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Henshaw was missing. Where? Malefic had no idea whatsoever. It had occurred sometime after he had aided the humans in capturing Despero as an act of goodwill to Earth. When malefic returned..Henshaw was gone, apparently with nothing so much as a message to his highest ranking servants. By all rights Malefic was now the sole power of the Neo-Rann leadership, but there could be complications. Gleen of the Sinestro Corps had apparently also been captured on Earth and was now heading to Oa for imprisonment. Not too long after rumors of Henshaw's disappearance, Low and Slushh of the Sinestro Corps, had departed. According to his intelligence, they were set to rendezvous with their compatriot Flayt, he commanded a sizable force of Corpsmen. Malefic had no delusions as to why they had contacted Flayt. They meant to take over.

Malefic admittingly did not know what he wished to do. Should he fight for control of the alliance? Or let the Sinestro Corps take it? He knew it would not be long until the heroes of Earth grew tired of waiting to liberate Rann from its conquerors. With both Despero and Henshaw gone, the odds favored them much more than they had before.Still, there was potentially a lot of chaos he could wring with these resources. Who said he had to maintain some kind of empire? Rather, why not use it to hurt those he hated? Yes, that sounded very appealing.

He headed for the communications room. As he did, his features shifted and molded, taking on an amalgamation of flesh and metal. Artificial clothes materialized from his skin, shifting into a cape. The room featured several holographic images of various leaders of the Neo-Rann alliance. However, who they saw was not Ma'alefa'ak. It was the rictus grin of the Cyborg Superman.

"Sorry to have kept you waiting. We have much to talk about."
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Careening through space at a frightening velocity, Despero pierces Earth's atmosphere and begins to laugh maniacally as he starts his drop towards the landmass known as North America. Specifically, he targets the craft toward Washington D.C.

"Come and greet me Citizen Steel! Come and meet your doom!!" Despero begins his rapid descent towards the White House.
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Less than an hour ago, he was trapped inside the world's smartest supercriminal, their minds tethered together by strange dimensional energy. His friends and allies had been able to separate him from Lex Luthor without killing either of them - no mean feat.

Forty-five minutes ago, he arrived in the infirmary, courtesy of Guy Gardner's power ring, completely exhausted and unconscious - the strain of fighting with Luthor for control while at the same time maintaining his own sense of self had taken its toll. Monitoring devices were affixed, and his body scanned for lingering damage. His condition was still uncertain - no one wanted to prematurely announce the news of his return until they were certain he was stable.

Twenty minutes ago, his subconscious mind awoke once more, fighting to remember something essential - something he had to do, and soon. Visions of a planet overrun by technology gone mad filled his dreams.

And five seconds ago, his eyes opened.

"Get me the Flash."
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"Good evening leaders of Earth. My name is Ma'alefa'ak, diplomatic representative of the Neo-Rann governent. I will be meeting with you so that we may bring a quick, decisive end to the current misunderstanding between out two worlds. Therefore I propose a meeting on neutral ground, here..." An image of the planet Mars would appear to the recipients of the message. "The coordinantes are of an area terraformed to be comfortable to human oxygen needs. I will be present along with Grallex, leader of our expatriate Psion community, along with a few officials. I will leave it for you decide he will attend, however I do not you will be concerned for your safetl. Feel free to bring any 'heroic' protection you wish. Simply understand, we have been attacked once, we will not be caught unaware a second time. This is not a threat as I am sure you desire peace as much as we do. I look forward to us resolving this matter."

The Psions had worked fast on terraforming the area to be safe for a human presence. He barely recognized the area as Mars, a testament to Psion competancy. It felt strange being back home. He had hoped to return as the last, but that time would come. 'You're the only one left, brother. Soon, it will just be me.' He cast the thought from his head, he'd need all his wits about him as he waited for the arrival of the Earth delegation. This would certainly be interesting.
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After the rescue party's return and some subsequent revelations, the Justice League has assembled to discuss the significance of those revelations - and verify their truth.

"I've scanned him every way I can, and everything I do tells me the same thing - 'Lex' is telling the truth. He's not insane, he's not lying. Batman is really in there, his body out of phase, and his mind enmeshed with Luthor. Honestly, I'd say this is one of our best-case scenarios - but it's still not good. By my calculations, we have a limited amount of time to get Batman back to normal before he fades away entirely."
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"Since becoming more machine that man all I have ever wanted is death. Complete and utter oblivion." The Cyborg Superman stands at the Rannian High Council table, within what remains of the governmental buildings of the planet. Due to his nature he is unaffected by the toxic swamp surrounding and permeating the building, and he presumes that Malefic, Despero and the members of the Sinestro Corps have their own means of protection as he addresses them.

"That changed when I was given the Rannian opportunity. I craved life. Not my own, but the ability to create life in whatever way I saw fit. To be a god of a planet lacking life, inhospitable to life, opposed to life, and yet possessing the life that I create to suit it. I knew that by doing so I would create enemies, which is why I forged pacts with numerous races, with your aid of course, and so I have become a god with you as fellow members of our Neo Rann pantheon." The Cyborg raises his hands to gesture to those few with him. Gods over nothing. He's either insane or... No, he's insane.

