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Jeffrey Patterson hated his job, hated this city, and hated the fact there was zero movement for one of his views. Gotham. The city was a cesspool of lunatics and freaks. It hadn't always been that way. It used to be the worst thing you had to worry about was a little bit of corruption and the occasional mob hit, but now... Patterson was an attorney, albeit not a very high-ranking one, who frequently tried to garner support in the Gotham legal system to enact harsher punishments for the city's lunatics and its vigilantes that made a mockery of the law and law-enforcement. Alas though..he got very little in the way of actual aid, despite the numbers of people he knew who shared his opinion. The cycle of crazies and vigilantes in costumes had to end. There had to be some normalcy restored damn it!

It was then his phone rang. With near robotic precision, an act he'd done so many times before, he picked up the phone. "Patterson office."

"Evening, Mr. Patterson, I would like to speak to you in regards to the events in the East End."

Patterson was immediately startled. The voice was electronically altered and his caller id was getting squat. "Who is this?"

"Who I am, Mr. Patterson is not important. What is important is that I am someone who wishes to see real change come to this city, one step at a time. I have in my possession evidence of the Scarecrow's entire operation. His distribution network, his associates, and a list of facilities in which he has supplemented his formulas into legitimate medicine. I am willing to give this information to you and you friends on the police force. Interested?"

"You bet your ass I'm interested!" Patterson was now wide awake. "Who are you? Are you with the second group? I'll tell you right now I may not like the capes, but I don't deal with criminals."

"Mr. Patterson, you've lived in this city a long time. Fifty years, yes?"

"How the hell do you...?"

"My point is you lived during a much simpler time in this city. A time where the worst a person had to worry about was a mobster stealing some of your tax money. Now you have to worry about some lunatic mowing down a group of children in public, on a regular basis. Am I wrong?" The voice sounded almost smug.

Jeffrey didn't respond. It echoed nearly everything he himself believed. "Yeah, but..Batman helps..."

"I'll grant you in the beginning he did. I'll even grant you that he had good intentions. However, the criminal element has become something far worse than it was. Arkham is merely a revolving door that accomplishes nothing. If anything, it only gives these lunatics a chance to rest up. Batman catches them, only to start the never-ending cycle all over again. He's a part of the problem. You know I'm right."

Jeffrey sighed. Yeah, he knew the guy was right.

"I want to see this city returned to its glory. I may not perhaps represent your side of the fence, but we want the same thing. The firsts step is for the police to start taking back their streets. To show that the capes are ineffectual and unnecessary. This will not be a grand and sudden instance, but it will get the ball rolling. With this information, you will destroy Scarecrow's entire operation., but in exchange, I want you to set up some introductions between my people and your friends on the force. Can you do that?"

Jeffreywas quiet a long time. For years he championed the law, the real law. He didn't like the idea of working with criminals at all, but... It had to end. The masks, the lunatics, the killings..it had to stop. They had to take their city back.

"Okay, I'm in."
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Tobias Whale's eyes scanned over the reports given to him by Mindancer and Shokwave regarding their encounters with the so-called Chemists. It certainly hadn't gone as well as he hoped, but it wasn't all bad either. The intervention of the damn capes was unexpected, though perhaps it should not have been. Tobias made a mental note to include their meddling in future plans. Despite the chaos, the Gotham Towers job went relatively well. True Captain nazi broke from Mindancer's control, but he'd remember nothing and the 100 was better off without such a loose cannon. The Body Doubles and the Spook had performed exemplarly, bringing back information on the group. The Doubles named Doctor Death is the mastermind and Spook had brought back intell on the various fronts and on the drugs themselves. Interestingly it seemed the stuff was hidden in legitimate medicine, it wasn't sold pure at all! All in all, a very sucessful operation.

The East End part however had not gone nearly as well. Icicle and Shrapnel were now in police custody, but Whale knew he didn't have to worry. Both men had solid reputations as being reliable, neither e police nor the capes would learn too much. They'd learn about the 100's resurgence certainly, and that was fine, but little else. Whale made another note to have Icicle and Shrapnel freed as soon as possile. Perhaps a few of the plans Spook procured being sent to a few key officials would grease the wheels of justice, showing the 100's good will. However what Phobia and Brutale described at the warehouse troubled him. While doctor Death was known to deal in poisions and gases, the effects were more akin to fear and paranoia. And THAT was a different ballgame entirely.

