't raised any red flags to the Metropolis Police.

He'd followed colder trails.
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In the direction that Despero is pointing, the Khund army will see a small point that seems to be headed toward them...with another point almost immediately behind.

Soon enough, they realize that they're not human.

They're Martian.

And Kryptonian.

Where J'onn is flying, he gestures to Superman and speaks to his mind.

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Careening through space at a frightening velocity, Despero pierces Earth's atmosphere and begins to laugh maniacally as he starts his drop towards the landmass known as North America. Specifically, he targets the craft toward Washington D.C.

"Come and greet me Citizen Steel! Come and meet your doom!!" Despero begins his rapid descent towards the White House.

The Return

Mar. 15th, 2011 01:35 pm
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Zatanna's spell had whisked the team back to the safety of the Justice League Watchtower, along with the target of their rescue attempt - and one extra passenger. After taking a moment to see Arisia and Tora could get Guy directly to the medical bay, Hal focuses his ring very carefully on that extra passenger - glowing with barely-checked energy.

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The small rescue squad appears in the Alpha Centauri system, cloaked in magic to prevent detection, and invisibly encased within a power bubble provided by Green Lantern. Hal's ring passively scans, looking for traces of human life signs or Guy's ring - chirping when it has found both.

"Alright, team, we've got our targets."

The inside of the bubble shifts into a heads-up display, visible to the passengers. Small glowing dots appear, on the surface of Rann.

"We've got human life signs here and here - Lex and Guy - and we've got a Green Lantern power ring here. Our main objectives are Guy, first and foremost, and his ring, secondary. Since it'll be a lot easier to get him out if he's got the ring. Once we've got those things, we get out. Any reconnaissance you can do at the same time is great, but this is a rescue mission. Questions?"
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"Hi, I'm Louie Lebowski, and I welcome you one and all to the first episode in the new series of You! Are! Wrong!!!" The studio audience applauds, cheers and hoots as the purple-suited host punches the airs and jogs the the sparkling podium of the new set for You Are Wrong, the pre-eminent national scandal show.

The audience dies down as Lebowski raises the microphone to his mouth again. "Well a lot has been going on while we've been off the air, and woo let me tell you we had a lot to say about these things. Talk of aliens in Gotham, reports of costumed heroes and costumed villains side by side and a host of other outlandish goings-on nationwide. You can catch all of our opinions in our highly successful podcast, where we interview people who escaped and endured throughout the turmoil in that bleak city, and even conduct a controlled chat with the infamous King Tut from his cell in Arkham. It's a hoot, I tell you what!"

Turning to face Camera B, Louie sweeps his hair back and grins. "But now onto present day and the jewel of our United States; the city of Metropolis. Not all is peachy in the City of Tomorrow as talk of a new drug corrupting the youth of today has spread far and wide. Deaths caused by overdose and children procuring these candy-like capsules only to end up in hospital in uncontrollable frenzy has caused concern far and wide, and in this episode of You Are Wrong we talk to some concerned (and influential) Metropolis citizens about what exactly is going on in the wonderful city of Superman!"

The audience applauds again as Louie jogs across the studio, the panel section of the set lighting up to reveal his three guests. He grins at all three in turn, sweeps his hair (again), and turns to wink at the camera. "These drugs, known on the street as Destiny, Hero, Craze and Paradiso have different effects on their users. Destiny supposedly imbues a far-sighted awareness, Hero makes you feel invulnerable, Craze makes you hellish intense and Paradiso sends you into a conscious dreamlike state. All have vicious and in some cases deadly side-effects. One suspected drug kingpin of Gotham, Alonzo Torquemada, has gone on record as saying that all of these new designer drugs are putting the heroin and cocaine dealers out of business, so now we turn to our panel." The spotlight is turned solely onto the guests. "What is Metropolis doing to combat this influx of new drugs? Is the source suspected? Will we re-enter Reagan's era of a War on Drugs?"
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It had been touch and go, but the people of Rann were safe - though understandably confused to find themselves suddenly amidst the Australian Outback. After making temporary arrangements with the Australian government to house the Rannian refugees, Jay and the Justice Society arranged a meeting of heroes - some in person, some by teleconference - to discuss the situation.

