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Smoke and dust was settling down on everything. It sort of looked like those pitcures of towns getting dusted by ash from a volcano, except not so disastrous as that. More like a 'pain in my butt, I just washed my car!' kinda inconvenience...but Connor personally felt like no one had a right to complain.

They did just kick a big tentacle covered monster-thing back to it's own weirdo dimension after all. A little dust and smoke seemed like getting off easy in the big picture.

Shaking the debris out of his hair, he clears the grit out of his eyes as well.
Looking over to the his impromptu partner, he grins.

"We kicked it's ass."
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There are strange things happening with Diana's gods and not the Flash says one of them is in Keystone. The odds are on it being Hermes, though when Zatanna teleports them into town, she doesn't see anyone that looks like Hermes at all.

Frowning, she turns around in a circle before starting to head up into the air. Something has come through here but it isn't right here, right now.

"Be on your guard."
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Something very strange is happening in the dimension of Mount Olympus. If it can be called a dimension. It's difficult to describe really. One day it might be an interplanar realm, another it might be a country. One night it could be an island in an impossibly large sea, while another time it could be a kingdom in the clouds.

Either way, something strange is happening.

As Zeus lays sleeping in his oversized bed the powers of his fellow and subservient deities are disappearing. Disappearing may be too strong a word... They're relocating. A smile twitches on the face of the god of all gods as he dreams of what is happening. As he considers the trials that Diana of Themyscira will have to endure and conquer, with the powers of the gods inhabiting the bodies of her allies and enemies upon Earth.

Zeus is less than happy with the Wonder Woman's lack of constant supplication to his whims. Perhaps she needs to prove herself a champion once more... At any rate; Zeus sleeps, and he dreams of those who will take on the powers of the gods...
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After the rescue party's return and some subsequent revelations, the Justice League has assembled to discuss the significance of those revelations - and verify their truth.

"I've scanned him every way I can, and everything I do tells me the same thing - 'Lex' is telling the truth. He's not insane, he's not lying. Batman is really in there, his body out of phase, and his mind enmeshed with Luthor. Honestly, I'd say this is one of our best-case scenarios - but it's still not good. By my calculations, we have a limited amount of time to get Batman back to normal before he fades away entirely."
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The last thing Zatanna remembered was being somewhat impressed that she got everyone back to the Watchtower without them having the wrong heads on their bodies. Pretty much right after blackness fuzzed out the edges of her sight and her knees went weak. Then nothing. She'd worn herself out with that one. Trying to grab a hold of specific people to teleport with them all skattered about was not something she was going to try again any time in the near future.

She woke up feeling rumpled and less than at optimum performance in one of the spare rooms. Her head was wobbly and her stomach was holding her backbone hostage. Apparently her blood sugar plummetted and food was a priority. Wrinkling her nose she slipped out of the bed to head down the hall in search of food then a ride back to Shadowcrest after finding out how Guy was doing. She didn't want to try another teleport so soon on a bet, thanks.
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The hush of the room is broken only by the pings and beeps of machines, all of them hooked to and transmitting information about the man currently laying in the hospital bed.

He's been still too long for Tora's comfort, and she was attempting to keep an eye out for any movement, any changes.

Not at the moment though, as she's curled up in a chair next to the bed, fast asleep.
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The small rescue squad appears in the Alpha Centauri system, cloaked in magic to prevent detection, and invisibly encased within a power bubble provided by Green Lantern. Hal's ring passively scans, looking for traces of human life signs or Guy's ring - chirping when it has found both.

"Alright, team, we've got our targets."

The inside of the bubble shifts into a heads-up display, visible to the passengers. Small glowing dots appear, on the surface of Rann.

"We've got human life signs here and here - Lex and Guy - and we've got a Green Lantern power ring here. Our main objectives are Guy, first and foremost, and his ring, secondary. Since it'll be a lot easier to get him out if he's got the ring. Once we've got those things, we get out. Any reconnaissance you can do at the same time is great, but this is a rescue mission. Questions?"
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Zatanna's digs in San Francisco are less ominous than Shadowcrest, not that 'ominous' got to a teen that lived in Wayne Manor and hung out in the cave under it..when he wasn't sneaking around Gotham and beating up drug dealers.

Well maybe it spooked him a little. Magic was just hard to quantify, and Tim got anxious around chaotic variables he couldn't account for.

So he looked up Zee in her place in SF after departing from a meeting with the Titans.