"Luthor worked on what we needed him to work on. Now he is gone and that is no bad thing. Humans contaminate and despoil." He seems oblivious to the poisonous land around him. "The Green Lantern was oblivious to my freedom at the hands of his commanders, the Guardians. His knowledge of galactic events was lacking. Therefore his escape also is less important than the heroes I'm sure anticipate. We now sit at the cusp of a war with Earth over wrongs they believe we have committed against them, and do you know what I think of a war with Earth...?"

He pauses.

"I think a war with Earth would be complete and utter stupidity. We have them at an impasse that they cannot break for fear of our reprisal, so why goad them into attacking? We have what we want here. To attack Earth would only serve the purpose of drawing the ire of enemies I do not wish to face. You may feel different however, and that is why you are here. We should act as counsel to one another. War or peace, gentlemen?"

The Return

Mar. 15th, 2011 01:35 pm
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Zatanna's spell had whisked the team back to the safety of the Justice League Watchtower, along with the target of their rescue attempt - and one extra passenger. After taking a moment to see Arisia and Tora could get Guy directly to the medical bay, Hal focuses his ring very carefully on that extra passenger - glowing with barely-checked energy.

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The hush of the room is broken only by the pings and beeps of machines, all of them hooked to and transmitting information about the man currently laying in the hospital bed.

He's been still too long for Tora's comfort, and she was attempting to keep an eye out for any movement, any changes.

Not at the moment though, as she's curled up in a chair next to the bed, fast asleep.
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Across planet Earth on every major television network, every radio and every live stream using satellites to broadcast, the head and shoulders of the Cyborg Superman appears. Using his mastery over technopathy he broadcasts his message.

"People of Earth. Some few of you may know me as Hank Henshaw. I am also known to many as the Cyborg Superman. To most however, I am seen as the destroyer of Coast City."

The backdrop behind Henshaw's face turns to an image of the emblem of Neo Rann, rippling as if in the wind. "Not long ago I was released from my imprisonment on Oa by the Green Lantern Guardians, who assured me of my freedom. Wanting to start a new life for myself and for my friends, fellow outsiders, we met with representatives from species all over the known galaxy. It was made clear to us that a great threat existed in the universe, and this threat was known as Rann. A planet whose technology rivals even that of the beings that invaded Gotham City in your United States of America in recent months. With charters from multiple intelligent races and conglomerates I ended the Rannian threat, and occupied their abandoned territory."

An image of Neo Rann's position in the galaxy compared to that of Earth replaces the emblem. "Neo Rann poses no threat to planet Earth. We simply wish to build a home for outsiders such as myself. Yet at this very moment we are under attack by so-called heroes of Earth, including Green Lanterns who had until recently condoned my freedom." Henshaw raises a fist. "Once again I say we pose no threat to Earth, but were Earth attacked would you not make a retributive strike? I want it to be known that if the hand of Neo Rann is forced against Earth it is a reluctant gesture, and one forced by the aggression of your metahumans and the galactic vigilante squad known as the Green Lantern Corps. Any deaths on your world due to Neo Rann's reprisals can be laid at their doors. I offer peace providing they withdraw from Neo Rann this very instant."

Henshaw clenches his jaw and a solitary tear rolls down his cheek. "Please make them stop the violence, for we do not wish to harm anybody upon your planet. If we are forced to take actions, the blood is on the hands of the men and women you call your heroes. All we want is peace."

The transmission is cut, and back on Neo Rann the image of Henshaw turns to Malefic and smiles.


What do the people of Earth think of this?
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The small rescue squad appears in the Alpha Centauri system, cloaked in magic to prevent detection, and invisibly encased within a power bubble provided by Green Lantern. Hal's ring passively scans, looking for traces of human life signs or Guy's ring - chirping when it has found both.

"Alright, team, we've got our targets."

The inside of the bubble shifts into a heads-up display, visible to the passengers. Small glowing dots appear, on the surface of Rann.

"We've got human life signs here and here - Lex and Guy - and we've got a Green Lantern power ring here. Our main objectives are Guy, first and foremost, and his ring, secondary. Since it'll be a lot easier to get him out if he's got the ring. Once we've got those things, we get out. Any reconnaissance you can do at the same time is great, but this is a rescue mission. Questions?"
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Gleen was annoyed. Before the Cyborg recruited the human imprisoned on Oa, HE was the one in charge of their genetic engineering projects. Now, now this..this..arrogant, bald monkey was given reign over the project. There wasn't a species in the galaxy that were greater practitioners of the art of genetic engineering than the Krolotean Gremlins.

Still, what the Cyborg asked bordered on the impossible. He literally wanted to create brand new unique, lifeforms. Anyone even remotely aquainted with the science would tell you that you can't make something from nothing. You can meld DNA, you can evolve DNA, or you can alter DNA to such an extent that the end result would not even remotely resemble the parent subject. However, you cannot create something from nothing, it was scientifically unfeasible. Henshaw would be better off turning to magic if he wanted something from nothing.

