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Africa is nice, peaceful. The Beast was happy living in a pride of lions in Africa, thinking himself one. After months of a happy, simple, animal living, he was hunting, stalking a gazelle to bring back food for the cubs, when suddenly he feels a prick in his side. He turns his maned head to notice a small dart sticking near his ribs. His vision beginst to blur, and he yawns sleepily. His limbs begin to feel heavier and heavier, and he turns, trying to run back to the pride, but he stumbles and falls. He roars in defiance, challenging whatever is doing this to him, and then falls unconcious.

He woke up in a similar place, there were savannah grasses, and several other lions, some sleeping, others walking about. But something was wrong, the place smelled strange. Of smog, of strange things cooking, and of humans. He turned his head, and stumbled back in surprise to see a large group of humans looking at him and the other lions. He roars in confusion, walking towards them, and roaring in warning. This place was strange, but it was still his territory. Some of the humans seemed amused, others, mostly the small ones, seemed to react in the intended way, running back. He quickly turned his head roaring for the other lions to help him, but they seemed amused at his reaction, much like the humans.

Beast became slowly used to all of this over the next few weeks. Apparently he was in something called a 'zoo'. Whatever that was, humans came and looked at him, which was slightly wierd. Why he was brought here was still a mystery, but he had long since stopped caring. He was getting free food!

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For once in his strange life, Sand was taking it easy by doing some good detective work without any super powers involved. He was investigating the recent rise in violence in New York City. It was probably not one of his best ideas to travel alone in this city with it's history of meta-human violence, but Sand needed a break from the team for a few hours at least. He figured that he needed to focus on using his detective skills instead relying on his powers for everything.

His brain was getting off the subject at hand because he was trying to justify the fact that he was out here alone without any backup. Sand's mind snapped back to reality, which was trying to trail this kid without using his powers. It was proving more difficult than he had hoped as the youth was quickly evading him by cutting around every corner in the city almost. "I think this kid knows that I am following him, so I guess that I am forced to going to plan B." His muttering to himself was getting some strange looks from the people he was passing, but not as weird as when he shifted into his silicate form and disappeared down an ally.

Sand was cutting through buildings, while popping his head out a wall every once in a while to keep tabs on the kid who he was following. He finally came out into an alley that he last saw the kid walk down only to find that it was completely empty of life except for a few rats. "Now things just seem to be getting odd." He searched the alley to find a small grate where water drained down into the sewer that had been moved recently by someone or something. Even though he knew it was not going to be pleasant, Sand shifted downward into the sewer and went back to his human state.

There was nothing to tell him whether the kid was actually down here or not, but he kept searching for some clue. His brain told him that he was just trying to avoid the truth that he needed help for this type of work now, but his pride wouldn't let him admit it. Sand finally found a manhole which led him to some warehouse district of New York City. He decided that he should head home as this night had been a complete waste in his personal opinion. Sand had not tracked the kid nor had he left his powers out of the situation. "Well I guess it is back to the drawing board."

Sand adjusted his mask, fixed his coat, and started walking towards home, or what he figured was the direction for home. His ability to navigate the city was completely shot after being in the sewers for a long period of time. His hope was that he would eventually run into something that would let him gain his bearings. With that in mind, it started to become cloudy, and the sound of thunder could be heard over his head. "This is a bad omen if I ever saw one."
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Sitting in the co-pilot's seat of the Justice Society's supersonic jet, Jay in on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary - and soon finds it.

"We're approaching Savage's island. We'll have to take things slowly - if anyone feels any kind of twinge in your thoughts, anything influencing your behavior, call out. The process isn't instantaneous for most of us, and - "

He cuts off in mid-sentence as his eyes flick between the windows and the instruments.

"Nothing on radar, but we've got a shadow. I think Savage sent us an escort."

Jay points out the right side window, towards a sleek-looking aircraft of unknown origin, apparently circling around to match the jet's course and speed.