Wearing jeans, hoodie and carrying a backpack over his shoulder, he looked just like any other teen. Well, insomuch as a teen trained to above olympic level of fitness would look. The hoodie helped with that and Tim was always of small stature to begin with.

Taking a breath, he walked up to Zee's door and prepared to knock...
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It had been touch and go, but the people of Rann were safe - though understandably confused to find themselves suddenly amidst the Australian Outback. After making temporary arrangements with the Australian government to house the Rannian refugees, Jay and the Justice Society arranged a meeting of heroes - some in person, some by teleconference - to discuss the situation.

As the primary witness of the events, Jay is chairing the meeting from the JSA Brownstone - waiting for those who can spare the time to call in. In the meantime, he's using a laptop PC to catch up on all the news reports from the recent invasion in Gotham.
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Sometimes a girl just needs to get away and not tell anyone where she's going. Especially anyone with a Y in their chromosomes. Sometimes a girl just needs some space to get her head back together. Zatanna Zatara was a typical girl more often than she cares to admit.

Eventually though one has to admit to themselves that they've gone past collecting and refocusing their thoughts to avoidance. Even Zee had to face up to that with a roll of her eyes and eventually the apple of John Zatara's eye returned to the real world.

Well. Real world for her, anyway which meant Shadowcrest, outside the Gotham city limits. The place had memories, the more recent ones not entirely pleasant but one can't hide from things forever.

She smirked at the old place from where she stood on the walk to the porch. Regardless of what she'd been through it was good to see home so the smirk became a smug smile and Zatanna strolled towards the house singing The Killers quietly under her breath. Backwards.

I llup pu ot eht tnorf fo ruoy yawevird
htiW cigam 'nikaos ym enips

naC uoy daer ym dnim?

Upon entering the house the music began to blare from the windows. Zatanna Zatara was home.
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The easiest place to meet Arthur was usually her home in San Francisco. It was, after all, practically on the ocean, and easy for him to come visit her. Especially if he needed to stay awhile longer and take a dunk in the water.

Today, though, Zatanna wasn't waiting inside her home. She was out on the beach. After taking a quick second to make sure that no one was watching, she muttered a few words under her breath, and a full on candlelit dinner had appeared.

Even kings of the seven seas needed to eat sometimes.

Zatanna had called Arthur here not to hit on him, though, or seduce him, but because she wanted to talk to him.

Just honestly talk to him.

There was a lot of history there, a lot of everything, and that deserved sorting through. Plus, there was the way that he had stood by her when the two of them had been in Hell, and, well...

That had been very nice of him.

Oh who am I kidding? I totally have designs on Arthur.

She snapped her fingers and the candlelight became a little bit brighter. The sun was more than halfway set, and as romantic as a candlelit dinner could be, Zee really liked being able to look at the face of the person she was having dinner with.

She brushed back a lock of hair and patiently waited for Arthur.
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J'onn had been working on some things, being at the ready for the heroes return, when...well, they returned.

"It is good to see you home."  J'onn said, doing a quick head count.  "Were you successful?"
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J'onn was one of the first to react to Hal's summons.   When hearing the explanation, the glimmer of hope...something that J'onn, despite everything, has been able to find on a regular basis...resonated in J'onn's mind.

It very well might not be Batman.   But it COULD be.

However, Hell was not exactly the best place for a pyrophobe to be.  J'onn had already known that he would be the mental link, the tether, that would help to bring the team back if Wotan was as duplicitous as his reputation said it was.

"When Romaine killed Terry Sloane,"  J'onn told those assembled, "he did it in Jay Garrick's body.  It is not out of the realm of possibility that he might try to possess one of you, especially if you somehow get separated in the battle.  Try to stay paired up as much as possible, even in the chaos of it all.   Even if he has newfound power, he is likely to default to what he is comfortable and familiar with."
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Finally, a moment to finish what had begun with a visit from a beloved deity. Diana stepped outside, statue of Phthia in one hand, Amazon-crafted spear in the other.