Tomorrow Whale would be dropping by the reconstruction site of the Gotham PD building. He had various ideas to consider there. Also, this conflict with the Chemists had to be resolved soon. Whale needed to bring Wayne Enterprises down. He was certin it was the source of the Batman's arsenal. There was much work to do. Whale smirked to himself. Nothing worthwhile never came easy, but then again, it was half the fun.
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"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I regret that I cannot address you in person, but in order for my plans to succeed I must maintain a degree of anonomity. However, I also believe in personal interaction with the soldiers of the 100, so I have set up this computerized system from which I can speak to you. Should you prove your loyalty to the organization, perhaps we will one day meet in person."

Whale's voice came from a computer setup in the warehouse where Chiller made his original address to the 100's recruits. His voice was altered so as to be unreconizable along with failsafes bought from the Calculator to guarantee no one could hack the signal back to the source.

"Now before immediate objectives are laid out, I wish to establish some ground rules. First, no killing of police officers. The underworld and Gotham's finest once had a symbiotic relationship and I believe this can be reestablished if shown we are reasonable people. Two, members do not go on personal vendettas against private citizens unless directed. We are not the crazies who have run rampant in this city and such activity will not be tolerated. In reference to the crazies themselves, we do not deal with them unless they provoke us first. In which case, zero tolerance. If any of the freaks try to hinder our organization, terminate them with extreme prejudice. Three, in regards to protection, we offer a legitimate service to Gotham's operators. Rather than milking them dry, we offer the protection of our operatives against any who would hinder their work in exchange for a percentage. Anyone going into business for themselves will suffer the consequences."

The voice took a pause.

"Now before I go into our immediate agenda, does anyone have questions?"
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As Ted Kord showed him around the interior of Wayne Tower, Whale had to admit he was impressed. It was a testament to corporate power. When his plans come to fruition, corporate power and underworld power would be inextritably linked. Still, after he takes over WE, he'd make this his new home.

"Sir," His secretary had been on her cell phone before she whispered to him."

"Excuse me, Ted, business." Whale stopped to answer her. "What is it?"

"The Star City problem has been rectified."

Tobias smiled. He still intended to move into Star, but this Gotham opportunity couldn't be passed up.

"Good. Tell our friends we are grateful for this assistance."

"Speaking of whom, as payment for their aid they wish for..items of an otherworldy nature thatarrived in Gotham recently."

Whale briefly turned at that, but nodded.

"When this meeting with Kord and Fox is over, arrange a meeting with Mr. Wilson. I honor my debts."

"Yes sir."

Whale turned back to Ted as the pair caught up with him.

"Sorry about that."
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"We're touching down in Gotham, sir."

"Thank you, Miller."

Tobias Whale looked at the window of the plane to see the damaged city. Tobias turns his red-headed "secretary".

"Has anyone from WE arrived at the airport to greet us?"

"Not yet, Mr. Whale."

"Has Chiller checked in?"

"Yes. He made the offer to Icicle as you requested, but has yet to receive an answer."

"There's no hurry. When this meeting is finished have feelers sent out into the city. Find out who still has pull in the underworld and make them an offer. The Triad and Blackfire left a big leadership void in this city and I mean to correct that. Also, tell Chiller to come to Gotham as soon as possible."

"Yes sir."

"Ah, it would seem we've arrived. Time to put on my 'corporate' face." Tobias smiles evily as the door opens and the stairs are pushed to the plane. "If things go well, Wayne Enterprises will be mine within a month."

Whale studies the press as he and his secretary walk down the stairs. He waves, politely answers questions, assures worries, and presents a hopeful image to Gothamites.
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Whale was in his personal training room. Only wearing a muscle shirt and a pair loose sweat pants, Whale was as comfortable as he could be in his current circumstance. Three men circled him, each a formidable fighter. Whale was at the peak of human fitness, so there was little need for exercise for that purpose. Rather, the goal was to teach him a more refined combat style. It was difficult, but fruitful.

One of the men sped toward him with a kick. Tobias slaps the blow aside, connecting with a punch to the stomach. The second man goes for his leg, but Whale lifts his foot out of the way and then drives into the man's vulnerable ankle. The second fighter screams as he falls to the ground, holding the now broken bone. The third man came in fast with a flurry of punches and kicks, faster than Tobias could defend. So instead Whale took a page from his life on the streets and connected with a head-butt. The third fighter staggered, and with impressive flexibility for a man his size, drops him with a roundhouse kick.