Jan. 10th, 2010 11:18 pm
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Back at the Brownstone, Jay is preparing the JSA's jet for departure after a quick briefing.

"If Savage stole what we think he did, he could be on the verge of rendering himself virtually invulnerable to attack - we need to proceed with caution. Damn Luthor's timing - we could've taken care of this hours ago."


Nov. 27th, 2009 04:48 pm
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Luthor's hands dance rapidly over one of the keyboards, his eyes darting back and forth to scan figures as they arrive.

"and...and....here, and...that's IT! I've found it! The genetic sequencing is almost flawless! A perfect match!" His bloodshot gaze turns to the Phantom Stranger. "And you're going to bring her through, ghost. I told you...I'd find a way, and through you...this is done. Now bring her in..."

Lex slams his fist upon a button, beginning a energy whirlwind outside of his base. The molecules remaining from the universal blast earlier begin to swirl and slowly draw towards it.

"With you as a siphon, and my research, I've done it. All this time, all this effort...I've beaten it. I AM the balance between death...and life." A quick wipe of the face, and a sleep-deprived shudder pause him for a moment, before he continues.

"All stations...prepare for retrieval. Contact is made, and siphoning begins immediately."
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As the damage to the universe begins to accumulate, the skies of Earth take on a deep red color, as though space itself were bleeding. Strange storms begin to form, with unusually-colored bolts of lightning.
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He makes the final preparations to launch his rather unique torpedo, and he waits. Vandal Savage's work of the last several months is about to come to fruition, and yet, he isn't smiling.

His unhappiness lies in the nagging knowledge of the abilities of Alan Scott's children - a kind of mental bond between Jade and Obsidian that, when coupled with Alan's tale of meeting half of the accursed Justice Society at the lab in Opal City, all but guarantees that the team will arrive shortly to try and stop him.

So additional preparations have been made. Even if he's captured, the torpedo should be able to accomplish what he set out to do.

And in the meantime, he's assembled most of his hired security personnel to guard over the unconscious forms of Jade and Alan Scott.
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While waiting for a report on Sand's physiology from Geo-Matrix, someone broke in and stole a big device, and that someone was suddenly aided and abetted by the siblings Jade and Obsidian.

This raised a few suspicions that Dr. Mid-Nite would voice if he wasn't stitching his own throat back together. He definitely should not have been here yet, but he obviously makes an impatient patient when he's in recovery. Obsidian's shadow attack to ensnare the rest of the JSA so Jade and the mystery man could escape... it did its damage.

While Mid-Nite repairs himself, the only sign of the pain involved being his gritting teeeth, there's an unspoken yet obvious question behind those goggles directed at Obsidian. A question that most of his colleagues likely share.

What the hell was that about?
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Sanderson Hawkins runs a hand through his hair, idly looking around the large laboratory for something to read or entertain him. Unfortunately, Geo-Metrix wasn't really set up for the amusement of human patients. The relatively new start-up company's business was tectonics and seismic activity - not biology.

Still, with the mysterious return of his geological powers, he had wanted some answers, and the researchers at STAR Labs had directed him here. Apparently, Geo-Metrix had a new experimental device, the GEO-D, with unrivalled detection and analysis capabilities for seismic energy. The techs here had been eager to try out the device on him, and he was now awaiting the results.

"Not even a subscription to National Geographic. Man.."

Perhaps some visitors would alleviate the boredom.
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The younger Mordru returns to the Rock of Eternity - greeting his elder counterpart with a curt nod.

"Constantine will do as we require. We can use Nimue Ravensong as the substitute. Have you made the preparations?"

His older incarnation nods in confirmation, and speaks. "I foresee that we will also require an extra pawn, amongst the heroes. I have selected an agent that we can pull from the threads of time. His.. condition will necessitate placing him where he has access to someone with vast scientific acumen."