As the primary witness of the events, Jay is chairing the meeting from the JSA Brownstone - waiting for those who can spare the time to call in. In the meantime, he's using a laptop PC to catch up on all the news reports from the recent invasion in Gotham.
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It had been a nice day at the park...

...Superman struggles desperately, held back by the rubbery muscle and sinew of two massive green skinned ogres. This shouldn't have been a problem, even with the feminine harpy guarding the sky and the sneering rat faced man keeping an eye on him for 'tricks'.

But the Game Master had other plans...the thin young man in thick glasses and an old t-shirt would be harmless, if not for the sickening green glow the twenty sided die in his hand emitted.

"So, you thought you could spoil my 're education' LARP camp, eh Superman?!" The Game Master chortled, relishing the wince of pain in the Man of Steel's face as he stepped closer. "But you didn't count on my having this polyhedron...made of Green Kryptonite!"

"Rat Fink!" The Game Master snapped, "Get the Minotaur costume! With Superman himself as my loyal ally, nothing will stop me from conquering Metropolis's underworld!"
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The Flash sits in one of the living chambers of the JLA Watchtower, which has now been stabilised after the Fadeaway Man's attempt to destroy it with a black hole weapon. His hands are on either side of his face, his elbows on his thighs, and he's leaning forward. This is all too odd, and all too confusing. One moment he's a part of the Speed Force, and now he's sat down in the Watchtower, waiting for the Justice League to come along and start asking questions. He just wants to know how Iris is, to see her again, and to hold her in his arms. He needs to move. But he also knows that doing so is going to throw more questions in the air.

"So I'm guessing a lot has changed since I've been gone, Hal." Barry looks at a photo on the other side of the quarters, showing a line-up of one of the previous Justice Leagues, formed after hid death. There are quite a number of people there he doesn't recognise. "Who's in the current roster? Did anyone else die... when I did?"
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J'onn had been working on some things, being at the ready for the heroes return, when...well, they returned.

"It is good to see you home."  J'onn said, doing a quick head count.  "Were you successful?"
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J'onn was one of the first to react to Hal's summons.   When hearing the explanation, the glimmer of hope...something that J'onn, despite everything, has been able to find on a regular basis...resonated in J'onn's mind.

It very well might not be Batman.   But it COULD be.

However, Hell was not exactly the best place for a pyrophobe to be.  J'onn had already known that he would be the mental link, the tether, that would help to bring the team back if Wotan was as duplicitous as his reputation said it was.

"When Romaine killed Terry Sloane,"  J'onn told those assembled, "he did it in Jay Garrick's body.  It is not out of the realm of possibility that he might try to possess one of you, especially if you somehow get separated in the battle.  Try to stay paired up as much as possible, even in the chaos of it all.   Even if he has newfound power, he is likely to default to what he is comfortable and familiar with."
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Standing at a podium in Liebfeld Plaza, Metropolis, with his son to his left, his... woman.... to his right, and surrounded generally by hired bodyguards (all of decent repute, of course), Max Shreck cuts an imposing figure in the very expensive deep bottle green suit that he had made by Gambi tailors of Keystone.

"The City of Tomorrow!" He punches his gloved fist into the air, and a smirk of a smile wrinkles across his face as the crowd roars in approval. Time to crank the crowd up by speaking in that way the critics love to poke at, but the public seem to love. "Let me tell you something, Metropolis," he takes the microphone out of its holder, and walks about the stage. "When my good friend, Bruce Wayne, of Wayne Enterprises, said to me, "Max, Metropolis will never have you," I told him to shut his Gothamite mouth."

He continues walking, twirls the microphone a little, and laughs. "Because the City of Tomorrow, is where Max Shreck belongs!" He claps himself, and raises the microphone again. "I said to him, Metropolis is the brightest star in this opulent country, and I'll be damned if I'm not the brightest entrepreneur this country has ever seen."