"Here is what you requested, Zatanna. This is of the utmost importance to myself, and I will do whatever it is that I need to do to bring the Bana Mighdall back to themselves."
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To say that Zatanna was nervous would pretty much be an understatement. At this very moment, she'd be less terrified of being surrounded by an army of hell's finest. Still, she'd made a promise, and she was going to keep it. So here she was, waiting a table inside of one of San Francisco's finest seafood restaurants, at a table overlooking the ocean. She was dressed well tonight - nothing that said, "Hi, I'm available, take me, take me now you royal fool!" but also nothing that marked her as being the biggest prude this side of everywhere. She drummed her fingers on the tabletop a little nervously, trying her best not to shoot out nervous sparks of eldritch magic this way and that. Because that, you see, could lead to trouble.

Calm down, Zee. It's just dinner. Nothing else. Just a friendly dinner between two old friends and teammates. Really. That's all this is. Dinner.

Yeah. She wasn't calming herself down any. And, gods, he's going to be giving me those looks all night long. Nope. Not calming down at all.
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"decI der eat!" Zatanna Zatara said out loud, holding out a perfectly, magically manicured hand. A small puff of magic and there was a cold glass of ice tea in the sorceress' hand. She was relaxing on the beach today, laying across an expensive looking chaise that she clearly hadn't dragged to the beach herself. A bright, concentrated, artificial sun hovers about twenty feet above Zatanna, shining light down upon the woman in the midst of what's a pretty overcast day.

Fact is, Zatanna had asked Arthur to meet her here. Their last meeting had been...less than good...and she wanted to see him in person. To talk to him.

There was also the fact that, at their last meeting, there had been something off about him. After she'd reversed the spell she'd so foolishly cast upon him, she'd realized that...there was something the matter with him. She wasn't sure what it was, and she wasn't even sure if it was mystical in nature. Fact was, though, that Zatanna had to find out.

And figure out a way to help, if she could.

After all, for awhile, the two of them had been in love.
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One by one, tracers are dropping offline.
Communications cut off mid-stream.

The reports have begun to trickle in -- heroes have begun to disappear.
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He uses the utmost stealth to approach her abode, because he knows that no amount of sneaking he can do would prevent his old friend from being aware of his arrival and he would rather not have the Martian Manhunter spotted at her doorstep.  Instead he opts for a disguise suggested to him by his friend Guy Gardner. 

Walking up to the door, he is wearing a black suit, white shirt, and black tie.  He has black hair, which is parted neatly, and he is holding a classic Earth religeous text in his hands. 

He knocks.
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The first thing to strike Klarion as he made his way up from the subway station was the intoxicating aroma. It was a mixture of some smells familiar to him--urine, wet, smoke--and others entirely foreign--gasoline, in particular. Once his eyes adjusted to the sting of the sun's light, however, he was utterly gob smacked. He was dizzied standing still by the immensity of it all. As his eyes traveled up the silver columns to the clear blue above, he thought, 'Such wonders even the Submissionaries have never seen!'.

Wandering, out of sync with the city's own rhythm, Klarion moved from one fascination to the next, often times backtracking. He found the blinking light in the shape of a man very pretty, though he couldn't figure out what it was for, as nobody seemed to heed it in the least. When he came across an electronics shop he had actually stopped and stood, face pressed against the glass, and mouth agape, staring for endless minutes, before laughing hysterically, then screaming, then vomiting, then laughing again.

Yes, Klarion, Teekl in tow, continued on this way for quite some time, the bitter chill bothering him little. His only goal:  Adventure!
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As humans count the days, it has been over 3 years since Nightstar, Starfire, and Nightwing challenged Croutex to a duel in the Dreaming, ending at last in Destruction's intervention, though he had declined to resume control of his realm. Over 3 years since Dr. Fate bid the heroes of his universe to dream, and rebuild the order left tattered and torn by Croutex and its followers. To other races, especially the immortals, it has been only a moment ago.

There comes a time when this year's gathering is not quite so noisy. Nightstar flies above the heads of the attendees, landing before what appears to be a painting draped in starlight velvet. Judging by the size, the newest attendees may wonder if the hidden work is a lifesized portrait, but of who? Those who have attended this multiversal summit meeting before nod to themselves and each other in anticipation.

"Excuse me," Nightstar says politely, waiting until the attendees have focused their attention on her. "I know some of you are new this time, so I need to explain things. My Lord Shaper is willing to let you all have glimpses in the dreams of those who dwell in the multiverse. I'm afraid you still won't be allowed to make any requests, and the glimpses may not last very long. I can't promise that you'll see anything useful, but just in case ... please pay attention?"

With that, she pulls the veil aside, revealing that the frame is, at first glance, empty.

And then the frame fills with images....


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