Both men moves towards the slumped, chained figure of Billy Batson - raising their hands, allowing the electrified power of Shazam to course through them, in unison.

"This will not go unnoticed, you realize."

"I would be a fool to assume otherwise."

Acting as one, the twin selves of the Chaos Sorcerer plunge their hands into the raw essence of time itself - and pull.
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She grits her teeth. "This is your fault."
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There is a place beyond Reality.

Desire walks the corridors of her own empty shell, approaching his empty heart. For Desire is not the filling of the heart, but the hollow ache within it.

Some people see today as a time for lovers to come together. Others see today as just another day. And others see it as a time to yearn for what they lack. As couples move through the world before them, many of those without a partner Desire someone to share their lives with.

Desire was there when the first Valentine was imprisoned, marrying young couples in secret despite the Emperor’s decree – after all, single men make better soldiers than married men. And Desire fuels a need for an army. And Desire draws young couples together.

Desire was there when the Christian church absorbed the fertility rites of Luperci into a Christian celebration of love. St. Valentine’s Day is much more chaste than Luperci ever was – and chastity feeds Desire.

He is there today, of course. Looking out on the worlds, to taste herself in hidden empty hearts.

He is everywhere there is Desire. And she smiles.
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(this happens after the current Caleb/Amelia dream scene).

Sand could have very easily teleported to JSA HQ.  In the mood to stop by, so to speak.

He decided to go out of Metropolis and drive.  He doesn't get to do that much nowadays.

As he's getting off the exit to go into the city problem, he fiddles with his Lex-M satellite radio.  He normally doesn't spend much time on the county stations...but for some reason this song grabbed him...

I was glued to my tv when it looked like he looked at me and said
"Best start putting first things first."
Cause when your hourglass runs out of sand
You can't flip it over and start again
Take every breathe God gives you for what it's worth

Don't Blink
Just like that you're six years old and you take a nap and you
Wake up and you're twenty-five and your high school sweetheart becomes your wife
Don't blink
You just might miss your babies growing like mine did
Turning into moms and dads next thing you know your "better half"
Of fifty years is there in bed
And you're praying God takes you instead
Trust me friend a hundred years goes faster than you think
So don't blink

The radio goes silent for the rest of the trip until he gets to the brownstone. 

Fortunately, they didn't write his codes out of the security system.
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Its a couple days past the New Year. Travis has healed up, mostly, from his previous encounters. The scars will be there for another week or so, and assessments say that it'll be a while before all the broken bones are as strong as they should be, but otherwise, he's moving around again, thanks to Tara, Tefe, his ring, and a little help from his encounter with Hal Jordan.

And then he left again. This time it was with a note to Tara, saying he had something he needed to finish, and that he'd be back.

When he does return, a few hours later, he has a new black eye, his lip is swollen and bloody, and there's a new bullet hole in his shoulder, currently being patched back up by the ring. Despite it, he doesn't look all that displeased with the situation, though his expression is a serious one.

*Travis Grey, reporting back. Sand, do you have a few moments?*
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...to be with the one you love."   So the lyric goes.

Doesn't hurt if it's Christmas Eve either.

Last year, Jerry Lee's closed its doors on Christmas Eve at around 2 PM...there wasn't much of a dinner crowd normally.

This year, they're open for a private party.  Both rooms. full band, full kitchen service, including soda jerk.  Only thing closed are the bars.   Guests want to tie one on, they can do it after they leave - no sense making Chimp and Corrine feel uncomfortable.

This was a time to celebrate.  The entire D'aubigne family's been brought to justice. Travis is safe and healing.  Everyone's back in the same dimension and timespace for the first time in months.

And Sand was bound and determined to celebrate it.  With his extended family and friends.

Civvies preferred, although if people felt they needed to or had to be in costume, keep it low key - Sand told the establishment that a couple of metas were in his circle of friends.  The owner had this odd smirk about him when he said that, but he didn't press.