Max lowers his tone to a regular volume, with no high or low inflections, smile still in place. "Okay, that sounds egotistical. You got me. I've got a lot of love for myself, for the work I've done, for the businesses I've created, and the employees under my wing. Today is the opening of Shreck.net, not two blocks from this very Plaza. And with Luthor running scared back to his mommy, Shreck.net is gonna be the chief employer of this city. You're all gonna be my crew, you're all gonna getta lotta love from Mohammed Shreck, and Metropolis, the people of Metropolis, are going to wonder..."

He stops, and pauses. "I hope, that they're gonna wonder, "How did we ever come this far without Max?"" 

The applause is slightly more muted, but when administrators start handing out gift packages around the crowd, applications for jobs by the hundred, the voices are raised. He punches the air again, and walks into the small pavilion tent to have a drink with his two closest aides.

"Did you think that was a bit too much, Ms Reyes?" He swigs from a bottle of Highland Spring.
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The searches keep running, the inquiries and questions coming up with the same answer every single time.

No data available within requested parameters

Diana straightens, sighing in frustration. "Athena guide me to something... anything that might provide a scrap of hope."
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Its only been a few hours; he wanted to make sure Lois was home, first. The Man of Steel rockets through the sky, face inscrutable as he tries to figure out an approach for this. Who all's going to be there? Will he have to tell them one at a time? Will they blame him? Should they?

"Stop it." Clark tells himself, ashamed of the selfish fear. He's Superman, for God's sakes. It doesn't make the approach to Wayne manor(the back way, naturally.) any easier, however, on this miserable winter's day. Superman can't help but remember the first time he'd heard Batman rail against Gotham's infamous snowfall, about how a little slush on his cape almost killed him, about how...wait.

Eyes narrowing, Superman eases left, picking up speed as he peers through sin-stained warehouse after sin-stained warehouse. Temperature fluctuation...there. Lead plating, but that doesn't mean much these days, but only one Gotham criminal is going to be working with that kind of ferrokinetic discharge tonight of all nights.

Crashing through the roof, Superman's hunch is confirmed! The armored outline of Mister Freeze stands, slowly working over some strange device while masked and hooded goons carry armloads of cheap industrial diamonds. Well, they were, right up until the maniac in blue pajamas kicked the roof in. "I hope you're giving them overtime for working this close to the holiday, Freeze."

The man...or what once was a man...makes motions that would be shock and horror on being capable of expressing its emotions to any real extent. On Freeze, they're memories, patterns etched into his walking corpse body. "You...!"

There's a crack of wind, then, as Superman gets all up in Freeze's grill, smashing the ice cannon the criminal habitually carries like it were an old beer can. "This is a bad time." Superman says, not raising his voice but somehow expressing the sort of fury that makes six or seven armed men take pause. "So how about you just...stop. Huh?"


One concussion later, the Man of Steel is back in the air. Okay, so Mister Freeze's annual mad scheme to create an eternal winter had been foiled, there...there was no real excuse to keep putting this off. Man up, Clark snaps at himself, and the red and blue blur shimmers in the Gotham dusk.

There is a knock, at the back door of stately Wayne manor. "...Alfred...?"


Nov. 27th, 2009 04:48 pm
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Luthor's hands dance rapidly over one of the keyboards, his eyes darting back and forth to scan figures as they arrive.

"and...and....here, and...that's IT! I've found it! The genetic sequencing is almost flawless! A perfect match!" His bloodshot gaze turns to the Phantom Stranger. "And you're going to bring her through, ghost. I told you...I'd find a way, and through you...this is done. Now bring her in..."

Lex slams his fist upon a button, beginning a energy whirlwind outside of his base. The molecules remaining from the universal blast earlier begin to swirl and slowly draw towards it.

"With you as a siphon, and my research, I've done it. All this time, all this effort...I've beaten it. I AM the balance between death...and life." A quick wipe of the face, and a sleep-deprived shudder pause him for a moment, before he continues.

"All stations...prepare for retrieval. Contact is made, and siphoning begins immediately."
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"All units on the ready. Hold your positioning until further notice. And to all of you, I send my deepest appreciations. We're doing work of the Gods now, and as I promised before, you'll be legendary..."