"Forty five seconds sir, a new record." His secretary said as she brought him a bottle of a water. "Chiller has reported in, he and Deathstroke have just arrived. I'm told they have brought Brick with them."

Tobias takes a swig from the bottle before answering.

"Have our people put Brick somewhere secure and tell them to come up. I wish to speak to them."

"Yes. Mr. Whale."

The secretary gives a nod as she leaves the gymnasium.
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"Ladies, gentlemen, welcome. This is both a joyous and sad day for me, as I will be embarking on a new journey. Tomorrow we will be moving our corporate headguarters to Star City. As much as I love Metropolis, I feel that there other opportunities out there for the employess of Shreck & Whale to discover."

Tobias took a sip from his wine glass before addressing a group off to the side of the main gathering.

"Also, I would like to welcome our friends from Gotham City, who managed to escape the madness that has overtaken it. Gentlemen I say I admire your courage and stoicism in the face of what is happening to your city. Rest assured, when Gotham is reclaimed, I personally vow to do everything in my power to put Gotham back on its feet as soon as possible. A toast to these brave people!"

The crowd applauded as the Gotham group nodded their thanks. Whale smiled as he lifted his glass in a toast. He scanned the crowd for Chip Shreck, he didn't see him. He wasn't surprised, the young man hadn't shown much enthusiasm for the party. He had however shown a great deal of enthusiasm to going to Star City. After all, the closer to Star City, the closer to Green Arrow. Whale reminded himself to contact some professionals before arriving. He doubted Brick, Star City's crime boss, would be happy about another boss entering his city. Perhaps Deathstroke was available?

"However good people, enough of such dour tidings. This is a time of celebration! As they say-Eat, drink, and be merry!"

As the crowd cheered and began to disburse, Whale casually poured another drink for himself, all the while scanning the crowd for potential business.
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"Good Evening Metropolis, this is Leonard Price, coming to you live with this weeks's top stories in the business world."

Price straightens a stack of papers as the camera cuts to live coverage of a press event.

"Well it's official, after weeks or rumors, Chip Shreck, heir of recently deceased businessman, Maximillian Shreck, has agreed to a merger with Tobias Whale's Whale Incorporated. Shreck Industries' stock had been consistently dropping with the death of its former owner until a recent bailout by Mr. Tobias Whale."

The camera focuses on an image of a young blonde-haired teenager shaking the hand of a massive albino man in a purple business suit. The camera focuses on Whale as he takes the podium.

"Thank you, but the real winners are the people of the United States. With this agreement begins the birth of the Shreck-Whale Conglomerate, a company that will stand firm in providing for the needs of the American public."

Whale's face turns somber as he puts an arm around Chip's shoulders.

"Also, I vow, hear and now, that as a friend of the Shreck family, I will do everything in my power to see to it that the murderer of Maximillian Shreck is brought to justice! Thank you."

The camera cuts back to the studio.

"That's our news for the hour, I'm Leonard Price, have a pleasant day."
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 Tobias Whale was currently in the middle of his workout, wearing a muscle shirt and sweatpants custom made to fit his massive bulk. Those who didn't know better often mistook that bulk for fat, but in truth nearly every inch of his body was pure muscle. As he rang blow after blow into his reinforced punching bag, his personal secretary, Jessica Fletcher, entered the room.

"Mr. Whale, there's been a development."

Whale continues his workout,  but addresses her.

"Since you know I don't like being disturbed while working out, I assume it's important."

Her expression remained stoic.

"Yes, Mr. Whale. It would seem your decision to postpone moving operations to Gotham was the right decision. Gotham has gone quiet."

Whale halts in mid-punch.

"What do you mean 'quiet'?"

"All communications from the city have been cut off, including our own operatives in the city. It started with that preacher's address. When he spoke, the people went crazy, and shortly afterward all contact was lost."

Tobias sat down, wiped his face with a towel, and took a swig from his water bottle.

"Alright, cancel all future moves into Gotham until the current situation is stabilized. Send out feelers for a new location to set up shop." Whale thought in silence a moment before speaking up again. "And contact the Calculator, if anyone knows what's going on in that city, he will."

Ms. Fletcher simply nods and exits the gym. Whale quickly activates his emergency laptop and waits for his request to be answered.


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