He was the first person there, going over the menu and the music selection.  The 40's swing was as good as ever - the 50's room, by request, had a killer rock/blues band that also did some 60's. 

Now all he needed were some guests...
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But, actual thought process on this one? Classically bad.

She's running on a least a strained ankle, if not broken one. Her left arm - recently healed, took another hit which made her shot against Daddy Phillip go wild. Her back hurt from the burn Crystal gave her - and she was pretty sure she wasn't in Idaho which meant the Outsiders were likely going to have a bitch of a time finding her and getting her out of this trap.

Breathlessly, she ducks behind some rocks. She won't win this one. This is a given. She's going to take out as many of Corrine's dysfunctional family as she could before they sent her to God though.
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He wakes up, sort of, to the sounds he always hears. The screams, the promises that 'he don't mean it, he's just drunk' are quickly drowned out by the sounds from below. The sounds of the ghettoes. Traffic, people, shouts.
Unlike usual though, for some reason, he doesn't start awake. Then he realizes... its the music, 60's blues rising from one of the apartments down below him.

'Mothers, tell your children,
Not to do as I have done.
Spend your lives in sin and misery,
In the house of the Rising Sun.'

'I've got one foot on the platform,
One foot on the train,
I'm going back to New Orleans,
To wear that ball and chain.'

He smiles, before coughing. Blood.
That's ok. It reminds him of the music Tara used to play, when he could sleep. When he could wake up and feel invulnerable, because she believed he could do anything... in the morning.
Not feeling up to using the ring to rise in his usual fashion, he puts his hand down to help push himself up, and it slips, sending him back to lying down, slightly propped by a chimney.

A few moments of confusion, and he realizes its blood. His own. His jacket is still full of holes - tatters by now mostly. Somehow the ring isn't covering him in his 'costume' anymore. No more black leathers, just some old, comfortable things.
Then he realizes that almost everything he's getting is through sound and touch. The ring has plenty of charge left... its only been a couple hours, but its using everything it can to try and keep him stapled together.

And he smiles again. Its cold up here... a lot colder than he remembers space being. Thinking back, he realizes that his gambit against Sur was only half bluffing. The ring, without anywhere to go, just gives him the power to tilt at windmills. Things haven't gotten better. No matter how hard he's fought, the next time he goes out, everything looks and sounds the same.

And if he no longer keeps fighting with all his will... the real power for the ring, maybe it will be one less poor kid, and maybe then he can sleep.
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The Chimp has finished the investigation he did for his own benefit. And now he needs to share the results. He's asked the Outsiders to come for a meeting.

He looks at the assembled heroes. "We can get started," he states. "Tara's already seen this." He slides a few photos and photocopies of records across the table for others to look at.

"When I was in rehab, there was something that I kept going back to. It didn't make much sense. Travis was usually pretty calm and on top of it, but then, in the matter of a few seconds, he lashed out at me, dumped his girlfriend, and quit the team. It doesn't add up to what we've seen of him.

"So I took a case from myself. I wanted to find out what caused this abrupt reaction. Started looking into his background, because... it looked like I'd hit a button." He gestures to the photos and records. "I was right. I just didn't realize how big of one."
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It's been a bit since the attack. He's still sore. But he's now feeling up to taking a little trip.

He hobbles to the garage, leaning on the cane he's been given. He hates this cane... as if he didn't look ridiculous enough before, now he's got a cane. But at least he can shake it at people like the good curmudgeon he is.

He opens the door, already knowing that she'll be there.

"Tara? C'mon. We need to go on a field trip."
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It's a tradition.

Every year, the superhero community gathers... no. It isn't a community.

It's a family.

The Justice League. The Justice Society. The Titans are always invited, as well as heroes who work solo. The Outsiders. Last year, it was at the Watchtower.

This year, incredible smells are rising from the kitchen of the JSA Brownstone.

Joan Garrick is cooking.


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