Luthor sends his communique through Calculator, and relays through his three location captains. With that, he's back to his windows, and watching the remnants of the blown universe filter through. Soon, it will be enough.
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Not his ideal venue, not his first choice of a secure environment, but if Stephanie is more - or less - than what she seems, Batman could scarcely find a place with better access to the world's most powerful beings than the JLA Watchtower. The place also houses mystics and a damned good telepath in the Martian Manhunter. Here he can get answers.

A hand on Spoiler's shoulder the whole way, Batman barely twitches in the aftermath of the stomach-twisting teleporter trip, and once they're in place (perhaps the very second he is solid enough to move) he starts long-legged strides toward the conference room.

"Don't touch a damned thing or say a damned thing without permission," he advises in a low growl that implies at the end, or else.

But once they're at the conference room? He lets her go in alone.
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The Green Lantern Corps has reconvened on Oa, treating their wounded and making preparations to pursue the Sinestro Corps - all their plans to strike before the Sinestro Corps makes another move have become suddenly moot.

The voice of one of the Guardians manifests from every active Green Lantern ring, accompanied by a tiny representation of the Guardian's head.

"Attention all Green Lanterns. We have detected a critical galactic threat. The Sinestro Corps has invaded Earth in Sector 2814 - and the Anti-Monitor has manifested in this universe on that planet. All active duty Green Lanterns are to report to planet Earth and engage the Sinestro Corps."

After the announcement, Ganthet turns to his brethren.

"And with the Anti-Monitor, the Green Lanterns will not be enough. We must prepare to go, ourselves."
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It's Ted's turn on monitor duty, and there's going to be an interview for a new Leaguer today, so the job of making sure everything's in order for that falls to him by default. The fast food wrappers get moved from the meeting table to the incinerator - totally not cheating on his heart-healthy diet, honest! - and he prepares the teleporters for incoming arrivals.

Thirty minutes to go.
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Just a quiet afternoon in Metropolis, until it's not. There's a mild explosion, as three men in ski masks go flying through the front window of a convenience store on main street.

~Five minutes earlier~

"Gimme all the money in the register! Nobody moves until we're out of here!"

Zach pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head. All he wanted to do was go pick up a can of soup, maybe a diet soda as well. And he gets this. He wasn't even in his work clothes, he was in jeans and a hoodie. Why was he attracting this kind of trouble?

The thugs started going around, demanding wallets, while the alpha-thug continued ranting and waving his gun at the cashier, who was fumbling with the keys in their fear. They got to Zach, he shook his head again, and handed them a business card.

"Wuzzis?" The thug snatched it away and read it. "Zackery Zatara - World's Greatest Teenage Magician." He threw it down, and put a gun to Zach's head. "Tryin' to be smart, asshole?"

"I'm not smart, I'm brilliant. Sisylarap." Zach cast a spell on the man and he fell over, unable to move his muscles. There was a scream, and other thugs started encircling him, firing shots. "Stellub eb llits!" The bullets all froze in mid-air, saving both Zachary and the bystanders, having fallen to the floor when the shots were fired, from them.

"Now put your guns down and wait for the police to arrive before I need t-- THE HELL?!" Zach wheeled as he felt a shadow falling over him. The lead thug had run around and had toppled a shelving section over on him.

"This is why I'm in charge, maggots! Y'gotta fight with cunning!"

Zach snarled as his wand appeared in his hand and he blasted the toppling array with an ice blast, freezing it and it's contents in place. "CUNNING?" He fixed the thugs with a venomous glare, energy crackling around him. "I'm one of the most powerful transmutationists in the world, and your idea of cunning is to push a shelf over on me?! Hctirdle sniahc!"

Green chains of energy spewed out of the end of his wand, grabbing the thugs still moving and bundling them together in mid-air. "If I weren't so irritated, I'd be insulted! Thgil eht esuf!" He taps his wand to the end of the chain, and it crackles, burning away and releasing a mild explosion that sends the thugs flying through the window.

After the smoke clears, the place undamaged besides the initial disarray it was thrown into when the thugs pulled their guns, Zach brushes himself, grabs the items he wanted, and heads for the register. "I really don't feel like waiting, so just keep the change." He slaps down a twenty on the counter and marches for the exit.


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