Gleen sighed at the insanity of it. Still, the venture was not a total dissappointment. He had aquired enough knowledge of Psion scientific tenchniques to justify this venture. Also, the run-in with the Green Lantern was an unexpected bonus. Malefic wanted to know if the Lantern had alerted his fellows to the events on Rann, as well as any other significant information he could pry from the human. Gleen didn't think for a minute that he would learn anything fruitful. Green Lanterns were notoriously hard to break.

Gleen smiled as he reached the interrogation room and its unconscious prisoner. Gardner's ring was removed and locked inside an energy field. He was bound on a metal operating table, arms and legs spread. The table itself was positioned so that the prisoner could face his interrogator face-to-face. Gleen had accessed his ring's knowledge on the human, and despite himself he found the human's history interesting. Yes, this would be fun.

With little fanfare he walked up to the unconscious prisoner and gave the man a swift backhand to the face.

"Wake up, monkey. You've slept long enough."
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It had been touch and go, but the people of Rann were safe - though understandably confused to find themselves suddenly amidst the Australian Outback. After making temporary arrangements with the Australian government to house the Rannian refugees, Jay and the Justice Society arranged a meeting of heroes - some in person, some by teleconference - to discuss the situation.

As the primary witness of the events, Jay is chairing the meeting from the JSA Brownstone - waiting for those who can spare the time to call in. In the meantime, he's using a laptop PC to catch up on all the news reports from the recent invasion in Gotham.
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The Cyborg was busy conversing with their new ally, though Malefic was hesitant to consider the human that just yet.  While he was away, Henshaw had commissioned him to take charge of the surface occupation of the planet. In truth it was not a difficult task considering the population's evacuation, but you never knew. However, his immediate goal was to apprehend the Green Lantern, Guy Gardner.

Since his attack on the Psion mothership, the Lantern preceded to make a nuisance of himself. Attacking facilities, destroying Chemos, basically anything he could do to piss them off. Malefic had had enough, it was time to end it.

"Gleen, take your two compatriots and bring back Gardner. Alive if possible, dead, just as well. His disruption ends here."

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Ma'alefa'ak could feel it, his body was nearly healed of its wounds. The burn scars on his body, a souvenir from his last battle with his brother, were nearly gone. His strength, almost returned, he could feel his the pinpricks of energy as he tested his connection to his Martian vision. He stretched and morphed his arm into a serrated blade, then willed himself intangible. His powers were nearly restored, except of course..

"Damn him!" Malefic roared, as several Psion doctors jumped in fear.

Once he had had his telepathy stolen from him, making him a freak and outcast of Martian Society. Then his brother had returned it to him so that he'd once again be vulnerable to fire. The fire had nearly killed him, his body floating in space after his assault on his brother's allies. Then the Cyborg had found him and commissioned his servants to heal Malefic. Malefic had no delusions that the Cyborg wished to use him for his own ambitions, but that was fine with him. He sensed a kindred hatred in the Cyborg, which is why Malefic was willing to stay, for now. But soon, his brother would die, his allies would die, and then his adopted home would also die. At last, he would be the last Martian.

The last time he had seen Henshaw, Malefic was still in the healing chamber. From what he had been told, the Cyborg and Despero were attempting an invasion of the planet, Rann. It was not his fight, he would not intervene unless asked. Malefic returned to his hibernation chamber and closed his eyes, dreaming dreams most beings would consider nightmares.
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The Cyborg Superman had been flying through the galaxy for weeks, occasionally catching a hyperbeam to a local planet or hitching a ride on a rocket to a moon, but ultimately he had one destination in mind. That destination would be Rann.

Many years ago, Hank Henshaw had made a plan with Mongul. That plan involved Coast City becoming the pilot seat of a new Warworld, with the two of them at the helm. Alas, the plan did not come to fruition and despite Coast City's destruction, nothing came of it. That's not to say there wasn't a Plan B however, and upon exercising his strength and intelligence down in Fawcett City to check how foolproof the heroes of Earth truly were, he decided that it was far too much of a trial to attempt to make Earth his Warworld.

Without Mongul's aid, Plan B had to be shared with some new intergalactic menaces. Specifically, Despero and a rebel faction of Psions. They had all come to an agreement; Rann would be the new Warworld, and with it they would be able to dominate a large portion of the galaxy. With the help of Dr. Sivana and the technology behind Chemo, Henshaw now had the science needed to take control over the planet, but an invasion would be required first.

Arriving at a heavily wooded and uninhabited portion of Rann, the Cyborg removed his cloaking device and entered the underground tunnel that led to the work he had been doing for these past years, after Despero had taken his consciousness from Oa. Henshaw stood before his war-machine, the device designed to produce a robotic army of Chemo-like soldiers to take on Rann's defences.

Hank grins, and feels the clap of Despero's hand on his shoulder. It's always useful to have allies, whether they be runt humans like Sivana or the beast from Kalanor himself. Someone should always be there to take the fall if it all goes wrong. "Are we ready?"


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